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Under the Shower

(Part 1 from 1)

Note: This story is completely fictional.

Quietly, Travis went into his mom's bedroom. Earlier that day, his mom had hid his player in her bedroom. Travis figured out that it was on purpose, but he couldn't tell. The only two that lived in the house were Travis and his mom. Travis had always found his mom hot and sexy, but never approached her like that because it was wrong.
Entering his mom's bedroom, Travis silently closed the door behind him. He didn't lock it, because his mom would be home soon, and like always she would be horny. She would always go to her bedroom and finger fuck herself until she had an orgasm. On all the walls were photos of Travis' mom in different poses and in most of them she was nude, completely exposing her shaved pussy and big boobs. Instantly, Travis got horny.

He forgot why he had gone into his mom's bedroom in the first place and Travis took his time staring at each photo closely. He started fantasizing that he had his dick in her pussy, banging her. It wasn't the first time he thought of such erotic taboo things, but it was the first while staring at her nude photos. Suddenly, Travis heard the front door open and close. He waited a few precious moments and heard only his mother approaching the bedroom.

Usually, his mom would bring home some men, and some times, some young guys, as old as Travis or a few years older. With no other place to hide, Travis quickly hid underneath his mom's bed, wincing when his horny dick rubbed against the rough rug backwards. Travis got himself into a position where he was completely under the bed and there wasn't any chance his mom would see him.

The door opened and Travis had clear sight of his mom's sexy legs. Travis was 18 with blonde short smooth hair and green eyes. His mom: Jenny was 41 with blonde long smooth hair and green eyes. She had a shaved pussy and double D boobs. Jenny kept her body in shape, with it being in sexy feminine slender curves. Only twice Travis caught sight of his mom's boobs and his mom caught him, but she only smiled both times.

Jenny closed the door and slipped out of her dress. Travis saw the blue dress drop to the ground. His eyes widened as he realized that below the dress, his mom was nude. He felt the bed lower, as his mom got onto it and lied down, likely on her back. Moments later and Travis felt the bed rock and his mom moan. He realized that his mom was fucking herself. Travis waited, growing hornier and hornier for his mom. Suddenly, the rocking and moaning stopped.

Travis realized that his mom was suspicious. Travis hoped that his timing would be right and he quickly rolled out from under the bed, to the opposite direction of the door. Once out from under the bed, he stood up and turned towards the bed, noticing his mom on her back. She was completely nude and her legs were towards him. Travis could see his mom's ass and some of her pussy.

Not hesitating, Travis got onto the bed and put his hands on his mom's butt, slowly rubbing them. His mom's head was over the edge, obviously looking under the bed. With Travis' feet and legs off of the ground, his mom saw nothing, but quickly felt the extra weight on the bed, with the sensation of someone rubbing her butt. She moaned in delight, knowing that it was her only child and son. Travis knew that his mom had sensed and felt him.

He grew bolder by slightly pecking his lips on his mom's asshole. In response, Jenny spread her legs wider, for better access to Travis. Travis sat up straight, with his legs bent backwards. He momentarily touched the back of Jenny's thighs with both of his hands. Next, he proceeded in removing his shirt. He licked his right hand fingers and positioned them near Jenny's hot pussy. Travis knelt his face closer and could smell the sweet hot aroma that was his mother.

He removed his face and rubbed Jenny's clit with his wet right fingers. Jenny shook from the sudden excitement. From what Travis felt, it was all warm and wet inside. All excited, knowing that his mother won't resist him, Travis grabbed hold of Jenny's pussy, and Jenny moaned in response. Travis let go of Jenny's pussy and with his wet hand, undid his pants and took them off, followed with his underwear.

"Turn around mom." Travis whispered.

Hearing her only child and son, she obliged and turned around onto her back. Her nude large boobs were in Travis' sight, as was his fully erect dick, in Jenny's sight. She smiled and licked her lips. Without hesitance, Jenny sat up, with her boobs bouncing around, and took in Travis' fully erect dick in her mouth. Travis' dick was long, and not thick. Travis moaned in delight, with Jenny sucking Travis' dick, up and down, starting at a slow pace, but going faster.

Travis grabbed hold of Jenny's hair, and pushed her mouth even deeper down. Jenny didn't mind, but actually loved the sensation of Travis' hands on her hair, with her reaching Travis' balls, and licking them with her tongue. Travis moaned from the sudden licking, with tension building up in his balls. Jenny felt it and braced herself. Travis kept his hold on Jenny's hair, but didn't push her down anymore.

Jenny kept on sucking her son's dick. Not able to hold out much longer, Travis exploded his load deep down in Jenny's throat, with Jenny sucking it all down. Jenny drunk down her son's cum, down to the last drop. Travis was able to keep his balance, and didn't collapse on the bed. He sighed in satisfaction, but Jenny groaned in disappointment, watching her son's dick go limp.

"I've wanted you for so long Trav, but when I get the chance, I only give you a blowjob." Jenny moaned.

"I still want you. I want to bang you in your pussy mom, in numerous positions. My fantasies are going to become reality." Travis decided.

