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Three's Company!

(Part 1 from 1)

I was 40 years old and saw an ad in the paper from a husband and wife looking to meet with a man for a threesome. After answering the ad, I spoke with the wife on the phone. She sounded sweet. We decided to meet at a club on a Saturday night. She told me she would decide if she would want to take me home with them after seeing and meeting me. She asked that I not feel bad if she chose not to take me home. She explained that she was very picky. I described what I'd be wearing so they could pick me out in the crowd.

I arrived about 8PM and I was a bit nervous. I ordered a drink and sat at the bar. There was a live band playing. After about 10 minutes, a tall woman in her early 30's came up to me and asked if I'd like to dance. She was very attractive. About 5'7" tall with long beautiful legs. Long wavy brown hair and green eyes. Medium breasts and very nice curves. It was a slow dance number and I became hard as I took her in my arms on the dance floor. She then told me that she was the woman I had spoke with on the phone. She pressed her beautiful body against mine and I knew she could feel my hard cock pressing against her thigh as we moved around the floor. She told me she was a nurse at a local hospital and then invited me to join her and her husband at their table.

I was surprised when I approached the table. I figured that her husband would be a good looking guy, but that was not the case. He was short and thin and kind of a Barney Fife looking kind of guy. She had said that she was "picky," but she married a guy that looked like that! I was 6'3" tall at 190 lbs. with long brown hair and a mustache. I have been told I resemble "Sam Elliott."

She sat between the two of us and we had drinks and talked. We danced several times and I was chomping at the bit to fuck her. Finally at about 11PM, we decided to leave and we got into their car. He drove and she sat in the front seat between us. As he drove, she began rubbing my still hard cock with her right hand. Then she leaned over and pressed her full lips to mine. We kissed all the way to their house.

As soon as we were in the living room, she had me sit on the carpet with her and we continued making out. The husband excused himself to make us some drinks. She told me that they had a 12 year old daughter and that she was spending the night at a friends house. She explained that her daughter had no idea that her parents enjoyed doing these types of activities.

Then she began fumbling with my belt and pants. She wanted to free my stiff manhood from it's cloth prison. My hands were now busy feeling her firm breasts. Then she reached into my pants and pulled out my 7.5 inch cock and began stroking it. Her hot fingers around my cock felt so nice. Our tongues danced with each other in our wet mouths. I was so anxious to see her body naked.

I began unbuttoning her blouse. Her husband returned with the cocktails and he sat on the couch and watched as his wife and I engaged in heavy petting on the floor in front of him. I was so turned on, playing with his woman before his very eyes. Suddenly she dove down and took my cock into her warm, wet mouth and began sucking on me. I loved watching her head bob up and down between my legs. I could feel her tongue licking my cock as she sucked me. I leaned back on my arms and watched as she pleasured me.

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As I began to get very excited, she pulled away, stood up, took me by the hand and said, "Let's go to bed."

Once in the bedroom, we both got undressed. Her husband put in a porno tape that played on their television that was across from the foot of their bed. As we mingled together in their bed, the husband began undressing. She pushed me onto my back and then she moved up and straddled my face with her lovely thighs, her beautiful pussy just above my face. I began licking her love lips and she moaned as my tongue slipped inside of her and began exploring her pussy. Then as I was licking and sucking on her, I felt her husband climb onto the bed and I felt my cock in his mouth. My ears were filled with the sounds of moaning coming from the porno film that was playing. She tasted so good and he sucked very good.

Then she raised up off of me and so did he. She got on her hands and knees and I took the cue and I climbed on her and took her from behind, slipping my hard cock inside of her wet glory hole. I began pumping her slowly. Then her husband stood on the bed, straddling her body and facing me.

I had never sucked a man's cock before. It was small and hard, and in my face. His hand grabbed my head and I parted my lips as he pushed it into my mouth. As I began licking and sucking him, I found that it was enjoyable. My left hand held her hip as I fucked her and my right hand had hold of his ass as I sucked his cock.

After awhile, we switched and he was fucking her from behind and I lay under her as she sucked my cock. Then after awhile we changed again and she sat on his face and as he ate her pussy, I went down on him again. Licking and sucking on his small, hard cock. I liked all over it and then began licking his small balls. I took his cock in my hand and jacked him as I took his balls in my mouth and began sucking on them. I found myself wanting to please him as much as I wanted to please her!

I then felt her reach back and she handed me a small tube of lubricant. I covered my cock with the slippery gel and she got on her back, he knelt between her legs and began feasting on her again. Her and my eyes locked on one another's and I knew what they wanted me to do.

Kneeling behind him, I slipped my cock into his tight ass hole. I slowly pushed myself all the way inside of his ass and then I began to fuck him. As I gave her husband my cock, she smiled at me. I had never fucked a man before, but again, I was enjoying this. I was fucking both him and his wife!

Then we switched again, she wanted me to take her missionary style and I climbed on her and began to ride. Her husband sat in a chair beside the bed and masturbated as he watched me take his wife. She was so beautiful and sweaty and I grunted and groaned as I took her again and again. And then my excitement peeked and my passion rose and my loins burned with painful pleasure as I exploded my hot cum inside of her!

Oh, what a good night that was!

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