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The locker room

(Part 1 from 1)

The ball flew through the air and bounced onto the ground and rolled over to me, and I kicked it as hard as she could. The ball flew through the air past the goalie who was diving to catch it and into the goal. Next thing i knew i was buried under a pile of screaming, cheering women. i was overwhelmed, I had never had that many beautiful women on top of me at one time. i pushed away the thought and cheered along with the rest of the girls, and new state champions. Weíd had just won the state championship, and would be going to the national high school soccer championship. 

i vaguely remembered hoisting the trophy up above my head as the team danced around me cheering. This was the first time the team had ever been state champions. I could see the couch was crying, sheíd been waiting for this for at least the past twenty years. I walked over to the couch and handed her the trophy, next thing I knew she hugged me tightly, gave me a big kiss on the lips and started jumping around madly cheering with the rest of the team. Again I was caught of guard as the rest of the team picked me up on their shoulders, along with the couch. They carried us around the field once and then sat us down. 

Iíd never been so happy in my life. I had totally forgotten about what the couch had just done. I was to busy celebrating to think about it. it seemed that the celebration would go on forever. I saw my parents at the edge of the throng watching, I waved at them and they waved back. I started to move in their direction, but was swamped by members of the team again, hugging me, congratulating me, and occasionally kissing me. but I couldnít care less, I was having the time of my life. Then the most stunning thing happened to me. jessica albin came up to me, she was the hottest girl at school, and I had had a crush on her for years, but unfortunatly she was straight. The sight of her made me stagger, and suddenly the most exciting thing that had ever happened to me occurred. Jessica grabbed me about the waist and pulled me to her. she said something but I couldnít hear it, I was to shocked by her closeness the feel of her form pressed up against mine. it made me want to run and stay at the same time. Then she kissed me, hard, and passionately. The feel of her soft lips pressed up against mine was like fire, I felt her tongue slid inside my mouth and I realized that this wasnít just a friendly congradulatory kiss. but an actual kiss, I felt her hands on my ass and she pulled me closer to her. I felt my arms come up and wrap around her almost as though they had a mind of their own. Then as soon as it had started it stopped, she stepped back, and looked at me. the look on her face was one of disbelief and something I couldnít place. Then before I could do anything she ran. I started to follow her, but I lost her in the crowd. I didnít know what to thing. Had she just actually meant the kiss, or had she just lost it in the fray of the celebration. 

An couple of hours later, after the big party in the school gymnasium, almost everyone had left. I hadnt seen jessica since the kiss on the field, no one had seemed to notice, or if they had no one had seemed to care. I knew my parents hadnt known who I was kissing. They had asked me who the boy was that I had been kissing, jessica was taller then me, and had her hair cut short, in an almost boyish fashion, but still it left everyone drooling over her. they had appearently only seen the kiss from behind me, and not realized that it was a girl. I wasnít about to tell them, so I put on the shy act and they gave up. 

I told them to go home, I was going to walk, it was only two miles from the school to my house, I had my bike and could get home in about twenty minutes. I realized that I was still in my uniform. I had been helping clean up, and had told the last couple there that I would lock up. both my parents worked at the high school and so they had given me a key. Everyone knew I could be trusted and I was often the last person to go home after practice so I often locked up after school. 

I went around, and locked all the doors but the front door and the one emergency door which was always left unlocked. It was hidden behind the maintenece shed and only the faculty and me knew about it. it was in case of emergency, or for someone who needed to get in after hours and had lost their key. After locking the other doors I went too the locker room to change. 
I stripped down completely, knowing I was the only one in the building at this time. I grabbed a towel and walked to the hot tub. The school had nice facilities, it was a private academy. I grabbed my cell phone, keys, and wallet just in case I wasnít alone. I was a very weary person. 

I walked around the corner and paused, someone was in the hot tub already, they had their back to me, but there was no mistaking that short black hair. It was jessica, and she was asleep by the look of it. self consciously I wrapped my towel around me, and set my phone, keys, and wallet on a nearby bench, careful not to make any noise. I crept over to the side of the hot tub a little ways away from her and looked to see if she was really asleep, she was also the best actor in the school drama class. But I was sure she was asleep. I realized that she was also naked, she had the most beautiful body I had ever seen. her breasts were small, and perfectly round, her body was thin and muscular, her skin was pale and flawless, and her pussy was shaved. I found the sight very arousing, and I realized that I was staring and probably had been for the past few minutes.

I gulped, and silently slipped into the hot tub, making barely a ripple, I had perfected this art long ago, I was good at sneaking up on my little brother in the water and knew how to move almost soundlessly through the water. I didnít know what I was doing, I only thought I knew what I was planning to do. something I had only dreamed about doing, while I masturbated. But I was nervous, and I almost decided against it, I paused only a foot from her, and I almost decided to get out of the tub and leave. But I was this close now, I couldnít wimp out, I would never get a chance like this again. I took a deep breath and let it out, then I sat down next to her. I reached out, but paused and pulled back, it took me a couple of tries before I could do it. I reached out and gently wrapped my arm around her, pulling her closer to me. I felt her stir in my arms and she turned towards me. those beautiful green eyes fluttered open and stared at me for a second, a look of confusion, recalection, and then shock crossed her face. her eyes widened and she tensed looking at me with a look of fear and I realized that she was blushing. Jessica albin shy? But that was impossible, she was about the most forward girl at the school and I had never seen her nervous or uneasy about anything. I knew that there was no turning back now. she started to try and move away from me, her hands coming up to cover herself accidently brushed against my breasts. That shocked me into action, I leaned forward and kissed her quickly almost timidly, pulling back almost instantly again, but not to far, then I kissed her again and again, I felt her begin to shake in my grip, and then she started responding to my kisses. 

