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Tied Up!

(Part 1 from 3)

I am a tall, good looking, 42 year old brunette with normal sexual appetites who ended up spending most of my life married to an unimaginative man who liked sex a couple of times a week only. It was always in the missionary position or maybe doggie style but that was as adventurous as he ever got. I had fantasies about other positions and even about other people but never acted on them. He wouldn’t even discuss doing anything else and made me feel like I was some kind of freak for wanting anything else.

Now that we are divorced, I have learned that I am not a freak and there are a lot of people out there who consider the fantasies I have normal sexual activities. My new boyfriend, Matt is no exception. He and I have even discussed playing with another couple but have never acted on it. The only complaint I have ever had from Matt was one time when I came without telling him ahead of time. He told me I was very bad and promised me some punishment for it. He wanted me to anticipate the punishment so he waited until a week later before he took matters into his own hands so to speak.

We were at his house after spending the day together shopping and running errands. He was watching the weather channel trying to see the next week’s forecast when I started running my hand up his thigh. He is a construction worker and his body is very nicely muscled. I love running my hands over his legs and arms. He is so strong and sexy. He is taller than me and has gorgeous blue eyes and dark hair. He tried to watch television and ignore me but I was determined to take his mind off the weather. I started running my finger around in circles that got ever closer to his crotch. He was trying to act like he was busy with the program but I knew he was interested in what my finger was doing.

Finally, he reached out and grabbed my hand. I was turned towards him slightly and he yanked on my arm so that I fell across his lap. He put one hand behind me to catch my head and the other on my hip. He pulled me close and kissed me. His lips are strong and he used them to rub mine open. His tongue was hot and wet against mine. His hand opened on my ribs and moved up to cup my breast. My nipple was already hardening in anticipation of his touch. He played with it through my clothes until it was a hard, aching point.

“Are you ready to go upstairs?” he asked.


“You go on up while I lock up. But don’t get undressed. I want that pleasure myself,” he told me.

I got off him and headed up the stairs. His bedroom is just over the living room and I heard him moving around down there before he started up the stairs. When he got to the door I could see he had something held behind his back but I had no idea what it might be. He dropped something on the chair and advanced toward me.

“Come here you naughty girl.”

That was when I saw what he still held in his hand. It was a cat o’ nine with a sturdy handle and strips of leather that ended in little knots. We had talked about spankings but both agreed that real pain wasn’t something that turned either of us on. My eyes were large as I watched him slap it against his jean-clad thigh. I knew he wouldn’t really hurt me so I decided to play my part.

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“Have I been bad?” I asked in my best scared-girl voice.

“You know you have. You were bad last weekend and again just now when you wouldn’t let me watch t.v.” He slapped it against his thigh for emphasis.

“I’m sorry, Matt. I promise I’ll be good.”

“Sure, now you’re sorry. Now that I’ve missed the forecast you’re sorry. Too late little missy!” He slapped the cat against the bed. “Strip!” he demanded.

I started unbuttoning my blouse where I stood.

“Nope. I want a good show,” he vetoed my actions. “You know what is waiting for you if you disappoint me,” he warned.

I stepped away from the bed and finished unbuttoning my blouse. When it was undone I closed and opened it a couple of times giving him looks at my bra. Finally I let it slide off my shoulders. I reached up and undid the clip at the back of my head and let my long hair cascade down my back. I put both hands up to run my fingers through it and shook it loose.

I reached for the front hook on my bra and undid it but didn’t let it fall open. I turned around and shook my ass at him. I rotated my hips from side to side while pulling the bra out to the sides so he would know my breasts were free. Then I looked over my shoulder and pulled it off keeping my back to him. I tossed the bra so it landed on his shoulder. I looked down at his crotch and smiled when I saw the bulge developing there.

Then I covered my breasts with my arms and turned back to face him. I had my arms crossed with my hands on the opposite shoulders. Slowly I let my hands trail down my arms until my arms were below my breasts and he could see them completely. I continued to slide them down until my hands were resting against the waistband of my jeans. I unbuttoned them and slowly slid the zipper down. I paused and looked at him.

Matt lifted the cat and made a downward motion indicating his interest in having my jeans off. I wriggled them down over my hips and let them fall to the floor. With exaggerated efforts I stepped out of them and then bent down to pick them up. I tossed them onto the bed while turning so my back was toward Matt. I bent back down so my ass was presented to him inside my lacy panties. I hooked my fingers into either side and slowly drew them down over my ass. When I was completely uncovered I stood back up and lifted each leg to pull the panties off. Finally I was standing naked in front of him. I waited for his next command.

“Undress me and you better do a good job,” he said sternly.

I was getting very excited and the thought of undressing him only added to the excitement. I stepped up to him and tried to keep the smile off my face. I reached out and unbuttoned the top button on his shirt. I bent closer and pressed my lips on the skin revealed there. I unbuttoned the next one and spread the shirt apart and licked the skin I exposed. I could hear Matt’s breathing getting faster. I continued down his chest kissing and licking each exposed section of skin until his shirt was hanging free. I placed both hands inside the shirt on his stomach and swirled my tongue around his navel before standing back up.

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