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To help a friend and his wife

(Part 2 from 2)

Those words from her lips just made me rock hard. I must have looked a little perplexed. This must be hard for Gary, having us ask me this personal favor. Plus, he will be raising my child. Gary seems totally fine with all this, but I don’t know all the details. 

Gary pipes in “In a way, tonight’s my biggest fantasy. Most men have the fantasy of two women; well…I have the fantasy of us and another men. Kevin you’re a stud. Heather gets to enjoy you, and I get to watch!” 

“This is pretty wild.” Oh did I say that out loud?

Gary stands up, walks a little and turns towards me. “Kevin, I’ve known you for a long time. We're best of buds. First of all I have all the forms that relieve you of all legal issues. Second, I’m very comfortable with our decision. We needed to find someone who can help us, and someone we can trust. You are that person. Please help us.”

“Gary, you want me to make love to Heather?”

“Dude, if you only know how much this means to us. I’m thirsty I’ll get us some water.” 

I feel Heather’s arm on my shoulder and she whispers, “I’ve wanted to scream, take me into the bedroom and use me. No, no I can’t say that, I’m a married woman. Can’t disrespect my husband. Now I can have you in my bed. Take me to bed?” 

“Gary is really OK?” I’m going to have Heather and will not be using a condom. I’m going to take her, bed her, and have that body! She wants me to cum in her. Gary needs me to cum in his wife. 

“Yes very much so, do you know how long we have been talking about you in bed? He’s wanted to watch me for some time, I’ve fantasies about you for even longer. Why put limits on ourselves, we love each other very much. We all friends so its easy for us to add a lover, and we chose you.”

My hard on is not going away, having her whisper those words makes my face blush. It takes a lot for me to blush. But I’m aroused, next to the woman that I’ve wanted, and her husband needs me to impregnate his wife.

Gary returns with three glasses of water, “Since you are here, would you care to take a test run? Heather, why don’t you start.”

Heather stands, takes my hand and off we go to their bed. Gary opens the door for us. Heather walks in and then I do. Gary stands at the doorway. Heather looks at me, her hands go to my face, and she pulls me in for a kiss. Her soft lips tease my body.

She reaches back and unzips her dress and it falls to the floor. I break the kiss to look at her. She’s wearing a black sheer bra. Her nipples are hard and begging for attention. Years of holding back my desire and right now I’m about to bed her. My body tingles having her so close. Our bodies touch, both on fire after years of teasing.

Nude, Heather lies down on the bed. Her legs open inviting me to her inner secret garden. Her arm floats up like a wave. She motions me to her. My eyes enjoy the last opportunity for my visual feast. This is happening so fast, my dream, my greatest fantasy is nude in front of me. I rip my clothes off my body, and join her. My hard cock points towards her soft wetness. Aching to crawl deep in her. 

Slowly I move over her sexy body. She is so sexy I don't want to close my eyes but I have to focus on the reason I'm where I am. Both Heather and Gary trust me to help them out. Having a trial run should be no issue. Then why do I feel so weird? It's because I have longed for this very moment for years and never approached either of them. Now they have approached me and I am about to make love to the sexiest woman on earth with her husband's permission!

I move between her long legs. She takes a deep breath, as I get closer to her wetness. Finally I'm there. I slowly begin to enter her, a little at a time as I am bigger then Gary. When I'm totally inside her I begin a slow motion. Now that this is coming true, I'm having a hard time not cumming to soon and embarrassing myself. 

Gary leaves the room for a second; Heather takes my ear in her mouth. She whispers, “I can’t wait to feel you cum in me. I’ve long for this moment. For years when Gary fucked me, I would think of you. How your cock would feel in me.” 

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Focusing on the situation I start moving back and forth while Heather wraps her legs around me to pull me deeper into her. Both of us begin breathing harder and a few moans escape our throats. I try not to focus on Gary standing in the doorway watching us. My thrusts begin to be more deep and harder. I can sense Heather will be close to orgasm soon, as I am also. 

Then she whispers, “give me all you have, ever drop, make us a baby!" That's all it took for me to put forth all efforts and go even deeper with harder thrusts. I can feel my own orgasm building fast. Heather's moans become louder and her legs wrap even tighter around me. She's there, ready to cum with me. Faster and harder I thrust. Neither of us can wait anymore. 

In one final thrust Heather lets out a yell “Yes!” and we both have intense orgasms. While trying to catch our breath, Gary walks over. He leans down to his beautiful wife and gives her a kiss. Then offers us both some water which we both drink quickly. 

Gary is the first to speak, “Oh baby, you look so sexy.”

I have to say she does. She’s lying on her back and her legs open. Heather arms are down her side with her hands under her thighs. 

Next I see Gary move between Heather’s legs. No he won’t do that oh my Gary is going to. I just enjoyed his wife, came in her. He’s slid his cock in her. Oh how erotic! How kinky to take your wife after another man. I wonder if she feels him, his little cock in her used pussy. I’ve wanted Heather for some time but I never thought Gary would have her right after I did.

With a couple quick jabs Gary tightens up. He pulls out and rolls over on the bed. He does not move and I’m sure he’s cumming! He shots his load oh his belly. I just watched my friend jack himself off.

I look at Gary. He has the most wonderful smile on his face that assures me he is perfectly fine with what just happened. He looks at me and proudly says, “You are one hell of a man. I hope you make a baby that will make us proud we made this offer to you”. 

“What are true friends for?”

“I don’t think you’ll have a problem with this statement, but we might need you more then once.”

What can I say but “Sure!”

“I know Heather would enjoy us making a night of it. To be the center of attention between us.”

Heather, “Oh now that sounds like fun!”

Gary turns to Heather, “Well I guess we have a date!”

Gary then invites me to spend the night. It’s a little awkward but I decide to stay the night in their bed. It was erotic to sleep with Heather in her bed. Those details are for another story. 

The End.

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