Jenny grinned, staring at her son's eyes.

"You know, I'm still wet for you. What do you say we clean off in the shower, both of us together?" Jenny asked.

Travis raised an eyebrow, "should we bring our clothes to the bathroom?" He asked.

Jenny shrugged, "it won't matter, since we would be fucking around." She replied.

"... I like the idea. Let's go." Travis informed, getting off of his mother's bed, all nude.

Jenny followed him, and they both headed towards the bathroom, side by side, leaving their clothes behind. While heading towards the bathroom, using his left hand, Travis grabbed Jenny's right butt, and Jenny only smiled. Travis was the first to reach the bathroom door, and he was the one to open it. He let in his hot nude mom first, before he was pulled in by Jenny.

Closing the door with his left hand, Travis pulled Jenny's nude body closer to his. While continuing on kissing, with both tongues exploring the other mouth, Travis lowered both of hands down to Jenny's sexy butt. Forcing them back into one of the bathroom walls, Travis continued on kissing Jenny. Eventually, he stopped kissing her, and stared at her with lust in his eyes, as she stared at him with lust in her eyes.

"You gave me a blowjob, and now it's time for me to eat your pussy mommy." Travis whispered.

"You do that baby." Jenny nodded.

Travis knelt down on his legs, with his hands still grabbed onto his mother's sexy butt. With her back to the bathroom wall, Jenny braced herself, closing her eyes and rising her head upwards. Noticing his mother ready, he inched his face closer and closer to his mother's nude wet pussy. The closer Travis got to his mother's pussy, the stronger the lust scent was, as it intoxicated Travis. He kept focus though.

Once close enough to his mother's pussy, Travis felt the horny heat coming out of his mother's wet pussy. Eager to taste his mother, Travis closed in on Jenny's pussy, and opened his mouth, letting the lips of his mouth, touch her delicate hot pussy lips. Feeling her only son's hot mouth touching her pussy, Jenny moaned in delight, and took hold of Travis' head, digging his face deep into her pussy. Travis kept his hold on Jenny's nude butt.

The only thing Travis could smell was his mother's pussy, and he flicked his tongue out, starting to eat her pussy, feeling all the wetness and heat of his mother's pussy on his face.

"Oh yes baby! Eat your naughty mother!" Jenny wailed in pleasure.

Travis ate Jenny's pussy dry, yet she wailed in sheer pleasure, as she climaxed three timed on Travis' face. Every time Travis' face was covered by Jenny's love juices, he got hornier and hornier just wanting to eagerly bang his mother. He always licked off his face of his mother's love juices, and swallowed. Travis always ate Jenny's pussy dry, but the third time Jenny climaxed, Travis only licked his face dry and swallowed.

Still holding onto her butt, Travis got back up onto his feet, and stared at his mother with lust. Jenny stared back with lust as well. Not waiting any longer Travis pulled Jenny's face towards his own, and kissed her passionately on the lips, while Jenny kissed back. With his hands still on her butt, Travis raised Jenny's legs into the air, and Jenny put her arms around Travis, kissing him deeply.

Without hesitance, Travis pulled his nude crotch backwards and rammed it into his mother's pussy, with Jenny easily taking in his entire dick inside her pussy. She didn't imitate any sound, as she was lip-locked with Travis. Again and again, Travis shoved in and out of Jenny, with their kiss never breaking, and Jenny's back to the bathroom wall. Travis stopped kissing Jenny, both being breathless.

Travis took a few moments to catch his breath, not stopping with his pounding in and out of Jenny's wet pussy. Now her mouth free, Jenny moaned and wailed in pleasure. Sweat started to appear on both of their nude bodies. Travis moved his mouth down towards Jenny's boobs. He moved his left hand from Jenny's right nude butt, with Jenny's right leg lowered to the bathroom floor, and Travis put his left hand on Jenny's right boob.

With his hand, his left hand grabbed a handful of Jenny's right boob and squeezed it gently, making Jenny go wild, being hammered by her only son in her pussy, and with her only son playing with her sweaty boobs. Travis enveloped his mouth around Jenny's left nipple, and begun to suck, like a baby.

"Oh god!" Jenny wailed. "Yes Trav! Suck your mommy's nipples!"

Jenny's nipples were fully erect, with Travis pounding Jenny in her pussy; his left hand playing with Jenny's right boob, and his mouth sucking on the fully erect nipple of her left boob. Add to all that, both were sweating and both Travis and Jenny were not only aroused, but other nude sex fantasies played in their minds, with the other being their sex partner.

Jenny's left leg was on the floor, while her right leg was still up in the air, being held by Travis' left hand, holding her sexy nude right butt. Jenny's arms were around Travis neck, and Travis continued sucking on Jenny's left nipple, as he continued on banging in and out of her. Eventually, Travis' dick tensed in Jenny's pussy, and Jenny felt it. Travis stopped banging Jenny, having his dick deep inside his mother's pussy.

Travis' eyes were closed and both of his hands were rubbing both of Jenny's boobs.

"Don't cum in me... That way we'll fuck more often. Since we're the only ones here, it doesn't matter when or where we fuck." Jenny moaned.

