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Somewhere in South East Tibet
September, 1921

The white sun rose over whiter mountains – the piercing shafts of light harsh and unrelenting. Blue sky contrasts with the stark alpine landscape. Freezing and almost snow-blind, I stumble onward – delirious with hunger, aimless in direction. The sun rises higher in the vast Himalayan sky. My mind flashes with images of my dead companions – like snippets of vivid motion film. Each appears and flicks away. They are soon replaced by images of home – my mother’s cottage, the evenings spent in the Englisher Garten with the crew, my handsome Doberman, Mitzer.
Eventually my legs give out from beneath me, and I crumple to the snow. I lay there helpless as a babe and numb to all elements save my impending doom. Even the eternal fires of hell will be welcome if it chases from my bones this accursed cold.
As I stare upward, not even daring to think, I become gradually aware of a presence – the feeling of proximity to another – which both electrifies and frightens. Too weary to even move my head, I wait. A hooded figure stares down at me. I try to speak but my breath catches in my throat. I reach up to the visitor, this welcome interloper at the scene of my demise. I try to rise, but collapse. Blackness envelops me.


Warmth. My God! Warmth – I must be in heaven... or hell… I open my eyelids just a crack and survey my surroundings. I am situated in a large bed in the middle of a room. It must be day, as I can see little spears of light piercing through the carved wooden window shades. The room is painted deep crimson, with delicate carved pillars, and arched windows and door ways.
Before long I hear someone approaching – a door opens and a young woman enters the chamber. I stir, and she comes quickly to the bedside and feels my forehead, inspects my frost nipped fingers, and looks into my eyes to check my pupils. She pauses for a moment – and the in perfect German, says,
“Good Morning Mr. Feisler, and welcome to Vashna-La, I am glad to see that you are awake – you have been out for some time now.”
“You know who I am…?” I stammer, scarcely able to believe my surroundings.
“We do. You are Helmut Feisler of Berlin, Mountaineer, and leader of the expedition sent to climb H32 – the Reissspitze.”
“What of my friends – I must find them!” I begin to get out of bed, but the young woman places her hand on my chest and shakes here head,
“I’m very sorry, Mr. Feisler. The avalanche… it… well… you were the only survivor. The area of your camp is covered under hundreds of meters of snow and ice.”
I open my mouth to protest, but she just shakes here head. A moment passes in silence.
“What is this place?” I ask.
“This is the Temple of Vashna-La, the monastery which houses the Vishneri sisterhood.”
“The Vishneri Sisterhood…?”
“The Vishneri sisterhood is a Buddhist order which teaches that nirvana can be achieved through many short forays into the fringes of complete bliss. This may be through meditation, prayer, study, even succumbing to desire. We allow only women and girls to live and worship here – no men are allowed in the monastery save for very few. There are no villages for a hundred miles in any direction. We are not bothered here.”
I pondered for a moment – “If there are no men, how do you keep this place going, even if you can do all the work were do you get girls to join.”
“We don’t find them – they are born into the sisterhood. If a boy is born – he is taken to a monastery far away to study other teachings.”
“But how can children be born – if there are no men, who are the fathers?” I protest. She smiles coyly and does not answer. She reaches to a table next to the bed and grabs a bowl of steaming soup. She feeds it to me spoonful by spoonful.
“This will give you strength – now you must sleep.” She stands and noiselessly moves to the door.


I awake. It appears to be night as there is no light streaming through the lattice as before. The room is dimly lit by dozens upon dozens of candles arranged in clusters in each corner of the room. The rich red light floods across the room like a warm tide. There is a scent in the air too, basic and pheromone-like – ancient and intoxicating. The air is charged – electric – steeped with tension and anticipation.
The door opens and four young women, of maybe 18 years, enter wearing loose fitting robes. They approach my bed two by two – slowly, deliberately, and in step. One of them grabs the rich silk blanket which covers my form and pulls it away. Each girl mounts the bed and clambers toward me, slowly and seductively – each taking their time – seeming to glide over the bed. I lay there, shirtless and unsure - not daring to dream if this is reality.

The four ladies reach me, their robes having fallen from their shoulders exposing eight breasts between them – each round and supple – all orange sized with nipples erect. Eight almond eyes peer longingly at me – striking white and black against the rich coffee of their flawless skin. Each girl is beautiful, but subtle. There movements are slow and deliberate – there is no timidness, only a sense of grace and delicacy.
The first girl leans forward, and looming – larger than life above me – moves her face closer to mine. Her lips part slightly as she presses her face into mine – our tongues intertwine and I reach up to embrace her. She smells of spices, rich, tantalizing and exotic. Her eyes burn into mine – piercing into my very core – my inhibitions taking refuge in the deepest recesses of my soul.

