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Truck stop

(Part 1 from 1)

So nearly every night of the week, after it is late, i go down to the truck stop. I had been doing this for quite sometime but i had never encountered anyone who was interested. My routine was to simply go and sit in the bathroom and wait. This night however was different.

I had never even been with a man yet, but i wanted to badly. I was doing my usual thing, just waiting in the stall when i heard two men come in. They sounded like very rugged men, and reaked of cigarettes and gasoline. At first they just went to the urinals and stood there, neither were actually pissing.

I got curiouse and peaked under my stall. I gazed up to see the men stroking each others cocks. Both were very hairy, and one was uncut, i like it like that. Just as soon as i poked my head under one of the men noticed me, he didnt say anything, just started to walk towards my stall door. I didnt know what to do, so i quickly took off my pants and unlocked the door.

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The man opened, then signaled his friend to come, it was a large handicapped stall so could easily fit three. Once in they locked the door, beautiful cocks still exposed and now at full hardness. the man with the uncut cock came up to me and grabbed my bare ass hard and pulled our cocks together. It was amazing.

He then forced me to my knees, and i tried to swallow as much of his cock as i could. I could feel his pubic hair rubbing on my face. Just as i got going, the other man came over and spit on his cock twice, the on my butthole. My ass was still a vergin, so it was quite tight, but the man didnt care.

He rammed his whole erection up my tight hole and kept pounding me. I loved the feeling of hving both of them inside of me. I could feel the cock in my ass start to pulse, then i felt and incredible amount of hot, sticky cum pour in to my ass.

Shortly after, his friend pulled out of my mouth and rammed his cock into my butt and blew another huge load inside of my ass. the men quickly pulled up their pants and left me kneeling there with an ass so full of cum i thought it would take days for it to all come out.

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