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The young asian girl.

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I have always had a sexual desire to make love to a young asian girl; but never had the opportunity. My friend Mark jokingly mentioned that my fetish for asian girls was so strong that I needed to go right to the source. He laughed and said,"make a trip to Thailand and check out one of those asian brothels." I went along with the comment and laughed with him. But, I knew that this was no joke in my mind and it would be a great way to fulfill my desire to meet a pretty young asian girl.

At age 42 I had saved up enough money to make my asian brothel dream come true. I made plans for a week stay in Thailand at a simple motel
with my main quest to make love to a sweet asian girl. When I arrived
in this exotic country I was astonished at the ways of a new culture.
After unpacking at the hotel I immediately started my search for the well known sex shops set up in the back streets. Within a half hour I had located what appeared to be an attractive brothel. A man in front of the brothel stood in front of a door with a simple rug which hung over the entrance. There were no signs, no rates and no girls as I stepped inside the small room. I noticed there was giggling in the room down the short hallway.

The man simply asked what I wanted in broken English. It wasn't the stereotype, "fucky fucky, me show you good time". Those were days long gone by. I soon realized this was a small family run business with girls from around that neighborhood. He yelled out to the girls in back to come out to be seen. One by one, eight young girls filed out and stood in a line. Each girl wore the same simple dress style.
I was took back by the small frame of these beautiful girls. All the girls had gorgeous long black straight hair and piercing dark eyes that sparkled. He asked which one I wanted. Before I could answer he said he had a new girl. "Real fresh, real young", he boasted.

They were all knock dead honeys with a cute smile that would make any guys heart skip a beat. I pointed at the girl who he had said was young and fresh. After she made her shy step forward he said," Tou her name, first time, you like her." This seemingly young girl put her hand out and I held her hand as she led me to the small room down the narrow dark hallway.

I entered the room and noticed the low ceiling and simple bed in the middle of the room. She walked to the bed and sat down on its edge. I questioned in my mind, "how old was this girl?" I didn't bother asking her about her age. She looked up at me with an innocent smile. Her teeth were as white as pure snow, and her shinny black hair reached down a just past her waist. There was a glitter in her dark eyes and her skin was like that of dark cooper.

I could sense this really was her first time since she just sat there
looking at me as if she didn't have a clue as to what was about to happen. Not only was this going to be her first time, it was going to be my first time with such a young asian virgin. I walked up to her and she stood up in front of the bed. She was about 4'6 and maybe 80 pounds. I knew that asian girls were small, but her size made me think hard about her.

She was the most beautiful girl I had gazed upon. I'm 6' and 250 pounds. I thought to myself, was this even going to be possible. All guys joke about how they are hung like horses. In my case, I consider myself slightly larger than the average guy. I'm no horse, but I'm guessing I'm around 9 inches. As she stood in front of me I thought there is no sense in moving slow in my advances since I was in a brothel. I stripped down and stood about three feet in front of her tiny body. She looked up at me and then gazed over my body. When she saw my cock she had an expression of a little fear. She soon looked up at me with a cute, shy smile. I stepped toward her and lifted her dress over her head and to my amazement she was completely nude underneath that simple dress.

I held both her hands as I gently guided her tiny body back down onto the bed. As I stood looking at her young body I was in awe, her breast seemed to be budding. This girl had small titties. Was her breast small because of her size or race? Or were they small because of a lingering thought I had in the back of my mind. Again I dismissed my thoughts and scanned over her petite body. I stopped and stared at her pussy and noticed just the faintest hint of hair. I knew that asian girls usually kept well shaved; but this hair was that of peach. How fast did these girls develop? In my mind, I just told myself she was a girl who knew what she was doing.

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I lay down beside her and I took her small breast and nipple into my mouth. I began to suck and flick my tongue over her perky nipples. She seemed to enjoy this as if it were a fun game. She let out a cute giggle and gave me a big smile as she looked into my eyes. I started to become hard as I placed my hand over her young pussy. I slowly slid my middle finger into her moist opening. I could feel her tightness inside and she gasp with a sigh as I continued to rub her little clit. But this time when I looked up at her face, she was breathing heavy. Was this due to her inexperience or was she afraid.
As I slid my finger in and out of her I gave her a reassuring smile. She gave my a smile in return and said,"good". Did she mean that it was good in the way it made her feel or did she mean good as in go ahead with me. I knew from this point on that the conversation would not be with words, but of universal pleasure.

