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The night I got bust by my stepdaughter

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

My wife had gone away for a few weeks holiday so i had the house all to myself or so i thought, my 26yo stepdaughter came home for a visit , she is a beautiful young lady great figure .

she had organized to go out for the night with the girls and wasn't expecting to come home at all for the night, so i decided to settle in for the night to watch some porn on the telly in the longue room , i settled in with a few drink stripped naked and started watching some porn , i was soon very hard and started to play with my hard cock .

I was so intent on what i was doing that i didn't hear the front door open then close or hear nadia walking up the hallway.

With a start i realized that she was standing there watching me masturbate my self , i jumped up in shock and grabbed for my pants to pull them on again fast.

Before i got that far she had walked over to me put her hand on my shoulder and told me to relax don't worry and that she didn't mind watching me playing, she said that she found it a turn on watching me masturbate and thaat it was rather exciting me being her stepfather and very naughty .

She pushed me back down on the lounge again and sat beside me to watch as i started playing with my hard cock once again, i lay back and started enjoying having her watch me aa i was playing i asked her if she wanted to join me naked as well, she got up went too the bathroom and after a while came back out wearing only a towel wrapped around her naked body my cock leapt with excitement as she slowly walked over in front of me , turned her back to me and dropped her towel to the floor , my dream had come true my beautiful stepdaughter was standing naked in front of me.

I reached out with my hands and run them over her flawless smooth skin over her cute ass and up her waist pulling her backward a little so that i could run my hands round her waist and up over her beautiful breasts feeling her nipples harden as i did so, mmm what a dream come true for me , I pulled her down onto my lap my hard cock against her ass , she slowly moved her ass against my hard cock teasing me and she reached down and touched my cock with her long fingers.

Then she moved of my lap and between my legs holding my cock in her hand and started teasing the head of my cock with her tongue then her lips moved over the head as she took my hard cock in her mouth and slowly started sucking my cock , i was in heaven something that i never thought would ever come true but it was happening and it felt so awesome.

It wasn't long before i felt my balls tighten and i was about to explode in my stepdaughters mouth , i told her i was about to cum but she kept sucking till i could not hold off any longer and explode pumping my hot cum into and filling her mouth as she continued sucking and swallowing my cum .

She grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the chair and she sat down and opened her legs wide for me , what a beautiful view seeing her beautiful shaven pussy for the first time , she ran her hands over her breasts teasing her nipples pinching then pulling them till they were very hard for me , then she ran her hand down to her pussy and pulled her lips open and asked if i wanted to eat her .

I was soon between her thighs my fingers exploring her sweet young pussy playing with her clit and inner lips before entering her with 2 of my fingers pushing up inside her hot juicy pussy just enjoying fingering her and being inside her , i soon moved my head down between her legs and started slowly licking her sweet pussy over her clit her inner lips her opening teasing her them pushing my tongue as far up inside hair as i could tongue fucking her tasting her sweet juices as my thumb rubbed her hard clit .

Then she started moaning and rubbing her pussy harder up against my face , then she screamed and shuddered as i felt her pussy muscles tighten on my tongue and felt her warm cum flood down over my tongue and mouth i loved having her cum and the taste of her cum in my mouth.

we lay in each others arms for a while longer kissing caressing each other and just enjoying each others naked body before we had a shower together but that is another story for later.

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