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The visitor - part two

(Part 1 from 1)

My husband was sleeping, exhausted from his first fist fucking experience I had given him for more than one hour in preparation for our visitor. I let him rest. When the visitor arrived, he was still sleeping.

His name was Jake. He looked good: tall, close shaven, well dressed. He introduced himself to me as an experienced bisexual. `What do you like about being a bisexual?` I asked him. `I am into ass play quite a lot. My wife attends to my needs the best she can but there is nothing like being fucked by a real big, hard cock. I also discovered I enjoy the taste of cum. Being mouth fucked is an incredible turn on for me and that, my wife cannot help me with!`he said with a nice smile.`My husband is sleeping now. I fist fucked him hard earlier. He is exhausted. Maybe you should come back tomorrow`I said. `Maybe you can fist fuck me while we wait for him to wake up`he quickly replied.`I am very clean.

My insides are completely washed up.` I looked at him unsure of what I was supposed to do. I had never touched another man so intimately. What would my husband say. `Please come back tomorrow` was my decision. He left. When my husband woke up, in the middle of the night, I told him our visitor had been by and wanted me to fist fuck him while he slept, but I could not.`Thank you` he said kissing me. He went back to sleep.

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Jake arrived at 7pm sharp. I opened the door and lead him in the study where my husband was waiting with a nice selection of drinks. They shook hands. `I have never been with a man`my husband said as an introduction. Jake approached him and kissed him. I sat confortably in a big arm chair and observed this surreal scene. It was a long kiss. Their eyes were closed. Jake was quite relaxed, my husband still quite tense and hesitant. Jake opened his mouth slightly. My husband followed his invitation. Jake inserted his tongue in my husbands mouth. I saw my husbands shoulders go down as an evident sign of relaxation and acceptance.

They instinctively moved their bodies closer to each other and were passionately kissing, exchanging their saliva. What a sight! I was so turned on! They pulled appart and smiled at each other then at me `This is going to be just fine!`my husband said. For the next hour or so, we talked and drank. They were sitting on a couch in front of me. Then Jake got up and undressed. My husband got up and did they same. Before he could sit back down, Jake got on his knees and beggan to suck on my husband's hard cock. `Yes that's good Jake!Suck my cock good` my husband moaned watching Jake take his entire cock in his mouth.

My husband started to move his hips faster, holding Jake's head in place with both hands. `I'm going to cum in your mouth. You swallow me up good now Jake`he said. A few more deep thursts and he emptied his load of cum deep in Jake's mouth. He pulled out and Jake liked him up to make sure he would not miss a drop. `I'm sorry I came so fast. It was just too good to hold longer`my husband apologised. `Now you suck me and I will accept your apologies`Jake replied smiling. He got up on his feet and it was my husbands turn to get on his knees. He took Jake's cock in his mouth with hesitation, not realy knowing how to do this.

He took as much in and gagged some before finaly sucking on most of the big cock in a regular motion. `That's it, suck in as much as you can. When I am ready to cum I will tell you`Jake said. My husband was hard again. he was definitely enjoying this new experience. After a few minutes, Jake pulled back. He took his cock in his hand and started to stroke it fast. `I'm going to cum now. Do you want to taste my cum?`he asked. `Yes!`I said from my chair. My husband looked at me and opened his mouth wide so I could see well that he was willing to do it. While my husband was still looking at me, Jake emptied a amazing quantity of cum in his open mouth.

He closed his mouth and swallowed everything. He got up and he and Jake shared a long kiss. We filled our glasses and talked some more for a while.

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