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The sister-in-law

(Part 1 from 1)

It all goes back to the days after I became involved with Nicky my future wife. I went and met her Mom, Dad, and Caroline her sister. I had met her mother, and father but I hadn't been around her sister that much being as she is quite a bit younger than myself. I was 20 at the time and Caroline was 18, a very attractive 18 year old with her 34B tits and butt that looked like her sisters. She was redheaded and weighed 110 pounds combat boots and triple insulated clothes soaking wet, really she was closer to 95 pounds but look hard a rock. I kept my distance from Caroline because she was attractive and always had that look in her eye like she wanted do bad(good if your not going out with her sister) things to me. Well time went on and almost a year passed. Caroline's look never changed, in fact it just got worse the more I got to know her. 

In the months between the day Nicky and I met and the day we were married we had became sexually active, with each other of course. Nicky is a very pretty woman and she is the same age as I. She has nice firm 34B tits and nice round, lucious butt. She had dirty blonde hair and weighs about 110 pounds naked. Her butt is perfect its not fat but its not rock hard either, its just perfect. In becoming sexually active we opened up all kinds of doors for ourselves. It gave us something to do on the weekends, weeknights, and in our spare time, we loved it. On saturdays we would have hot sex 4-5 time throughout the day. I myself am nothing spectacular. I'm 5'10" 180 pounds and when im really horny my penis can measure up to 8 inches long and 3 inches thick, but on most days im closer to 6.5 and 2 respectivly. But I was still the biggest my future bride had ever had so I was "the man." I loved it, she loved it, and we just couldn't get enough. Finally the day came and we were married, and we celebrated our honeymoon like most people do, with lots of sex and fun. We rented a hotel room, the honeymoon suite of course, and had hours of passionate, steamy, sweaty, and uninhibited sex. But then life moved on as it does for everyone.

A few weeks after the wedding Nicky and I had to go to Caroline's 18th birthday party. I knew this was going to be bad. Caroline, who was known around town as a nymphomaniac anyway, was turning 18 a was free of her parents to run around town all the time. I told Nicky she would be pregnant in no-time. Little did I know how true this was. We went to the birthday party and it was the typical parent oriented 18th birthday party. Her parents were very conservative so everyone just set around talking about Caroline's childhood, reflecting on the 'good ole days.' Well it was time for all the guests to leave the 'party' since is was dead within an hour after it started. Being the birthday girl's sister Nicky had gotten Caroline something from the 'city' and had to wait to be alone with Caroline to give it to her since her parents wouldn't approve. When the parents went outside to clean up the grill and the porch Nicky presented Caroline with her gift from us in a box with a clear lid. It was more of a joke then a serious gift but from the look on Nicky's face when she looked inside the clear lid I could tell we had hit the spot with that gift. In side the box was a 7 inch black dildo with a girth about 2.5 inches. It had the realistic feeling skin and balls that moved in the sack, and a suction cup base for mounting on a chair, wall, or any smooth service. I could see Caroline getting a little worked up as her breathing became raspy and she crossed her legs. And in the back of my mind I wanted to see her use it on herself. She rushed it off to her room so that her parents wouldn't find it and lecture her and us on recieving/buying that gift.

Well my in-laws talked me and my wife into staying the night in their spare bedroom instead of driving home that night. The put us in the room right across the wall from Caroline's bedroom. Well I had been horny since we had given the dildo to Caroline to when we got to bed I need some sex. Well I playfully stripped off my clothes for my wife and she was horny almost immediatly, not because of my ripped body(I don't have a ripped body) but because of what was between my legs. Since i had been horny all afternoon my member had grown to almost fully stimulated size. She looked wide eyed at it and told me to put it in her waiting body. Usually she has to lick it to get it slick enough to penetrate but not tonight she wanted it hard and rough. I popped it in her waiting body and she buried her face in my shoulder as not to let her sister and parents hear us. Soon she forgot all about the noise as she was screaming things that made me ready to explode. But i held back i wasn't ready to unload my loins yet. She went on....
"Yes baby your so big..."
"Your hitting that spot...don't stop"
"Baby i want you to come in me tonight"

I don't like to come in her for the fear of pregnancy, I like kids but not yet, but her screams and one last body wrenching orgasm had me read to blow. So she grabbed my butt cheeks with a strength I didn't know she had and made me cum inside her waiting belly. I unloaded a large load in her and collapsed on the bed beside her. I looked at the clock and noticed that our little romp had lasted almost and hour. When I looked back at my wife she was sound asleep and already snoring. I had wore her out. 

I decided i need something to drink and maybe some TV time so I decided I would go down to the basement so I didn't bother anyone else. When I quietly opened the spare bedroom's door I could see Caroline's door was cracked. I couldn't resist the urge to look in there at the partially naked body of my now 18 sister-in-law. But imagine my surprise when I looked in the door and seen her stradling her walnut makeup chair up against the wall that separated the two rooms. About the time I figured out what i was looking at she seen me out of the corner of her eye and looked up. Our eyes met, and as if pleased with her self but also embarressed, she smiled a wicked little smile and covered herself up in one smooth motion. By the time she was covered up I had looked away, already turned on again by the site of her small body setting on the large dildo and be the thought that she liked me seeing her doing it. Needless to say I went back to bed and laid there thinking about what I had just saw and fantasizing about it too. A very muted i could here her achieve orgasm after orgasm riding that large dildo. I went to sleep very horny but yet satisfied with myself that I didn't indulge in something very bad, like going in the room and helping her with the dildo. 