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I kissed her again and this time I didnít pull back. she was trembling in my arms now and her breath was coming in ragged gasps. I gently pulled her to me and I felt her arms wrap around me tightly, as her kisses became more and more desperate. I was becoming increasingly aroused by the feel of her breasts pressed against mine, the feel of her lips pressed against mine was like liquid fire. I pulled back from the kiss leaving her gasping for breath, and I began kissing the smooth skin of her neck and the side of her face. I nibbled on her ear and kissed her neck. She was moaning her back arched as she pressed her trembling form up against mine. I slid my leg up between her and pressed it against her pussy, she moaned and shook her head from side to side. She was almost completely out of the water. I bent down and gently took one of her nipples in my mouth. she gasped and I began sucking her nipple. I reached up with my other hand and began massaging her breasts. I placed my other hand on her back and used it to keep her from falling over backwards. She was now sitting on my lap her pussy rubbing against my stomach. Her cries were becoming even more desperate and I looked up at her while suck on her tit, she was bitting her lip, her face screwed up in pleasure. suddenly she was bucking against me as an orgasm ripped through her. she cried out as she thrashed about wildly, she had lost all control. I held onto her tightly as she came over and over again and then fell forward her head resting against my shoulder. I held her and gently stroked her back, she sat up and looked me in the face.

"did that really just happen?" she said in disbelief
"youíd better believe it or else Iíll have to do it again" I said with a small smile.

"I donít believe it" she said with a grin, and kissed me. I had warned her, I kissed her back and lifted her up, setting her on the edge of the hot tub and spreading her legs. Her pussy was beautiful, it made me jealous, and I was going to make her pay for having such a nice pussy. I slid between her legs and began kissing her thighs, she let out a light moan and tried to close her legs, I laughed and held them open and I began slowly kissing my way down towards her pussy. she was trembling again and leaned back against the wall that was next to the hot tub. I began kissing the edges of her pussy. the smell was almost intoxicating. I ran my tongue along the edge of her pussy, enjoying the sounds of pleasure she was emitting. I jabbed at her pussy with my tongue and she let out a little yelp I smiled, and saw her look at me and bite her lip in anticipation of what she knew was coming. But she wasnít nearly prepared enough. As I plunged my tongue into her pussy and began french kissing her love tunnel. she tasted better than I had imagined. I heard her moans becoming louder and louder rising in pitch as I ate her out. she wrapped her legs around me and grabbed onto my head pressing her further in her pussy. I obliged her and stepped up my pace. 

Her pussy was absolutely gushing with juices and I was like a girl who had been wondering in a desert for a year. I tried to get every last drop of it and I felt her pussy begin to spasm and clamp onto my tongue as the first orgasm hit her, her juices poured out of her into my mouth and I kept going even though she tried to get away, I was driving her up the wall with pleasure, literally. She was now sitting on my shoulders and screaming out as I continued to eat out her beautiful pussy. I didnít stop until she began crying and screaming at me to stop. I pulled back and let her slide down onto my lap. she collapsed against me panting and crying in pleasure. I smiled and held her tightly as she trembled. Once her trembling had subsided I kissed her on the for head and smiled, I realized that she had passed out. smiling I gently slipped out from under her, propping her up so that she wouldnít slip under the water, I got out of the hot tub and walked over to the bench where I had left my phone. I picked it up and called my parents. I told them that Iíd met up with some of the girls from the team and that we were gonna go out and party for awhile. I told them Iíd be home in the morning and hung up, despite my parentís protests. I turned off my cell phone just in case they decided to try and stop me. I jumped as I felt slender arms wrap around me, and begin to massage my breasts. 

"babe come back to the tub" I heard the all to familiar voice say. I turned around in jessicaís arms and kissed her. she kissed me back and pulled me towards the tub. she grabbed me and sat me on the edge of the pool. She stepped back and stared at me.

"youíre more beautiful than I had imagined" she said smiling as she knelt down and spread my legs. I felt her gently stroke my pussy with one finger as she kissed my thighs. I moaned as she slid her fingerís along my cleft. Then she slipped one finger inside me and wiggled it around. I moaned and arched my back a bit, I hadnt expected it to be this good. she dragged her finger slowly out of my pussy and brought it up to her lips. Making me watch her lick the juices off of it. she licked her lips, with a hungry look on her face. I felt her insert two fingers into my pussy and she began pumping, I moaned loudly and pressed my hips forward. I was quickly losing control of myself. I was bucking against her hand and she smiled as she bent down between my legs. I felt her tongue flickering over my pussy as she pumped her fingers in and out of me as hard and as fast as she could. I vaguely heard myself yelping in pleasure. the pleasure was excrutiating, almost blinding. I now knew what she had gone through when I had done this to her. I suddenly felt her tongue flicker over my clit, I jumped at the contact. The pleasure was almost to much, I knew it would only get better. 

"oh you like that do you?" I heard her say. I felt her tongue flick my clit again and I screamed, then I felt her lips surround my clit as she gently sucked it into her mouth, gently pulling on it with her teeth, as she flickered her tongue vigorously over the top of my clit. I was lost from that point on in blinding waves of pleasure. I must have been screaming and thrashing madly. I couldnít take much more, but she didnít stop there. in fact she doubled her efforts, and again I was lost in the ocean of pleasure. It was to much, I couldnít take it any more. I vaguely remember trying feebly to push her away. 

When I regained conciousness I was laying in her arms. She was kissing my forhead and rocking me back and forth like a child. I tried to say something but I was too tired, I moved and gasped as my pussy spasmed when it brushed against my leg, how many times had she eaten me? I moaned lightly and curled up against her. I felt her stroke my hair and smile. 

"ready for round two, this time its on me, I have a nice little apartment, where I can eat you out as much as I want without the risk of being caught" she said with a smile and picking me up.

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