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The summer of my dreams

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

I am a widowed middle aged man living with his only daughter and the both of us were about to experience a summer to remember. It was a hot summer day and my precious, beautiful daughter decided to go for a dip in our pool. I had never noticed her fully developed body before like this day. I sat at the window, staring out, watching her tits bounce up and down as she dove into the pool. Her ass was round and perfect and very big like her mother’s. As I decided to join her, she laid out to sun bathe. I stood over her as she looked up at me and asked me to rub some sun tan lotion on her back. “Sure thing sweetheart, no problem” I answered excited by the fact that I would touch her delicious body. I sat down and rubbed lotion all over her back as she told me about her day. My hands explored the bottom half of her body when she said “Get my thighs too daddy, please, I cant reach back there”.

I rubbed up and down her legs, taking my time, enjoying every minute of this. She paused as I went up her thighs and grazed her ass cheeks. “Mmmm” she hummed as I worked my fingers around the bottom of her buttocks. After about 10minutes I had to go inside cause by this time I had a raging hard on that was not going away. I went inside to clear my head but I all I kept thinking were incest thoughts about fucking my daughter. Suddenly I heard the patio door open and hear her call out “daddy are you okay?”, Im okay, I said, “Ok, well im going to take a shower then we can get started on dinner”. Okay honey take your time, I told her as she made her way upstairs. When she came back downstairs shortly after she was wearing some white very short shorts. A tank top with no bra exposed her hard nipples. Her long beautiful hair was up in a bun and she wore no make up.

My daughter had that natural beauty, were she didn’t need any makeup. I watched her angelic face light up as she came into the kitchen to help me prep dinner. A few times she caught me staring at her nice tits and ass as she cut up the vegetables. She didn’t say anything but did smile which only encouraged me more. After dinner we sat down to watch a movie and she asked “daddy would you like a massage?”. “Why sure honey, I replied. “well take your shirt off so I can do your full shoulders and back” she said. I did as I was told and sat down on the floor in between her legs as she sat on the couch. She massaged my arms, and shoulders and It felt so good. I closed my eyes and envisioned us making love right on this couch. At that moment she kissed my cheek and said “daddy I know that your lonely and I want to make you feel better”. She kissed my neck then rubbed her hands all over my chest.

With my eyes still closed I felt my penis getting harder and harder until there was no hiding my arousal for my own daughter. “Oooh, someone’s excited” she whispered as she noticed the bulge in my shorts. “I love you daddy, I will never leave you or hurt you, I promise” she said as she turned me to face her and kissed me on the lips. I turned all the way around and got on my knees as our little pecks became the most sexual tongue kiss I’d ever experienced. Our tongues wrapped around each other as she guided my hands towards her breast. I squeezed them and pinched her nipples as I bit her bottom lip.

“I didn’t know how to tell you but I’ve been wanting to fuck you for a very long time now daddy”, she moaned as I kissed down her neck. “I cant take it anymore either, I said as I lifted her tank top to expose her amazing tits. I sucked on my baby girl’s tits as she tilted her head back and closed her eyes while she moaned softly. I then laid her back and pulled her shorts off and started feelin g my way up her legs to her juicy wet pussy. I moved her red laced panties to the side and began fingering her. I was in a dream, here I was on our living room couch, fingering this fine piece of ass, my only daughter, and she loved it. She squeezed her tits and moaned loudly as I fingered her faster. “Finger fuck me daddy, please, I’ve been a bad girl” she muttered.

I then slid her panties down to her ankles and spread her legs. Her shaven pussy was so wet and I couldn’t resist anymore. With one quick swoop, I had my head in my daughters vagina, sucking her pussy lips and tongue fucking her. I ate her pussy until she came in my mouth, “Im cumming in your mouth daddy” she hissed as I slid my tongue deep inside. I felt her pussy pulse as she came on my tongue and her body jerked as she moaned madly. She then dropped to the floor on her knees and lifted me to stand up. She pulled down my shorts and my hard cock flung out. “This is what I’ve been wanting daddy, you want to see your baby suck your dick?” She asked as she wrapped her hand around it and stroked it. “That’s right baby girl, suck on daddy’s hard cock” I told her as I held her head and pushed her to my wet dick. She swallowed my dick and absorbed all the juices as she gave me the best blow job ever. I fucked her mouth while I held the back of her head. “I want your cum daddy” she moaned as she jacked me off in her mouth.

The mere thought of my daughter sucking my hard cock made me shoot cum all over her face and tongue. She swallowed every bit of that hot sticky cum my throbbing dick shot out. I collapsed on top of her and we kissed passionately and I tasted my own cum. She then rolled me over on my back and told me she knew I wanted some of her juicy ass. She got up, turned around and slapped her ass for me. She jiggled it and spread her cheeks saying “I want to sit on your face daddy, how about it? Would you like your baby girl to sit on your face?” Yesss, I hissed, please baby, sit on my face. With that she planted her ass right on my face and I immediately stuck my tongue out to slide it in. I had her ass cheeks wrapped around my face and my tongue was stiff and slid right into her tight asshole. She moaned as I tongue fucked her ass, she then bent forward and started sucking my limp dick.

After a few minutes of this intense 69, I had a hard on again that ached for my daughter’s pussy. I stood up and sat on the couch and she mounted me. She rode me as I sucked her tits and played wither her asshole. We kissed passionately as she came again and again, loving every minute of this forbidden sex. “I want you to cum however you want daddy” she told me in a very sexual voice that sent shivers up my spine. I got up off the couch and picked her up and bent her over. I fucked her doggystyle, my balls slapping against her juicy ass as she moaned “fuck me daddy, fuck my sweet ass, fuck me hard, oh, oh, oh”.

“I want to fuck you in your ass baby” I whispered in her ear as I pounded her. “Okay” she said, “my body is all yours daddy”. With that she got on the couch on her knees with her ass facing me. She bent over just a bit and hung over the couch while I lubed up.
“Spread your ass cheeks sweetheart”, I demanded, spread em’ for daddy.

As a good girl, she did as she was told and held her ass cheeks spread for her daddy to fuck her tight little asshole. I got on the couch on my knees and slid my cock slowly into my daughters virgin ass. She let out a loud moan as I banged her sweet ass on our living room couch. I held on to her hair and fucked her harder and harder. The tightness of her hole made me want to cum a lot faster than I expected. Her ass cheeks jiggled as I pounded in and out of her. Suddenly she turned her head back to kiss me and our tongues danced as I shot my load deep into her bowels. She moaned and moaned as I shot what seemed to be an endless amount of sperm into her.

With that we got up and French kissed then went to shower together. In the shower we made love while the soap covered our bodies. From that moment on I have made love to my daughter, even now that she is married. She slips away when ever she can to get some of daddys hard cock inside of her sweet ass.

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