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The life style Part 1

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

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Winson was 28, supposed to be happily married. Although his wife Merlin was sweet and understanding, there was a lot that was lacking in his sex life. His wife could not satisfy his strong sex-urge.

Yes, he was unfaithful to his wife. But all his flings were casual. "I cannot help myself," he reasoned, "I know I am over-sexed. I am like an addict, needing the daily fix." He needed variety and he indulged in all kinds of sex acts regularly, including gay sex, to satisfy his insatiable sex-drive. That was his secret life. From the time of his high school days, he knew he was bi. He loved sucking on long, hard, thick ones. He loved the taste of cum in his mouth; to feel it running down his face. It also felt great to be sucked by a guy, much better than a blow-job by the female mouth.

His mother, Manela, was only 19 when Winson was born out-of-wedlock. He never knew who his father was and never wanted to find out. His mother gave him a lot of love when growing up and that was all he wanted. She married his step-father Andrew when Winson was three years old. He simply ignored him and still does. And Winson cared less. Andrew was a workaholic and it appeared his first and perhaps only love was his work. He provided for his wife and step-son a comfortable home and a good lifestyle. So, Manela stuck-on to him but found sexual fulfillment outside marriage.

Manela was an attractive woman. Her 38" breasts, with a slim waist and wide sexy hips made her irresistible to hot-blooded men, including her own son Winson. As a teenager he used to spy on his mother through a slit in the bathroom door while she showered. His eyes were always fixed on her huge sexy boobs, while he vigorously rubbed his erect rod while watching his naked mother. Manela always wore figure-hugging, low cut dresses. Winson used to make it a habit to rub against her tempting round boobs, making it look like it was accidental.

Yes, Winson found his mother sexually attractive and fantasized seducing her and fucking her. But they have remained only fantasies..

One day Manela unexpectedly called Winson on a Sunday night. "Hello darling, it's me," she said. "Mom, are you OK, your voice is blurred. Have you been drinking," Winson asked. "Well, yes. But I am not drunk. I can still think. Andrew is out of town on some business matter; his been away for 10 days and as usual I am all alone. Can you come over to spend the night with me," she cooed, "I need some one to talk to. Otherwise I think I will go mad."

In fifteen minutes Winson was at his mother's door step. Merlin never made a fuss when he told her that he was going to his mother's place, which was close-by. She knew how much Winson cared for his mother.

Manela opened the door and hugged her son closely. Mother and son were very close. Her long dark hair was disheveled and her face was flushed. She was wearing a light blue shirt reaching up to her knees and it was obvious there was nothing underneath. The top buttons of the shirt were undone up to the point where her breasts parted. Winson sneaked a glance at her as she bent to sit down, exposing her huge hanging boobs under the shirt. He found that he was getting a hard-on. He was wearing a pair of long shorts and a T-shirt, as it was summer and rather warm even in the evening.

Winson crossed his legs, one on top of the other, as he did not want his mother to see the bulge between his legs, as he sat opposite her. Manela's shirt had climbed up when she sat down, exposing well-rounded creamy, long sexymeat thighs. She was bare-footed. Manela sat back comfortably, with her feet slightly apart, she did not cross them, and started running her hand through her long hair, while sipping her drink.

Winson's pulse was raising and he found it difficult concentrating on what she was telling. He kept a hand between his legs covering his erection that was becoming more pronounced.

Winson wanted to fuck his own mother, really hard, right now. He wanted his thick cock to be griped inside his mother's juicy hole he want to feel the heat of his mothers pussy. The urge was difficult to control.

A while later, while they were talking about some trivial stuff, Manela suddenly said " Winson, darling, why don't you come sit next to me. Your mother needs to feel the strong arms of a young man around her." Winson obeyed and sat close to her, with a protective arm around her shoulders. She then rested her head on his chest. "Mmmm, your chest is so hairy," she mumbled, glancing at the black curly hairs that were spilling out of the opening of his T-shirt. "Do you like hairy men, Mum," he asked teasingly. "Very much, darling," she said while resting one hand on his thigh.

Winson started rubbing the back of his mother's neck with his fingers. "Mmmm, that feels good," she whispered with her eyes closed "Go on, don't stop." This was the first time he has given his mother a massage and it sent an excited shiver down his body. The stiff rod between his legs was waiting to jut out. Winson's fingers moved to her shoulders and he started massaging them gently. Manela lifted her head and looked straight into her son's eyes. He could see the longing in her eyes.

