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The street walking girl

(Part 1 from 1)

Michelle decided it today. She would move outside with no clothes on! So she walked outside naked. She had really huge tits which bounced in front of her. Then a guy saw her. Instantly he pulled out his dick and started rubbing.

Michelle smiled and shacked her ass so that the guy could enjoy his wanking even more. "wanna cum on my tits dude?" Michelle asked the guy. Then she kneeled in front of him and that sight was just too much for the guy. He shoot his load right into the girls tits. Another girl came walking by.

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Her name was Anastasia and she wanted to lick the semen off Michelle's tits. So she did just that. Then she took off her t-shirt. "Please cum on my tits too with your hot semen ok?". The guy was in heaven. Again he could shoot his load onto beautiful tits. The two girls tits were covered in sperm and they started licking and fondling the sperm. The guy was happy.

Michelle thought it was nice to have all this sperm on her tits and as a thank you she started blowing the guys dick. Anastasia joined in and so two hot big boobs girls were blowing the guy. That was too much for him. Again he shoot his load. This time right in the girls faces. Then he went off. He was so happy. Anastasia and Michelle went to Michelle's flat were they licked each others pussies for hours.

Then they invited a huge dicked stud over to fuck them and fill their pussies with hot potent semen. That was it for today. Maybe tomorrow another guy would shoot his semen on Michelle and Anastasia.

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