Travis obliged, and took his dick out of Jenny's pussy, just in time as he sprayed his sperm all over Jenny's chest; boobs, and stomach. Travis blushed, and scratched his head, drained and sweaty, as was Jenny being sweaty.

"When I want to bang you mom, just do it?" Travis asked.

Jenny nodded, "exactly. Even if I'm sleeping and you're horny: come to my room; strip my clothes off, and hammer my pussy hard."

Travis grinned, "I'd be glad to... We need to clean off."

"... And jerk off some more." Jenny grinned, grabbing Travis' arm into the shower.

Jenny closed the curtain from inside, covering her and her son's completely nude bodies.

"Of course, the same goes for me. Anytime I'm horny, I'll just come to you, take off your pants and bang you." Jenny whispered seductively.

Travis turned around, exposing his ass to Jenny, as he knelt down on his legs. He turned on the faucet of the shower, and the water rained down on both nude bodies. Travis stood back up straight on his feet, and turned around to his nude mother.

"This means of course that you won't bring anymore guys home, right?" Travis asked.

"Yep. Not with you as my lover." Jenny whispered.

Jenny let the cool water fall on her nude body, washing away her sweat, and Travis' cum. Jenny raised her head; closed her eyes; let the water slide down her hot nude body, and rubbed her hot blonde hair. Aroused, Travis grabbed Jenny's right boob with his left hand, and pulled Jenny closer to him in an embrace, startling her for a moment. She stopped washing her hair, and opened her eyes to stare at Travis, only for her to be locked in a deep passionate kiss from Travis.

Taken by surprise for the second time, Jenny got hornier than before, realizing that Travis could startle her like that anytime, and since she gave him free limits, she predicted that she'd be startled and surprised more. In her thoughts only for a few moments, Jenny realized that Travis was passionately kissing her, with his tongue exploring her mouth. Jenny returned the passionate kiss, letting her tongue explore Travis' mouth.

The water slide down their hot and sweaty bodies. His dick fully erect, Travis keep kissing Jenny in the mouth, and let his dick tease her wet dripping pussy this time, and not like before when he hammered straight into her pussy. Travis just let his dick rub Jenny's mound, exciting Jenny to no end. Both Travis and Jenny were nude, embracing each other closely, in the shower, with water sliding down their nude bodies, as they were locked in a passionate kiss.

Annoyed with Travis' teasing, Jenny stopped the kiss, moving her face away from Travis'. She hit Travis bare chest with her palms.

"Stop teasing me, and bang me! I'm so wet and horny for you!" Jenny complained.

Travis grinned, "As you wish."

"But before you do, there's something you need to know." Jenny informed.

Travis backed away, staring in his mother's eyes.

"What?" Travis asked.

"You know about all those guys I've been bringing home who bang me?" Jenny asked.

"What are you getting at?" Travis asked.

Jenny sighed, "After I had you, anyone could bang me and cum in my pussy without having to be worried about me getting pregnant."
Travis raised an eyebrow, "Are you saying that you became sterile after you had me?"

Jenny nodded, "exactly. You can cum in my pussy now anytime you want."

"If you put it that way, then I just might." Travis grinned.

Travis grabbed Jenny's left boob and squeezed it gently, making Jenny moan in pleasure. Travis gave his mother a quick kiss on the lips.

"Tell you what, let's get cleaned up and head back to your bedroom, where I'll bang you as long as you want there." Travis suggested, grinning.

Jenny raised an eyebrow, "I like the sound of that."

With that decided, Travis resisted the urge to bang his mother's pussy, and went back to cleaning himself off. Even though Jenny's pussy was wet, she preferred for her son to bang her on her bed, in her bedroom, so she quickly washed up and avoided touching or bumping into Travis, one way or another. In no time, they were done, and neither one dried off. Travis turned the water in the shower off, and without drying himself, got out of the bathroom nude.

His nude mother was beside him. Both walked towards Jenny's bedroom, with Travis in the lead, and while both were still wet from the water that they cleaned themselves with. Since they both left Jenny's bedroom door open, both Travis and Jenny simply walked into Jenny's bedroom. After Jenny entered, she kept her back facing Travis, while Travis stayed behind, closing the bedroom door, and locking it, staring at his mother's nude back.

Nodding quietly to herself, Jenny went over to her bed, and got onto it. She laid down on her back, stretched out, and stretched her legs, as she turned her face towards Travis, staring at him. Travis walked over towards Jenny's bed, with his erect dick swaying freely. Travis got onto the bed, and sitting up straight, with his knees bent backwards, he stared at his hot sexy nude mother.

"I'm all yours now sweetie." Jenny whispered.

Travis grinned, "Ready for session 2?"

Jenny smiled, nodding. Travis got over Jenny, positioning himself between her open spread legs. For a few moments, Travis just stared at Jenny's wet mound. Eventually Travis lowered himself closer to his mother's nude body, and kissed her passionately on the lips. He put his hands behind her back, under her, while Travis and Jenny continued their kiss; Travis shoved his dick all the way in his mother, and started banging her, in and out.


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