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Truth Or Dare

(Part 1 from 2)

My brother and I shared a duplex that was on the edge of town. He lived upstairs and I lived in the bottom part. From my side, I could unlock the door that seperated the two apartments and we a lot of the time kept it unlocked, especially when we had parties so we could use the whole house.
My brother and I never needed a reason to party and since we had the whole house, we used it to it's full potential. This paticular Friday, we had a group of our friends over and we drank and bullshitted until after one in the morning. People had started to leave until there were only four of us left. Myself, my brother Steve, our friend Dave and his girlfriend Tori.

Tori, Steve and I always felt, didn't match with Dave at all. Dave was a great guy and all, but he was rather lazy and very slobby. Tori on the other hand, was totally gorgeous and not in the least a slob. She was very shapely and had a gorgeous body and beautiful green eyes that could just melt a person. She also had a very sexy voice and when she talked about sex, it was all I could do not pass out right on the spot.
After everyone else had left, we were sitting around wondering what to do, when Tori suggested we play a "harmless" game of truth or dare. Now, anyone who has played this game knows it can get very interesting and from my experience, I have more than once seen people's feelings get hurt and fights among couples happen. But since it was just us, we all figured it would be fun.

In the beginning it was pretty tame, but I decided to up the ante. I had been watching Tori all night and I swore I had caught her watching me as well. My inhibitions were out the window with all the whiskey sours I had consumed so I decided to see if my hunch was right. I dared Tori to do a strip tease.
In my defense, I never expected her to actually strip. I did dare her to a strip tease. Tease being the key word there. So when she peeled off her skin-tight black jeans and top, I figured the show was over. I was wrong. She proceeded to take off her bra and thong and paraded around the living room naked as the day she was born. I glanced over at Dave and he loked a bit peeved, but he didn't seem all that pissed.
I wasn't trying to piss my friend off, I just wanted to see if I was right about being ogled. After the strip tease I was convinced. The entire time she was disrobing, Tori never took her eyes from me. Knowing that maybe Tori had a thing for me sure as hell didn't hurt my feelings either.
I thought that would be the spicy event of the evening, but again, I was wrong. After going a few round with some painleess truths, it was Tori's turn. She targeted me.

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"Michael. I dare you to suck my toes and I want you to do it very erotically."
There isn't much that throws me, but that comment did. I looked around the room and Steve and Dave both had shocked looks on their faces. I had to look the same way. I didn't want to be put on the spot so I agreed. I am competitive to a fault, I admit.
Tori sat down on the floor and stretched out her long legs. I felt a bit apprehensive, the thought of erotically sucking another guy's girlfriend's toes, but a dare is a dare and I wasn't going to lose the game.

The silence in the room was deafening as I layed on the floor and took her foot in my hands. I gently began to massage the sole and then her arch. I looked her right in the face as I one by one took her toes in my mouth and gently sucked on them. By the time I had reached her middle toe, she had closed her eyes and her breathing had became heavier. I finished with her pinky toe and gently kissed the top of her foot.
As I took her right foot in my hands, Tori opened her eyes and by the far away look in them, I knew she was turned on. I repeated the same process, taking one toe at a time and gently sucking on them. By the time I reached her middle toe this time, she had started grinding her ass into the floor and her breathing had increased considerably. As I reached her last toe, she slightly trembled, like she was getting chilled, and I knew I had just made her cum.
This time, Dave was pissed and he got up off the couch and said it was time to go. We said our goodbyes and as they left Tori glanced at me over her shoulder and gave me a huge smile. Steve and I chatted briefly about what had transpired and then we separated to our parts of the house and went to bed. I dreamnt about Tori and loved every minute of it.

When I woke up the next day, I tried to not think of Tori and our toe sucking experience. I couldn't lie and say that last night's little experience hadn't turned me on because it had. The thing was though, she was a friend's girlfriend and I wasn't into screwing my friends over. How certain circumstances change one's perspective.
Late Saturday afternoon, Steve and I had decided to make a bonfire and we figured on roasting hot dogs and the like would be the way to go. Around 7:00, Dave and Tori unexpectantly showed up on their way for an evening out. When Tori got out of the car, I tried my damndest to keep my jaw from dropping open. She was wearing a black form-fitting dress and black hose and heels and she looked absolutely gorgeous. She had on makeup as well, and the times I had seen her, she rarely ever wore it.

We chatted a bit and then they had to go. Again, I got the over the shoulder look as she got into the car. I very much had thoughts of wanting to fuck her. I felt guilty, but I wanted her. I couldn't help my damn libido was raging at that point!
Steve and I proceeded with our cookout and we, as usual, started drinking after supper. After several hours, Dave and Tori stopped in again and I swear, she looked even better than before. Steve and Dave went inside to get some cd's that Dave wanted to borrow. Tori said she would wait outside and she took a seat across the fire from me.

"So, what's going on?" Tori asked.
"Just enjoying my drinks and the fire," I answered. She was staring a hole through me and I liked it.
"I wanted to tell you that I fun last night. You definitely know how to suck toes."
I laughed, feeling somewhat embarressed. "Thanks, I guess."

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