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Trucker's Delight

(Part 1 from 1)

My plane has engine trouble, so the flight is delayed for two hours. We do not get into Salt Lake until after 9:00 p.m. After getting my luggage and the rental car, I am not on the road until almost 11 p.m. 

Heading for remote Wyoming, I am tired and hungry not having eaten for 9 hours. I am literally in the middle of no where. 

The car starts to slow. My gas pedal is floored. As the car continues to slow, I guide it to the side of the road. I am probably hundreds of miles from a gas station, no farms or house lights are visible, and I don't have a cell phone. 

I lock up everything, sit with my flashers on, drinking water, and listening to a CD that I had the forethought to bring. 

Lights. Thank God, I'll be rescued. It passes on by. The CD is finished. I turn on the engine just for a bit to heat the car as the cold night air settles in. 

Then, a big truck stops. The trucker walks up to my window and offers help. He looks safe enough. He gives me his name and shows me his license. So, I pop the hood. He checks things out, then tries to start the car himself. It turns out the gas gage is broken. 

He offers me a ride to the nearest station, 45 minutes away. I lock up the rental and get in his truck. 

We start talking. Clearly we both like what we are hearing and seeing. He's 32 and looks 24, and he certainly isn't bothered by my age. 

Married, no children, with a wife who just doesn't understand his needs. We then discuss his needs. He likes light bondage...he likes a woman to struggle then yield. His wife will not even discuss it, and he hasn't been blown in 8 years. 

We pull into a rest stop. I go to the restroom, purchase a condom,and get water from a vending machine. 

When I return, he shows me his truck...the t.v., cd player, microwave, and the bed. 

We decide to pull over to a more remote part of the rest stop. He puts on some really good blues. I start unbuttoning his flannel shirt, kissing his chest as he slides his hands up my dress. There's nothing to impede his exploration: I'm wearing nothing but my slip, my dress, knee socks and shoes. 

His hands find me wet and willing. His fingers touch my warmth, my flesh pink and wet, hungry with desire for him. 

He sticks one then two fingers in me and begins to play with my clitoris. I have his shirt hanging open, his pants unzipped, and my hands are massaging and stroking his erection as I continue to kiss and nibble on his neck. 

He directs me to pull off my coat and my dress, my socks and my shoes. I obey. I sit before him in my lacey satin slip. He takes my socks and two tiedowns and binds me spread eagle in his truck. 

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Then he lowers his mouth to my vagina and begins to suck and lick while one hand continues to fondle my pussy and the other squeezes and pulls my nipples. I squirm about and cry out for him to stop...not part of a game but because the pleasure (sex for the first time in two years) is almost too much to bear. 

He doesn't stop. He smiles and then keeps licking and sucking, expertly skilled in pleasuring a woman. I orgasm and again ask him to stop. But, he continues to work my pussy with one hand as his mouth covers and sucks my nipple through my slip. He then begins to bite me and suck and bite, then suck again...while his fingers slide in and out and in and out then press and slide across my clitoris. My God, my mind is slipping away...flashes of light before my eyes and my head is getting light. My body feels like it's floating and only this man's touch and warmth keep me anchored and earth-bound. 

Next, he straddles me, makes a pillow of my coat, lifts my head and inserts his dick in my mouth. I mind thinks, "Oh, don't let me gag." After all he's given me, let me give him this. I begin to suck and then he places his hands on my head, looks in my eyes and tells me to just be still, be still. I nod. Then, he slaps me and repeats: "Be still." 

He begins to slide in and out and in and out of my mouth, his body wrapped around mine as he carefully supports his weight. 

His motion hastens. He whispers, "I'm coming, I'm coming. Try to swallow please." He comes, I swallow. He remains in my mouth briefly. As he starts to pull out, I take his penis in my hands and kiss the head again and again and again, telling him how beautiful it is, and how beautiful he is. 

He then unties my hands and feet and pulls me over his lap. I am still wet. He pulls up my slip and spanks my bottom, telling me that he told me to "Be still.", not to hold and kiss his penis. He continues to spank. My naked skin begins to warm and sting...then I again pass from shame and pain into pleasure. 

On his lap, I feel his penis next to my bottom. He's still partly erect and beginning to harden as my excitement passes to him. He takes the condom I purchased in the pink....and slides it on. 

He keeps me bent over his lap, puts one finger in my anus. He lets me adjust to the feeling, then he slides in a second. As he moves his fingers, I respond, moving against his hand, then with his hand, he says "That's right, my little slut, you want this in you next. Be patient." He then uses his other hand to put two fingers in my pussy. I lay there across his lap, with cool blues playing, as my bottom is bright pink from my spanking (a cause for pride) and my master has two fingers in my bottom and two in my cunt....driving me mad with feelings of pleasure and desire. 

When he's hard again, he uses my coat/pillow and drapes me over it, displaying my bottom high in the air for his pleasure and his easy entry. He slowly enters my anus. First pain, then good feelings....wanting more of the fullness. He proceeds slowly not to hurt me and to let his both have pleasure longer. 

He fucks me slowly in my anus. I come again. I love anal sex when it's slow, when it's done right...when the man knows how...and it's for me and for him. 

He comes again, collapses over my back, then pulls out slowly and carefully, not to dislodge the condom. He takes it off. He rolls me over and cradles me gently on his lap. We kiss and we remain like that for maybe a half hour, just holding each other and touching each other lightly. 

Then we both realize that we have places to go and promises to keep. He helps me dress and puts my socks and shoes on me. I then dress him. We drive back over to the rest stop bathrooms. He gives me soap, a towel and a cloth. 

When I come back, we go to the nearest full truck stop with a gas station and a bathroom. We eat a small very late dinner together. He won't even let me buy him coffee. I get gas in the gas can that he has. 

He drives me back to my rental car. We put in the gas. He primes the carburetor. The engine starts. I give him my phone numbers and the hotel where I'll be for the next three days...just in case. He gives me his name and numbers...but don't call him before 6 p.m. at home (his wife works nights). We kiss, hug, promise to see each other again; but, we both know this was a one-time thing.. the knowing reflected in our eyes. 

He lets me pull away first, follows me the next 140 miles to my turnoff, flashes his lights and honks as I take my exit. I look in my rear view mirror till his lights and his truck vanish. 

He's gone....back to his life...back to his wife. 

I drive on through the night, check into my hotel at 2 a.m., take my bath, sleep, get up and work....but, all through the night and several days I think of him, of it, and smile. I hope I'll see him again. I still hope I will.

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