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As our interaction intensifies – three pairs of hands begin to remove my trousers. The ferocity of our oral congress triggers my nervous system; the big head is no longer in control. The primal lizard brain reigns supreme. My member springs to life, growing large and erect, stabbing skyward in a plea for attention - a plea which was very soon to be most dutifully heeded. My most forward companion draws back, the intoxicating flavor of her saliva still glistening on my lips. One of the other girls bends down – tongue extended – and, with it, touches the very tip of my engorged dick. She holds it steady for a moment, then begins to toy with me. She uses her nimble mouth organ to tease my cock – pushing the tip into the entrance of urethra and flicking outward. Each time she does this she moves her supple lips fractionally closer to the head of my member. When it seems she can get no nearer she opens her tiny mouth and takes in the head. This seemed to be a cue to the other two girls as they immediately move to prod my balls and perineum with their sweet tongues.

Inside of the young woman’s mouth my dick was ready to explode. She swirled her tongue around and around and slid her alabaster teeth across the skin in a slow erotic rhythm. The first girl then straddles my chest. Letting her robe fall away entirely, she exposes her shaved pussy to me. She begins to slide her labia up and down my chest with a lithe and methodical calm. She raises her arms to run her fingers through the languid ringlets of her raven hair as she grinds away. She arches her back, pointing her magnificent breasts skyward. I place my hands on her hips and begin to slide them upward. Keeping pace with her rhythmic thrusts, her three companions continue their ministrations with renewed vigor.

Soon the spasms begin as my balls telegraph the impending release of cum. The girl manning my manhood slides back ward so that her lips are just atop my turgid cock. She then applies an incredible degree of suction as the other two girls literally attack my shaft with tongues and lips. I grasp my rider tightly as I shoot load after load of hot semen into the mouth of the young woman. Again, and again it issues fourth, my vision blurred – it seems that the very room is spinning. Fireworks explode inside of my head in a wild display of color and light.

I watch in awe as the girl transfers the cum from her mouth to the mouth of another, who, then in turn, does the same to the third. The young woman astride my abdomen then leans back, legs spread and vagina gaping. The third girl then climbs over her, so that she is laying, anti-parallel, on top of her. Then she dips her head and places her lips in the opening of the vagina before her and expels my semen into her moist and waiting womb. My seed glides back out from betwixt her vaginal lips, whereupon it is tenderly directed back inside with the young woman’s attentive tongue.
At this point the two ladies atop me slide from my abdomen and take positions at each of my shoulders. Grabbing my arms they gently but firmly lift me upward and indicate that I should kneel. One of the two other young women lies face down atop two solid cylindrical pillows, her ass and dripping vagina pointed at me. The remaining attendant straddles the back of the girl on the pillows – facing me. Her legs spread wide, she beckons me forward.

I moved forward to embrace her. She grabs my erect cock and guides it into the waiting pussy of the girl on the pillows. She pulls me close and begins rocking back and fourth. The girl being fucked rolls on the round pillows like a rocking horse, my cock sliding in and out of her viselike vagina. I needed only to stand there motionless as she rams my cock home. I hold the young woman facing me tightly, my face buried in her lovely tits and slender neck. I explore them time and again with my lips and tongue, sucking and nipping at each nipple as she shudders with ecstasy. The two ladies at my shoulders begin massaging my back and buttocks. They apply scented oils, which deliver a thick and spicy aroma of cinnamon and clove. The balm tingles and burns in my pores, open and sweating – so great is the passion of the fucking.

I push my frontal companion down so the girls now lay back to back. I bring my face down to her dripping cunt, and breathe in the sweet and musty scent. I slide a finger into her and she gives a soft moan. I explore the inner walls of her sex first with one finger, then with two. All the while the girl beneath us continues her rocking, her vagina hungrily swallowing up my cock. I bend down further and begin to suckle the clit of this nude Himalayan vixen. She lifts her legs and wraps them around my neck, pulling my face tighter into her cunt.

One of the girls behind me prods just behind my balls. This pressure stimulates some hidden nerve bundle and I begin to cum. It is like no ejaculation I’d ever before felt. It is as if my whole body is racked with pure heavenly light – like seeing god – I groan as I let fly load after load of sticky cum. I reach down and grab the lower girl by the hips and bury my cock as deeply inside her as possible – filling her tight womb with shot after shot. She tries to continue her rocking but I hold her close, my face buried deeply in the glorious cunt of her upper partner. Squirming and wriggling as I press against her, her vaginal walls tighten and she pushes back, her legs flex and widen. She comes, with a little gasp, and relaxes as I slide out. A long string of gooey semen flows out after my dick, it is mixed with the girls sweet vaginal juices.. The girl I had been orally pleasing slides around and catches the string with her dainty hand. She licks the cum from her fingers – slowly and seductively. Then she bends forward and takes the head of my cock in her mouth and drives it in until the head touches the back of her throat. Then, with incredible suction, sucks it clean.

I collapse backwards, exhausted. The girls return the blanket and we all lie intertwined and drift into a dreamless sleep.

To Be Continued…

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