At this point I was raging hard and ready to fuck her. I knew I couldn't put all my weight on her small body because I would crush her. I had to have some foreplay with her in order for me to construct a way I could fuck this girl. I spread her legs and moved down to the end of the bed. I started to lick the inside of her legs and slowly move up toward her nearly bald pussy. As I reached her pussy lips with my tongue she shivered with excitement and again did her cute little fun game giggle. I let my tongue glide into her pussy and she tasted as sweet as honey. From the response I could see that this was no doubt her first time doing anything sexual.

Her pussy lips were so soft and small. I loved the way her pussy lips were dark brown in color; not pink like lips a white girl. As I spread her dark lips to get a nice deep dip with my tongue I noticed her vagina was smaller than I first suspected. Her hole inside was slightly bigger than a nickel. I moved my body up and rested my weight on my elbows as I was about to fuck this asian cutie missionary style.

I was harder than I had ever been before as I let the head of my cock touch her pussy lips. I looked down toward her pussy and in my mind I knew that she may not be able to take me inside her. My cock looked enormous between her silky smooth cooper toned legs and tummy. I decided to try to spread her legs; so not my make her scream or yell out. I felt it would be safe if I could ease my cock into her slowly. My cock head ever so slowly pushed against her pussy lips and the wetness helped my cock slowly slip just inside. I managed to push inside her only an inch or two. This was my chance to see if she was ready and willing. I looked at her and said, "good?" With a quick little smile she said,"good". This time I knew it was her way of letting me know it is ok to continue. This was my green light signal to fuck this asian sweetheart.

I inched my cock in and out; each time going a bit deeper. Her vagina walls were extremely tight around my cock, but I could feel every smooth warm inch of her youngness. It was time to get the full pleasure from this little cutie. I braced up and slowly filled her pussy with all of my cock. I looked down between her legs and I could see the bulge of my cock head under her beautiful tummy. I had broke through her hyman and I knew she was a virgin. By looking at her tummy I could see that my cock was inside her; barely below her belly button. I continue to fuck her with increased pace and her breathing was heavy. She attempted to put her legs up higher, with her feet nearly to the outsides of my shoulders. I could feel my balls as they slapped up against her tiny ass. This was a dream come true as I continued to fuck her. I had never tried sticking my finger in a girls ass while fucking, but I thought it would be a great sensation. As I fucked her 4'6" frame I pushed my middle finger into her tight little asshole. She immediately tightened her ass cheeks up and in return this caused her vagina to tighten up around my cock.

I was in heaven as I kissed her pretty lips and gazed into her eyes as I continued fucking her perfect body. After 25 minutes of plunging my cock into her young pussy I felt that I was ready to cum. I let my body take over and at a fast pace I pushed deeper and deeper inside her tight pussy. My cock head was slamming up into her cervics and I felt the cum boiling up ready to coat her pussy walls. With five to ten hard thrusts I came inside her warm wet young pussy. I pushed as deep and hard as I could into her little body frame. With each thrust she let out the only English word she knew, "good, good, good, good." I could feel the base of my cock slamming up against her clit as I continued to paint her insides. After I exploded inside her I was still hard and I pulled my cock out of her. She gave me a nice kiss and to my suprize she worked her head down toward my cock. She took my cock into her mouth and began to suck and lick any residual cum off my cock.

As I stood up and put on my clothes, her body lay on the bed glistening with sweat. I could see a small amount of my cum and her juices glisten off her pussy lips. She stood up and I caressed her ass and gave her a nice long kiss. Before she dress I wanted to get one more feel of her tight pussy. I fingered her as we both stood at the end of the bed. She moaned with every thrust of my hand.

She put her dress over her head and at that time I really noticed her youth. We exited the room and walked down the hallway to the front room. As we enter the room the other seven girls all gave her a hug as if they were congratulating her for her first time with a man. She took a deep breath as if to say,"I did it." She had a big smile and the man seemed to be proud of her accomplishment; as if she completed a right of passage. I paid the man a mere $50. I was suprized with the small cost for fucking such a young beautiful girl.

I had never told anyone about my experience, until today.

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