"Kiss me Winson," she simply said. Suddenly something snapped inside him. He took his mother in his arms and started kissing her. The way two lovers do. Manela put her arms around his neck and pulled his head towards her, while they greedily sucked each others full lips.

"Oh, Winson darling, don't stop," she whispered between hungry kisses. His probing hand moved towards her shirt-covered huge boobs. He started rubbing them and squeezing them, really hard, while still kissing. "Ahhhh" she gasped. One hand then moved down to her silky smooth thighs and then between his mother's hot legs. He touched her cunt the most everlasting heaven feels enterance, it was very wet.

"I want to fuck you Mom," he whispered. "Oh darling, fuck me, fuck me really hard. I am like a bitch in heat" she moaned. He raised her off the ground and carried her to the bed room and placed her on the bed. He pulled open her shirt. She was stark naked. He stared at her huge boobs jutting up and then his eyes move to her cunt, which was covered with thick long black hair. He loved hairy pussies. He wondered why women ever shaved.

Manela opened her legs wide, fully exposing her juicy, hairy hole to her own son. She had a large hole. "Do you like it, my baby," she asked glancing down between her son's thighs. His rod was near to bursting point, waiting to jump out of his pants. "I love it. I always dreamt of fucking you Mom," he said while ripping off his pants and shirt.

She gasped when he stood beside her naked, legs apart, with his huge erection. Her son's rod was more than 7" inches long and very thick. "Oh honey, I never imagined it was so huge," Manela moaned while she sat on the edge of the bed and gasped his rock hard rod. She rubbed it all over between her palms and then took it all into her mouth. She greedily sucked his hard rod and balls. Winson was softly moaning, eyes half-closed, while he gasped Manela's head and pushed her mouth in and out of his rod. The sensation of having his sexy mother sucking his erect rod intensified his pleasure.

He roughly pushed his mother down on to the bed, spread open her legs and knelt between her legs and plunged his hot rod into her juicy cunt. "Ahhhhhhh," she moaned, "fuck me, fuck me hard."

Winson fucked his mother like a wild animal. He raised her legs high up and placed them on his shoulders, while she yelled "fuck me, you bastard, fuck harder, faster, faster, you fucker...ahhhhhhh, don't stop, ahhhhhh, harder you bastard."

Winson's hungry rod slammed into his mother's wet hole, non stop, up and down, up and down, harder, harder, faster, faster....after a few minutes he took his throbbing rod out and pulled his mother into a kneeling positing and entered her from behind and started fucking her doggie-style, pulling hard at her long hair with one hand and gasping her huge, hanging boobs with the other. "Rub you clit, you slut," he shouted hoarsely as his mother's hand moved at lightning speed on her erect clit.

"Fuck your horny bitch...fuck harder, harder, don't stop...ahhhhhhh," she yelled while he fucked his mother as he had not fucked anyone before. He suddenly started slamming his hips, faster, faster, up and down up and down inside her wet hole, faster, faster.. ahhhhhhh finally the release. They both yelled in bliss, eyes closed, while Winson's hot cum gushed into his mother's wet hole the Incest cream filled her sweet pussy.

"Thank you, darling, I needed it so much," she said, satisfied. "Its the best fuck I had in all my life," he told her as they lay in each others arms, hugging, like two lovers who have been together for a long time.

Manela told her son about how difficult it was for her to control her sex urge. About the lovers she had before. About how she secretly lusted for her big handsome son. He told her about his sexual attraction towards her, from the time he was a young boy. They were comfortable talking openly about how they felt about each other.

Winson later called his wife and said he needed to spend the night with his mother, as she was not feeling well. It was fine with her, as usual.

Mother and son fucked throughout the night they two are fully enjoyed the Incest paradise feels in every directions. It was wild, uninhibited, animal sex. At one time she was on top of him, riding his huge rod, like a possessed woman, while he pulled and gasped her huge hanging boobs. He rammed into her holes in all the positions he could think of. He fucked her ass, her mouth, her wet cunt hole, between her huge boobs, on and on.

Their lust and longing towards each other was insatiable. Winson knew he no longer had to go in search of sexual variety. Finally, he found a woman, his own mother, whose sex-drive matched his. He has found his ideal partner for life at last.

Read Part 2 to find out about the kinky lifestyle of Mother and Son.

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