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Me and my wife left the house the next day pretty at around noon. Of course I was stalling to see her sister this morning and see what she had to say(in private or course). When her sister sauntered into the room she looked like she was hungover yet in a joyfull since of satisfaction too. I figure she didn't get much sleep and was kept awake by the present. Which explained the clashing looks on her face and the way she carried her self.

Nicky and I went home and talked about the weekend, of course I didn't mention what I had seen. I did mention however that it seemed that her sister like the gift and if her appearance this morning signaled anything she REALLY liked it. We both laughed and went on with our day. That night my Caroline called Nicky on the cell phone and asked if she could come up and stay a week since she had quite a bit of birthday money and she wanted to go to the mall that was in our small city. Nicky asked me if it was okay. Thoughts came crashing down in my mind, like this is going to be really akward and other things but I was too curious to say no. So I said whatever you want dear. Caroline drove up the next day to stay for a week. Me and my wife both work but she works different hours than I do so we send some part of the day alone. It just so happens I work from 6:00 AM to 12:00 PM doing odd jobs for my employer. She works 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM so that means there are 6 hours there that I have to find something to do during the day, everyday. Well little did I know that I already had my 6 hours already planned out by Caroline.

When I got home on that first monday I walked into my living room and herad a distinctive moaning that only comes from a woman while she is either having sex or masturbating. My brain was swimming around my head: should I go into my bedroom knowing what I was going to find or should I quietly walk back out the door and come back in while slamming it to let her know i was here. Well I decided to go back to bedroom against my better judgement. Well when I got there my jaw must have hit the floor because Caroline was laying back on our bed(mine and my wife's) she had the large dildo that we got her showed deep inside her all the way up to the fake balls. And in her other hand she had my wife's dildo which was a little thinner but a little bit longer than the "gift", shoved in her mouth sucking it like she would her boyfriend. I felt my pants get tight against my member and realized that I was VERY hard. She shook right there on the bed like there was a bad earthquake but it was a bed rocking orgasm. She slowed down on the trusting alittle bit and looked up surprised to see me.

When she seen me her eyes met mine and then followed my body down to my hard member that was bulging out of my jeans. When her eyes came to rest upon the bulge she licked her lips as to say “That looks good.” Well I lost it from there I honestly tried to leave the room but she had this way about her that wouldn’t let me leave. She used the old line that is so over used by everyone, “Well you’ve seen mine I want to see yours.” Well she had a point so I slowly unbuttoned the button on my jeans and unzipped the zipper. By this time she had the large dildo out of her and was rubbing her clit with it. She was getting herself all worked up already and at the same time turning me on immensely. When I got my jeans off she got off the bed and came to me. She didn’t wait for me to get to the bed she started stroking my member through my boxers with one hand and was playing with herself with her other. I was extremely turned on by the time she pulled my member out and yanked off my boxers. I was hard as a rock and I was bigger than I had ever been. I don’t know if it was the excitement of getting sucked by my wife’s very able sister or just the fact that this was something new, but I was extremely turned on. In a matter of seconds from the time she had my boxers off until she was sucking on it I was ready to empty my load in her mouth. She was showing me why she was one of the most popular girls in high school. And now that she was 18 and out of high school the many people would enjoy her presence because of her skills. She worked her hand and mouth around my stiffened member while she tugged gently on my balls in a rhythmic motion. I was loving it. 

She sensed that I was getting ready to cum because I almost quite breathing. What she did next felt better than anything I’ve ever felt before. She deep throated my rock hard member down to the balls and started licking my balls while my head was buried deep in the back of her throat. That felt so good I could barely even feel her rubbing my butt hole with her other hand. The deep throat with the ball licking was all I needed to cum. A huge explosion in my manhood signaled the arrival of my hot cum. I had a lot of cum it seemed and when it hit the back of her throat she went wide eyed and almost gagged but gathered her composure almost instantly and went to work tugging my balls while moving her whole mouth the length ,from tip to balls, of my member. I squirted another few good squirts of my hot sticky liquid and these squirts found a resting place on the her cheeks. I felt drained by the blow job I had just received. My member went semi-limp for a few seconds but when I looked down at her and she licked the cum off her fingers that she had wiped off her cheeks and swallowed it I went hard in an instant. She looked down and said, “Are you ready for some more?” I needed more I could feel the sexual pressure building up again in my ball sack and had to relieve it. She led me to the bed by pulling on my hard member leading my like a dog on a leash. When we got there she laid back and pulled my short hair until my mouth was a few inches from her hot wet hole. 

Without any hesitation I stuck my tongue as deep into her as I could go with out hurting her with my teeth. She screamed in delight. I ate her good for 10 or 15 minutes that seemed to last forever because I was enjoying my self so much. When I got done I could tell I had done my job because her hair was a mess, the bed was soaked from her juices, and my face was very wet from her juices. Her clit was swollen up and puffy because she was so turned on so I bent down and flicked it a few times with my tongue and slipped a two fingers inside her and she was loving it again. It didn’t take long before she was having another earth shaking orgasm. I noticed every time my finger was accidentally bush her butt hole that she would moan a little bit extra. So I licked my ring finger and while I was using my index and middle finger on her I used the ring finger on her butt hole. 

That I found out was her “bread and butter” she bucked like a wild stallion and it was all I could do to keep my fingers in her. She loved it. She would press against my hand wishing me deeper in both holes that it would hurt my hand. She was in the middle of another orgasm when I heard a car door slam which meant Nicky my wife was home early from work. My mind started racing since I was butt naked on OUR bed with HER sister. I quickly withdrew my fingers from Caroline told her to get dressed and act like she was asleep, that way she could use the sleeping because she didn’t feel good excuse for her rough appearance. I threw my clothes on and ran to the bathroom just in time to hear the front door of our house open. 

More on this story later.

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