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The son and his Friend

(Part 1 from 1)

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He groaned as the pain streaked through his head. Rolling over his eyes opened as slits and quickly closed again. The body laying next to him moved and he started.

“Oh wow,” he groaned again. “Who are you?” he asked of the person next to him.

“Good morning Meg. You don’t remember me? I’m Sarah, Rob’s mother. You do know Rob your best friend?” She rose up on one elbow and looked at him.

“Oh, Mrs. Patterson. How did you get in my bed?”

“You might ask how you got in MY bed,” she smirked.

Meg looked around the room. It wasn’t his.

“Oh Lord,” he gasped. “How............., Ia…amm here oh! I ccccan…t”

“You and Rob came home drunk. When he passed out you started telling me how sexy I looked. One thing led to another and you shoved your hand under my blouse. It felt good your hands on my breasts and I brought you here.”

“Did we........., uh, did I..........,” he stammered.

“Unfortunately no we didn’t. Shortly after getting into bed you passed out but not before giving me one of the best climaxes of my life and you did it all with only your hands on my breasts. Ooooooooh! It is fantastic, I can still feel how you mauled them, squeezing and crushing my flesh. You pinched and pulled my nipples so hard I had two orgasms, then you went to sleep.”

“I can’t tell you how sorry I am, Mrs. Patterson. I’ve never done anything like that before.”

“Call me Sarah and I’m sorry, too, but for a different reason. You just had to much to drink and couldn’t do anything for me,” she commented reaching under the sheets. She started massaging his limp organ bringing it back to life. “Last night it was so thick and hard just like it’s getting now,” Sarah said pulling the sheets down.

Meg looked at her large covered beautiful shaped bosom then down at his almost fully erect organ. It was long and thick the head nearly reaching his belly button. He sort of remembered seeing her breasts naked the night before and that excited him to full erection. Sarah tightly gripped his hot shaft and slowly pumped it. She moved down and leaned over his erection her hair brushing over his testicles. Her lips slipped over the thick purple colored head and down his hard shaft as she took well over half of him. He groaned at the hot wet feeling and started rubbing her back.

“This is where you passed out,” Sarah commented when she looked up at him. “Just when I thought I would have you it started going limp. Now it’s up and hard again and I want it in me.” She sat up and whipped off her top baring her breasts. She threw her legs over his body and moved up, her hairless sex coming closer to his face. “I’m already wet and want to feel your tongue licking me.”

Meg was now so aroused he couldn’t have stopped if he wanted as his hands pulled on her sagging large meaty buttocks and brought her even closer. He smelled the odor of her sex and the anus. His tongue flicked out and tasted the delicious sweets of her nectar and it was unbelievably tasty. Meg rammed his tongue inside.

“Yes, tongue my cunt,” Sarah moaned pressing her hips to his face. “Eat me and make me cum.” She grabbed his head and mashed his face to her gushing pussy. When her orgasm ended she slid down his body pressing her large naked breasts around his throbbing cock. “That felt so good and I love having my tits fucked.” She squeezed her boobs tightly around his organ as Meg moved his hips. “Now fuck me. Ram this thick hard cock hard in my cunt and let me feel your cum filling me.”

Sarah was on her back as Meg knelt between her open legs. She held and guided his thick dripping head between her wet greesing pussy lips. Meg moved down and watched his cock slipping inside her paradise. She was so wet he easily penetrated her fully. He stayed on his knees and grasped her naked tits squeezing them hard. It was a surprise to him how firm they were as his fingers dug in deeply.

“Don’t stop,” she gasped lunging up to him. “Fuck me and hurt my tits and nipples. fuck me hard.”

Without mercy his fingers dug even deeper into her firm breast flesh. Her nipples swelled hard and he rolled them between thumb and forefinger, pinching and pulling them. Sarah gasped and gushed again. Meg felt his sperm boiling and put all his energy and efforts into pounding her body. His hips moved like pistons as he drove himself into her. Finally his balls erupted and his cum sprayed and filled her sex box. Sarah screamed her pleasure as another climax washed over her. Meg was empty and rolled onto his back his cock growing limp.

“Geez Mom, if you’re going to bang my best friend could you keep it down a little?” came Rob’s voice from the open doorway. “Besides you always told me I was the one that gave you the best orgasms.”

Meg started when he heard Rob’s voice. He quickly grabbed the sheet to cover his naked body. Sarah stopped him.

“It’s OK Meg. You might as well know. Rob and I have been lovers for a couple of years now. I suppose you think I’m real bad having sex with my own son.” We are a incest lovers we like it.

“Well not really,” he said. “If that’s what you two want then go for it.”

“Rob you know you give me so much pleasure but it was different with Meg. Oh my,” she said looking at her sons crotch. “Why don’t you bring that over here and let Mommy take care of it. You don’t mind do you Meg?”

Rob dropped his shorts and moved alongside his mother, his long boner leading the way. He was rock hard as she wrapped her fingers around his shaft and plunged her mouth over his organ. She began to quickly bob her head and make slurping sounds as she sucked his rigid cock. Meg was amazed as he watched, feeling his cock coming back to life.

“I think Meg wants you to suck his cock now mom,” Rob said pulling back. “Suck his cock while I fuck you from behind.”

It’s all a dream he told himself tightly closing his eyes. He kept saying it until he felt Sarah’s hot wet mouth surrounding his stiff cock. He looked down and saw her on her hands and knees gobbling all his organ. Rob was behind her shoving his pecker in from behind. Sarah moaned as he entered and she began bobbing her head while her body was being taken. Since he had climaxed only a few minutes earlier Meg knew it would take some time to cum again, but he didn’t mind. Rob’s face was screwed up tight as he tightly gripped his own mothers hips and pounded into her. He suddenly gasped as his body stiffened. Meg knew he was shooting his load. Rob pulled out and knelt alongside his mother rubbing his cum slick cockhead against her cheek. She released Meg’s throbbing cock and pumped it with her hand as she accepted Rob’s wet cock. Her lips clamped around his shrinking shaft and sucked the last few drops of his seed and clean him. Meg was panting with lust and the need to climax. Sarah finished with Rob and went back to him. A few more strokes of her head and he gushed his load. Smaller than before he still erupted with force filling her mouth with his hot cum. She sucked and swallowed all he had until he was totally drained.

“Mom loves to suck cock and drink cum,” Rob commented. “I don’t know which she likes more, cock sucking or getting fucked.”

“I’d say it’s a tie,” Sarah said laying between the two young men. “And now I have two lovers, one to fuck me and one to suck at the same time.”

Five weeks later Sarah found herself pregnant, but from which she wouldn’t know for several more months and those passed rather quickly. Meg had moved in with them and they shared her equally in her bed since it was easily large enough for all three to sleep together. As her belly grew larger so did her already large breasts as they began filling with milk for the baby. It wasn’t long before she began seeping and both young men took delight.

I’m sure there will be at least one sequel, so stay tuned and don’t you dare touch that dial.

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