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Turning black

(Part 1 from 1)

It was a Saturday night when me and my wife were eating at a restaurant. It was our first time eating here sense this restaurant just opened a day ago. The food was surprisingly good and the waiters were really polite. Suddenly I had to go pee so I got up and told my wife I had to go use the bathroom okay dear.

So on my into the bathroom I saw nobody in the bathroom except a big black guy pissing, so I walked to the urinal next to him and as I started pissing out of my 3 inch white dick I looked beside me and saw the black guys huge 8 inch black dick pissing yellow liquid out, I wasn't gay but I couldn't help but stare at how amazing his black dick looked.

Suddenly the black man beside me looked up at me and said: so you like that big fat black dick huh? Yeah.....actually... I do....... But I'm not gay, well not yet he grinned at said. Suddenly he dropped his pants to his ankles, so here I was a white man in a public bathroom with a big buff black guy with his pants at his ankle and his BBC out. Go ahead and suck it white boy you know you want to, yes I do....

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So I dropped to my knees and started sucking his BBC it felt huge in my mouth I gagged but kept sucking like a vacuum on his black dick, oh fuck yeah good white boy keep sucking that black dick. I sucked away like crazy until I felt a huge load of cum go down my throat it was warm but good.... Suddenly the black guy walked to the stall and I followed him then inside the stall he dropped my pants down and took off my shirt and slipped his fat black dick inside my tight white ass oh shit!!!!!!!! Fuck!!!!

You like that don't you white boy? The black guy banged my white ass over and over for about 10 minutes I was leaning against the stall wall with the black man fucking me yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!!!!!!! Ah! My ass was red as a apple but I love it all it felt so good!!! So he kept fucking me in the stall the whole thing was shaking then my wife went to the door and said honey are you okay?

Yes dear I'll be out in a minute..... So the black guy fucked me a couple more strokes in my ass and cummed inside of my white butt oh yes...... So I pulled up my pants and put on my shirt then the black guy kissed me on the lips and said: see you again soon sexy, then he walked out and so did I......

So once I sat down my wife said are you okay? Yeah dear I'm fine just fine.

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