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Too much of a good thing?

(Part 1 from 1)

He came in from work at the usual time, tired and ready for a relaxing night. As ever, his girlfriend heard him and ran to meet him, throwing her arms around him and kissing him deeply.

'I've waited all day for you,' she said, with lust in her voice. All she did was sit around all day, never lifting a finger around the house, all she thought of was sex, and wanted it morning, noon and night. When they first got together he couldn't believe his luck, but now he felt tired and found her constant demands for sex annoying. Tonight would be different though, and he'd been doing some planning and preparation whilst at work. Taking her hands from around his neck he held them, and with some rope from his pocket he bound them together before she realised what he was doing.

'I've a surprise for you,' he said as he slipped a scarf over her eyes, blindfolding her.

'But darling, all I want is a fuck,' she replied.

'Maybe tonight you'll get more than you bargained for,' he said, and with that he tied another scarf over her mouth, preventing her from speaking.

Intrigued by what he could mean, she was led up the stair and into their bedroom. Leaving her in the centre of the room with a command not to move, he produced a large bag, which contained, among other things, a long piece of rope. He tied the rope to the piece around her wrists and threw the other end over the beam running along the centre of the room. Catching it as it fell he began to pull on the end, raising her bound arms above her head. She tried to protest, but could only mumble into the gag.

Soon she was raised almost off the ground, standing on her tiptoes with most of her weight being supported by her arms. He tied the rope off and with a further piece bound her ankles together before leaving her like that for a second, enjoying her obvious discomfort. Taking a knife from his back he began to slowly cut apart her blouse. Once her top was removed he cut the straps on her bra, exposing her breasts. She could feel the cold steel of the knife against her skin and this was making her nervous in her vulnerable position. He ran his hands down her body, kissing her beautiful bare chest before pulling down her skirt and pants in one movement, making her cry out into the gag. He continued kissing down her body and she felt, to her relief, his hands untie the rope around her ankles. However, her relief was short lived as her legs were pulled roughly open and a spreader bar was attached to each ankle, holding them apart. He lowered the rope holding her arms a little until she was once again standing on her tiptoes. Only now did his step back to admire his handiwork. She looked divine hanging there naked with her legs spread, her breathing heavy from the rough treatment, the discomfort of her predicament but also, he suspected, because it was all turning her on. His suspicions were confirmed by the glistening of her wetness between her legs.

After returning once again to his bag he stood behind her and ran his hands up he thighs. She moaned deeply as he slid his fingers inside her, delighting to feel how aroused she was. She moaned again as she felt a rope being passed between her legs and tied around her waist, as it rubbed deliciously against her clit, and then she moaned for a third time as she felt the unmistakable feeling of a large vibrator being pressed against the opening of her cunt. Slowly he slid the vibrator inside her and once he was happy with its position he moved the rope over the end, holding it in place before turning it on. The low vibrations immediately began to fill her body and she bucked around in her bindings, trying to get more feeling from it. She felt his hands around her neck as he fastened some sort of collar around it.

'This collar,' he explained, 'monitors your heart rate and your breathing, and so can tell how horny on you are. However,' he went on, 'the best part is that it is connected to the toy placed between your beautiful thighs. The more turned on you are, the faster the vibrator hums. Clever huh?'

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She nodded in answer but in truth was not paying him much attention as she focussed on the delightful sensation between her legs.

'Now,' he said, 'I'm tired so I'm going to leave you.'

She shook her head, begging him not to go. Instead, he stood near her and whispered into her ear,

'Remember, if you want to have fun tonight, you'll have to think dirty thoughts.'

He laughed, 'Maybe this will help though,' as he removed the blindfold and strolled out of the room.

She opened her eyes and was greeted by her reflection in the full-length mirror he had placed in front of her. She had never seen such an erotic sight in all her life. There she was, completely naked. With her arms bound above her head she was forced to stick her chest out, and her pert breasts looked wonderful, her nipples full and erect from her arousal. Her face was contorted by the gag in her mouth and the collar around her neck only added to the image of submission. Between her bound legs she could see the vibrator, it's shaft slick with her own juices. This vision made her heart beat faster and her breathing, restricted by the gag, filled the room. Just as he had said, she felt the vibrations between her legs intensify. As her impending orgasm built and she became more and more aroused, the vibrator sped up until she felt the delicious feeling in her cunt spread throughout her whole body. Her climax was the most powerful she had ever felt, the feeling of helplessness and the discomfort of her position adding to the breathtaking feeling. Wave after wave hit her as the vibrations continued until she felt completely spent. It was then that the full enormity of her predicament hit her. The only way she could get any relief was to stop feeling so turned on. She tried to slow her breathing down, but all she could she was her reflection in the mirror. By now her thighs were glistening as the wetness flowed from her cunt and down her open legs, soaking the vibrator and the rope holding it steady. Her entire body was covered in perspiration.

'Oh, God, help me', she thought, panicking as the second orgasm came quickly, and was, if anything, more intense than the first. As the waves of her climax crashed over her, she pulled at the ropes binding her, thrashing around and crying into the gag. The orgasm subsided and she hung limply from the ropes, sobbing as tears ran down her cheeks and over her beautiful breasts. The vibrations between her legs were still increasing and there was hardly a pause before she came for the third time. This time there was no respite as she came repeatedly. Her entire body was trembling with uncontrollable desire, her muffled screams filling the room. Her bound legs were slick with her own juices and her vision began to blur. For fifteen minutes she remained in this state of extreme arousal, climaxing at least fifty times, each blissful orgasm merging with the next until her body could take no more. The room went black and her head slumped forward in unconsciousness.

He returned after about an hour and untying her, laid her on the bed and gently stroked her face until she came round.

'You put on quite a show' he said, waving the video cassette he had removed from the camera positioned to capture her ordeal.

'Once you're feeling up for it, we'll watch this together', he smiled as she closed her eyes and drifted into a deep sleep.

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