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The neighbors wife.

(Part 1 from 1)

When I was working as an apartment manager, I would often have to do repairs while tenants were at home.

On one occasion I had to replace a light fixture on the ceiling the lady of the house was home on a personal day. She let me into the apartment and I set up my ladder, and was opening the new fixture box, when I noticed she was watching my every move.

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I climbed the ladder to remove the old fixture, and the ladder wobbled a little. She grabbed it to steady it. Not soon after I felt something tugging at my jeans, when suddenly my jeans dropped to my ankles. My crotch was at her face level when she grabbed my penis and put it in her mouth. In a matter of seconds I was hard as a rock as she sucked on the head of my penis.

She then started to lick my shaft and tease the opening of my penis with her tongue, when she suddenly took it all in. I could feel the back of her throat contracting around the head of my penis. She moved her head up and down on my penis, while playing with my balls. I started to feel the boiling sensation of my cum starting to rise. I told her I was about to cum when she took the thing in her throat. I started to cum in what felt like buckets. She took it all, and when I stopped pulsating she withdrew my penis and licked the head clean.

She just smiled at me and went about her daily chores. I pulled my pants up, and finished what I had started. Before I left I asked her if there was anything else broken in their apartment. She said no, but would call if anything came up.

Over the next year she would call me once a week with a simple problem, and of course I would go and fix it, and she would give me a blowjob every time. No other type of sex, just a fantastic blowjob

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