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Twin Blessins Part 2

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

“So…” I let the word just kinda hang there in the air between us. They were both looking up me with “are we in trouble” looks. God! My cock stretched and pulled at the back of my zipper. They were just sitting there looking so damn sexy and pouty. A pair of full, garnet stained lips were almost trembling. Was it fear of what I was going to do? 

Two sets of eyes grew as they followed my hands to my belt and watched as I loosened the buckle and pulled the leather through the loops. I folded the belt in half and held it by the brass. “The first thing I want you two to do is go run daddy some bath water.” They both jumped up from the bed. Two raised fingers halted them. “Do you girls no what you doing?” I asked.

They both rolled their eyes. “Dah,” was their response. “Yes, dad, we were having sex. lesbian sex.” Jamie clasped her hands behind her back. My line of vision trekked straight to her out-thrust tits. Her delicious nipples poked her shirt. My mouth began to water.

“And?” I prompted.

“Incest.” Jess was the one to speak up. “Right? Is that what you are getting at?”

“Oh, yes,” I was slowly moving my head up and down in response. Like to magnets drawn to steel, my girls flanked me. I wound my arms around their waists and hugged their hot, young bodies to my sides. They pressed themselves to me and began nibbling at my earlobes. I knew my cock was going to burst any second. 

“You know what, Daddy?” Jessica whispered in my ear. “We’ve never been with a boy. Just girls.”

“Jesus!” I looked at her. She tiptoed to bring her sweet lips up to mine and gave me a light kiss, just barely rubbing her tongue against mine. I felt Jamie pulling on my shoulder so I turned to face her. She did the same thing, except she drew my tongue into her warm mouth and gently sucked.

“But you’ll teach us, won’t you Daddy?” Jamie purred, rubbing her fat pussy against my hip. 

“Damn right, I will.” I smacked them both on the ass and sent them to get the tub ready. I took off my clothes as quickly as humanly possible and headed for the bathroom. 

The door was open and steam was swirling around the ceiling. Giggles and water splashes from within tempted my cock even more. Yeah sure, I was thinking, “These are your virgin daughters you are about to defile.” But the thought wasn’t giving me pause or guilt; just the opposite. 

The girls were nipple deep in warm water, already playing. I watched as they soaped each other, and then rinsed with hands full of clear water. They stood and Jessica turned off the water. Jamie picked up the soap and began lathering Jessica’s pussy. I watched in amazement as Jamie carefully shaved her sister’s juicy little cunt. Jamie spread those puffy lips open and gave me a quick glimpse of Jess’s swollen clit. I went to the edge of the large garden tub and they pretended not to see me as I slipped in with them. Jamie continued to swipe the razor across Jessica’s pussy, then told her to sit and rinse. 

I could barely keep my hands to myself. They were kissing each other, I could see their tongues pressing and wrapping around the other. Their hands were on each other’s breasts, so adorable, pinching and rolling those cherry nipples between thumb and finger. Small moans of pleasure rumbled in their throats. My cock is throbbing in torture! 

Jessica broke the kiss and moved downward and took one of her sister’s plump nipples into her mouth. She sucked, and then playfully bit, pulling away so I could see the affect Jess’s mouth had on Jamie. Jamie’s head turned toward me and watched me, watch them. 

“Give Daddy a taste.” Again, they flanked my body. I leaned back and allowed my daughters to feed me their delectable tits. One at time, each would nudge the ripe tip of those fresh melons in my hungry mouth. Then Jamie straddled my chest, spread her pussy lips open, and brought her cunt just inches away from my mouth. I could smell the pure scent of young pussy. 

“Does Daddy want a taste of this too?” 

“ Oh, yes, baby. Feed Daddy your pussy.”

“ Not before you’re clean, Daddy.” Jamie dismounted me with a giggle. I was disappointed, but got over it when the two of them began lathering my cock. Each one had a bar of soap and was taking turns cleaning my dick and even my balls. I almost shot off when Jessica took the soapy head and rubbed it against her nipples, leaving a trail of suds on her tits. 

They rinsed me and Jamie leaned over my body while Jessica held my thick shaft in her hand. “Kiss Daddy’s cock, Jamie.” Jessica demanded. And like all good little girls Jamie pressed her lips my throbbing stick. Soon they were taking turns licking and sucking my cock, feeding it to each other, devouring me. They drew wet kisses across my stomach, up my chest, to my mouth. My hands slid across the goose flesh on their backs while I accepted their tongues into my mouth. Their skin was soft and firm and cool.

The water was getting cold. “Let’s go to my bed, girls, and get warm.” I watched their swaying asses jiggle down the hall. “Stretch out girls.” They lay on their, nipples pointing straight to the ceiling. “It’s my turn now.” They were laying side-by-side, arms around each other, thighs spread, legs entwined. I didn’t know where to start. I eased my weight on the bed, and placed a fist on each side of them. The three of us kissed. I held their mouths for a few seconds, then went lower, kissing each of them as I went. First their necks, then the swell of their breasts. The shudder that racked their young bodies when I sucked those hard, cherry-red nipples. I kissed across their flat tummies and hips. 

But the treasure I sought was buried between bald, chubby pussy lips. My tongue searched there and was met with enthusiasm. I scrubbed my tongue between their slits, barely rubbing their clits. They were squirming, spreading their pussies open for me and panting. “Please Daddy,” Jessica purred. 

“Suck it Daddy,” Jamie begged. 

One at a time I sucked their clits, leaving each of them swollen and throbbing. I’d take them to the brink, then let go and suck the other juicy piece into my mouth. I was gorging on my daughter’s sweet meats! 

I rose above them and feed them my cock until I thought we would all explode from need. I then positioned myself between Jamie’s thighs. 

“Yes, Daddy. Fuck me!” Her legs spread wide, I slipped my cock inside her tight hole. Jessica knelt beside her, covering her mouth with her own when I took Jamie’s virginity. Jessica stood across her sister, and spread her pussy lips apart, offering me her cunt. “Lick it Daddy!” 

That was too much for one man to bear. I buried my face in Jessica’s hungry snatched and sucked her thick clit until my mouth was full of her cum. Beneath her, Jamie rode my cock until her tight pussy spasmed and covered my rod with her thick cream. I pulled out, jacking my cock I covered both my girls with hot juice. 

We all collapsed in a satisfied pile, content in knowing that this was just the beginning.

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