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"Hmmm, I like it like this", I say while you're standing behind me, while we're watching the sky. You hold me close and place your head in my neck and I lean back with my head. Your arms just below my breasts. "Yea, this is nice". At some point you lean very close in and I have this urge to suck your cock. I turn around and kiss you. "What are you doing?" you say, "You will see...". Kneeling down I open your zippers slowly. Seeing your underwear. Your cock is soft and small. "Wait, don't tell me you're going to..." and before you can finish your sentence I got your cock placed in my mouth. Still soft. I gently cup your balls as I take your cock inside my mouth. Slowly sucking it so it doesn't grow too fast. All the way in my throat. I can taste your pre cum a little and I keep sucking. You're moaning and holding my head. Ruffling my hair while you push my mouth deeper over your cock. Growing inside my mouth, your cock is getting really hard now, more pre cum is flowing in my mouth. "Hmmm, I want to use you... can I take you however I want to?". I start smiling, "you can have me how you want me to."

Suddenly you grab my head firm and you start pounding my mouth really hard. I start gagging, but you keep pounding, "You like that don't you? Take all of it." I start moaning a little as you're a little too rough, you keep going and you tell me to undo my pants. We're both naked in the field now. You place me on my knees again and push your cock deep inside my throat. "Start fingering yourself". I slowly slide with my hands down towards my pussy. Feeling that I'm quite wet, being used has something exciting and makes me quite wet. I slide one finger inside and as you fuck my mouth I finger myself. The wetness is dripping of my fingers, slipping over my legs. You stop pounding my face and you push me on my back, spreading my legs and you start drinking my pussy. I'm starting to cringe a little of pleasure, trying to lay still, but it's hard as I'm enjoying myself while you lick my clit.

As you eat me out you let two of your fingers slide in my pussy and one up my ass. You start moving them quite hard and fast. Your tongue is licking my clit and it feels very soft. I can feel my cunt juices dripping over your fingers and I let you have it all. You stop fingering and start licking it all up. As you stop your hands now slide over my breasts massaging the nipples while squeezing them. You start moving up, your cock thrusting against my pussy, teasing me by not sliding in. You start licking my neck and slowly licking your way down to my breasts. "I'm gonna tie you up". I'm a bit surprised but I let you have your way and letting you tie me up as you like. Completely incapable of doing anything, completely left in your hands of using me however you please.

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"Let's start like this...", you place me on my knees, my hands placed on my back. You grab my hips and your cock slides in my pussy. I moan as you slide in, you then hold on to my hips firmly as you start pounding my pussy real hard. My breasts bouncing every pound you do. Your cock throbbing in my cunt, you pull my hair and hold on to that. "You like that? You like being taken hard don't you?". You let go of my hair and put your fingers in your mouth, you keep pounding that pussy of mine. I start to scream as you put one of your fingers up my ass and start fingering there. "I wanna fill you up completely", you start going faster again, your cock throbbing. Fingering my ass, I'm starting close to cumming and suddenly you finish your load in side me. "Oh shit, oh fuck, hmmmm, take it, take it all". You keep pounding till your cum drips out of my pussy together with my pussy juice. You turn me round and push your cock in my throat. "Suck it all". Pounding me as hard as you can. I keep sucking you off till your cock turns hard again. "Now where do I wanna finish next.... I want to cover you entirely...". Your start wanking off in front of my face, sometimes pushing it in my mouth. "Hmmm, I'm getting closer again and I want to load it in your face". I tell you it's ok and just use me however you want to use me.

You start wanking so hard, and you're moaning of enjoyment, then suddenly your balls start twitching, I know you're gonna come. Then a spray of cum, right in my face, over my tits. "Oh yeah, take that, take it all." You keep wanking and you keep cumming, there's quite alot of it. You shove your cock in my mouth again. "Make it hard again, I wanna keep going, god I'm so fucking horny right now." I smile while sucking your cock off again. I hint that I want to suck your balls, and you get the hint, placing them in front of my mouth. I'm starting to take your balls in my mouth and suck them hard. You're starting to moan, hinting you like it. Then you grow bored of it, grab my head and shove your cock hard in my mouth again with me gagging. "Fuck you got not idea how fucking horny I am right now. I'd love to continue all night long, just using you as I please." You stop fucking my mouth for a little bit and I tell you to fucking use me and you can use anything you want. "Did you bring your dildo's?". I grin and I tell you I brought the big one. You ask if it's ok to ram that up my cunt, while you fuck my ass. I tell you to do so and just do whatever you feel like it.

You get off on that and start fucking my mouth again, your cock throbbing. Wondering if you're going to cum again I keep going, starting to help you getting mouthfucked. You let out a hard moan and start cumming in my mouth. "Oh fucking hell, it's getting too much. The more I cum, the hotter it gets". You keep pounding and commanding me to suck it all and swallow everything. I keep sucking as hard as I can. Your cum is dripping out of my mouth, the bit I couldn't swallow. You push me on my back now and start eating me out. I'm starting to moan and I can feel I'm soaking. You then stop and grab my bag, grabbing the big dildo. You put it in my mouth and tell me to suck it as if it's your cock. While I do so, you slide in my pussy, fucking me hard. You can see my breasts bouncing and you start fucking even harder. Then you stop and you ram that dildo up my cunt, putting it on the highest vibration. I'm starting to twitch as it's so damn nice.

Then you slowly push your cock in my ass. Being filled up completely I can feel I'm already close to cumming. Your start rubbing my clit with your fingers as the dildo is up in my cunt and your cock up my ass. I'm starting to get soaking and my juices are dripping over the dildo and over your cock. You start pounding so hard while rubbing my clit. I can't hold out any longer and I start trembling. Squirting over your cock. You start to get so hot cause of that, that you fuck my ass so hard that I'm screaming as hard as it can get. "I'm gonna fucking fill up your ass, do you like that?". I tell you to fucking fill me up already. You grab my tits and fuck so hard and deep in my ass. The dildo's vibration is stimulating your cock as well. "Oh fuck I'm gonna fill you up now, so fucking hard..." and you start to let it all come out. Your cock throbbing in my ass, the dildo still vibrating in my cunt and me hoping this isn't over for a good while...

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