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Turned into a cum dump

(Part 1 from 1)

It all started innocent enough, I went to prison for fucking in public the mayor's daughter. I had a friend who knew some guys in the joint, he told them to take care of me. It sounded great, but there was a catch, I became the prison cum dump.

There were five white guys in this group, Joe the leader, Lackey, pepe, randy, jonjon. They had prison tats, big cocks and enormous balls. i hit the joint, got all my shit for my cell, little did I know the gaurds set me up with jon in his cell, my protection would be safer.

I come strollin in all 5 are there, they ask do u suck cock? My reply no. They said u will from now on. they pushed down on my knees, jon pulled his pecker out and shoved in my mouth, he slammed it home for 5 minutes, spit pouring out gagging, them cum. wow, 5 minutes here already sucking cock. not a great start for a 3 yr stint.

Lackey is next, he jams it home, pumps away, pulls out shoots his load on my face, the others do the same. the force my out of my clothes, i stand out in hallway, so all the others to see. I am their whore, A fat blck guy rolls up, asks how much, jon says a pack of cigs. back in my cell, I blow this black cock, enormous sac he nuts on my face, baxk to the hallway I go 6 loads dripping and more to cum.

After being in prison for less than an hour, I had been forced to suck 7 cocks. My mind was gone. My friend sold me for $300, he owed these guys. It was close to diiner, they boys let me clean up, but wrote slut on my back. After dinner they were fed and horny. i was stipprd of my clothes, iwas sent into the hallway, to get customers. 2 brothas rolled up, asked does she fuck, jon said not yet. the brothas said we want some sucking.

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The price, more cigs. I was in my cells sucking 2 black cocks, 1 of them put his leg on my cot and said eat my shithole. so i buried my nose in his balls, and lick his asshole clean. i was at rock bottom, he pushed my head back and shoved his black love muscle in my throat. pounding in and out , a torrent seed blew in, i gagged most of it dribbled down my chin, henslapped my face with his cock. his partner sat on the cot and forced my head up and his black cock, slowly and deep i was faced fucked.

The boys were loving the action. he finnally pulled my face off his cock and shot his nut in open mouth for all to see.The brothas left, i was coverd with prison seed. the boys had their smokes and i had my cum. what a trade, i day in and already a turned out whore. at least time will fuck by.

A week in my 3 yr sentence I had sucked half my cell block. I was pimped out in the showers, in my cell, and in the gaurds offices. the gaurds were nice, they gave warning before te seed entered my eager mouth.

My new name was Cock suck sallee. I really enjoyed the oral pleasure. they boys needed more money, so i was trianed to take cock in the ass. they boys would insert fingers in my ass while sucking cocks. at first my mangina was tight, it took a lot of work to get 2 fingers in. the boys liked the natural juices of my pman-pussy, it took a lot of finger fucking to get me loose for the on-slaught of cock. joe would fuck me when the lights went out at night, morning would lackey would hit it, jonjon, randy, adn pepe. this went all for a 3 weeks period. after i was broke-in, I was ushered to different cells to perform my sex acts.

Never was it 1-on-1 2-4 cocks at a time. big, little black, brown, whit, it didn't matter i was addicted to master always watched, they kept me from non-paying customers. Cock suck sallee was the fuck-doll of the cell block.

I was soon sold to the black-feet gang, they bought me b/c i liked liked black cocks. I was renamed to black cock suack sallee. when i got out of prison, jobu the leader of the black-feet, got me a job my gay porn. now i get paid in cum and money. its the life.

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