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It all started one january day, so cold with snow everywhere. Where we find Wendy by the fire, warming herself, talking to her online lover in chat room. Her hand gently playing with herself. As the chat goes on, and she gets closer and closer, She relizes shes being domniated online and is loving it. Hes calling her all kinds of names. Right before she cums the conversation goes like this.

Wendy: fuck me harder
Wendys lover: *my hand has your hair, your body is trembling about to cum, as a fuck your harder and harder* cum for me bitch cum now.
Wendy:ohh god im gonna cum right now
Wendys lover: Good cuz im right outside your door, cum when i knock.

There is a sudden knock on the door, and she cums, screaming, her body jumps in an intence orgasm as she pulls her head back upside down, and sees her lovers head in the window.She slowly comes out of her state, she realized what was going on, James her lover was outside her door. Waiting for her to answer. Slowly she got up, going to the door in her bright pink robe, she opens it slowly, James is wearing a long brown trench coat, and a suit. He carries a suitcase, which she knows if full of whips, handcuffs and other items. She is afraid, she thought this online sex play, was just that play. She remember he said he had an 11 inch dick and thas very wide. She hadnt had sex yet, she was only 25, and had not found the right boy yet. she was brown haired blue eyed, not quite slinder, but nice features with a nice ass and 34 C breast. In the least to say heaven in a basket. She reaches out to him to embrace him.

"James so good to see you" She says nicely trying to be cute and innocent
"That is Sir tonight, if you do not call me sir, you will be punished." 
"James please, not like this... not tonight..." She blushes slightly

Immediatly with no reluctance, her arm is grabbed and she is dragged to her bed room. The rooms chill hits her nipples, as they go erect. James throws her on the bed, face down, he grabs her hands, chaining her to the bed, ass up in the air. 
"James no, please dont" She squeals.

James pulls out at chalk bored and make two strikes on it.
"Thats number two whore, the 2nd time you have called me by my improper name"
James pulls out of the bag two clamps, putting them on her perfect erect nipples, slamming them on. She bellows out in pain, she is rabidly feeling humiliated but yet she can feel the wetness between her legs. She feels so strange, her body is actually likeing this, but her head isnt, like a war in her body.

"James anything but this" she screas out, refusing to submit to him
"Thats it bitch, ive had enough of your shit. You thought you could tease me online, no no no. not gonna happen. this is your punishment."

James strips out of his clothing to reveil his muscler body, leaving his pants on. She hears him pick some thing up out of the bag, but she doesnt know what. she feels a plastic object being inserted to her pussy, she can feel it filling her and somnthing circular on her clit.

"This my dear is my latest toy, you see im a bit of an inventor, i can by hand remote set the power, with a cordless remote."
"ohh my god" she exclaiims, thinking this wont be so bad.

She feels him turn it on low, she moans slightly, she never even hears him go to his bag and pull something else out. She never expects anything untill the paddle wacks her rear end. Immedinatly when he does it, her turns the vibby to high. She begins to yell ohhh shit when the vibby comes on changing the pitch of her voice to as squeal. She again feels the paddle smack her ass, making her screambut moan. She was getting close to cumming, her ass being worn to shreds, as the vibby does it work. Right as she is abotu to cum, as she always does yell out.

"ohhhhh James!!!!"

The vibby stops, and her orgasm passes, with so much emotion, she begins to cry out. 

"please sir, please just abit longer. just a bit longer"
"So i finally broke ya bitch did i" He says in a harsh tone.
*Sir i will do anything please please turn it back on" 
"Fuck not yet you little whore" 

She sighs in great build up, pulling against her cuffs trying to ge to herself, when all she feels i her lovers hands, on her ass, as he bare palm spanks her. She breaks dowin into tears after the eleveth hit,its makign her so horny,to be domintated like this.

"Now darling im going to hurt you and pleasure you more than ever. turn your fucking head around get a look i told you my dick was big"
She slowly turns her head, and to her astonishment it was bigger than she had imagine, beautiful even.

"However, slut, you are goign to cum, in a rough way."
Her vibby turned on, her body began to respond in the way it always does, however she knew her lover wanted to fuck her. Hard. what could be going on in his mind, Her pussy was filled.

She found out, her pussy wasnt what he wanted. Again with no warning, her body swaying slowly her cute apple ass was filled with five inches of dick, hitting her hard. She had a hard time working on both stimulants, then James turned the vibrator up. She screamed, But began pushing back and forth onthe vibrator trying desperatly to cum as her ass was filled with pain,suddnely she felt the pain in her nipples, as she realized James hands were grabbing her clamped nipples. Her rocking back and forth was pushing more of the dick into her ass and she was moaning desperatly. She needed more, she needed rougher. 

"Sir please, fuck my ass as this vibrator gets me off, i wnt you to fill my ass with your cum please"
"Fine be that way bitch" He says instincitvly.

Suddenly, James groans out andp ushes deep inside of her, all eleven inches go inside her ass. She crys out, grabbing on to her restraints.

"No wait to hard no james dont*

James turns the vibby up to full suprizing her like hell it can go harder. He begins thursting in and out and her whimpers begin to become sexual as she begins to enjoy herslef, the pain was pleasing her.

"you called me James again, bitch."
She then hears the sound of a whip on, then feels the pain on her ass, then that anal intruder moves in again all of that dick hitting her hard, he grabs her hair and begins pulling as he thrusts in and out 10 tor 11 times pumbling her ass crackign the whip and doing it again, red marks showing up on her ass each time. Each hit wiht the whip, each thrust bringing her closer and closer to her orgasm. 

"Lord your such a whore, i can feel your muscles, your about to get off being whipped" 
"Yes sir, ohhhhhhh harder with the whip and the dick"

James picks up the pace, his dick slamming in and out, and using the whip like a horse rider does a horse. the whole time shes yelling

"ohh fuck im gonna cum im gonna cum, harder harder* she squeals out the last part.

Her body begins to spasm, cumming in multiples all one after the other to each slap on her ass by the whip. Five times at least. Her body totally convulsing, finally shes done. She feels her lover pull out, the vibrator still running her close to another orgasm, when his dickmoves to her face, She has no hands from the cuffs a vibrator going in in her pussy, she just opens her mouth. His dick rams down her throatt, she just sucks, as the big dick begins fucking her face.His hands moving her head on and off.

"im gonna cum down your throat baby, im gonna cum" He yells.

He begins cumming in her face, she begins gagging on it. She cant swallow it all and begins to cum out of her mouth, finally when his orgasm subsides, she realizes, she was just fucked in her bed, in the ass totally dominated, she begins to have another orgasm, screaming out. As she passes out during it, with James rubbing her hair. 

To be continued.....

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