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Unexpected Fuck

(Part 1 from 1)

I answered the door in a robe, almost forgeting to put that on.
I was surprised to see a young, handsome man in his early twenties.
"Hello Mrs..." he began. "Smith. Stacy Smith."
"Right," he continued. "I'm your plumber, Jason."

I guess I was a bit shocked. Whenever I'd had a plumber over, he was much older, and usually sort of fat. Jason was one of the most attractive men I had ever seen.
I showed him to the bathroom, where the head of the shower was leaking. He frowned.

"Ok... this is going to be a bit difficult. I'm going to have to leave the shower on while I'm fixing it. Is that OK?"

I nodded, and when I had the image of him soaking wet in that shower, I felt my thong turn damp.
He grinned all of a sudden, and for a second I thought he might have known I was fantasizing about him.
"Mrs. Smith? Your, uh, breasts are hanging out."

I looked down, and sure enough, my 32DD tits were hanging out of the robe.
"I'm so sorry!" I said, blushing.
"Oh, it was my pleasure, Mrs. Smith." He grinned like a naughty kid.
My panties were getting close to soaked.
"You'd better get to work," I said, flustered, as he grinned even wider.
I left quickly. I'd never cheated on my husband before but Jason...

I wanted nothing more than to fuck him.
I heard the water running. Oh, just a quick peek. To see how big his cock was and to give me something to think about when I was alone with my vibrator.
I looked in and was shocked to see him stark naked standing in my shower. But he wasn't trying to fix it... He was rubbing his cock.
My panties were completely wet. I couldn't stop looking at his huge cock as he rubbed it up and down.

Without even thinking I sat down on the floor and took off my robe and thong. My fingers started rubbing up and down as I got wetter and wetter.
He was going faster now, and I was getting close to a climax.
I knew I had to be quiet if I wanted to keep watching, but when I came I couldn't help but scream. It was that good.
He looked over, and stopped rubbing.
He stepped out of the shower.
"You little slut!" He cried, his boner still entact. "How long were you watching me, huh?"

I couldn't stop staring at his cock and he grinned again.
"You stopped me before I came."
"I know, I'm sorry, you were just so..."

His soaking wet body dripped water on me as he leaned it.
"Suck it," he said. "Finish me off you little whore."
Eagerly I put my mouth on his dick, moving back and forth as I grabbed my tits and tweaked my nipples.
I knew he was getting close when he stopped me.

He grabbed me by the waist and shoved me into the shower.
I stood agaisnt the wall as he pushed himself into me.
"Oh god!!" I was screaming louder than I had ever had before.
He grabbed my legs and I clutched them around his chest.
He went in and out and in and out...
I moaned each time he moved.

He brought his face down a little bit and sucked my tits. I leaned my head back, catching water from the shower head into my mouth.
He bit down on my nipple, and I shreiked so loud I thought the police would come.
His hands grasped my ass.

"Little slut likes to watch me jack off, doesn't she? Wants to be fucked by some stranger."
"Oh god YES!" I screamed and felt myself coming to a second climax.
My back arched as he pumped away in me. My juices flowed down my legs.
I came so hard, I had to bite down on his shoulder to control my body.

He liked that, and he came right after, shooting his load deep into me as I moaned.
He pulled out and I almost collapsed.
"Oh, we're not done, slut," Jason whispered as he dragged his toungue around my ear.
Suddenly I was down in the tub, his face buried in my snatch. His toungue was so long and I gasped as it licked every part of me.
"You taste so good, slut," I heard him say.

I could only grunt as he finished me off. I came again, this one harder than the first two times.
I could tell from the look in his eyes he wasn't finished with me.
He turned me around and stuck his huge cock in my asshole before I even knew it was coming.
I was an anal virgin, and I'd never felt anything as good. He slapped my ass as he pulsed in and out behind me.

"Oh, god, oh god oh JESUS CHRIST!!!"
And I came again. It lasted for well over a minute.
"Now finish me off, whore!"

I began giving him head again, and swallowed when he came right in my mouth.
I was too exhausted to get out of the shower, but watched as he fixed the plumbing, still naked, put on his clothes, and left.

When my husband came home last night, I gave him the best fuck of his life.
He still doesn't know about Jason, and I keep coming up with excuses to call the plumber.

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