The hot girl from the bus

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I had never missed my bus since I first saw her. It had become my primary motivation to get up on time, that when I'd catch the right bus, she'd be in there, too.

She was a tall blonde beauty, with a pretty face and a smoking hot body. She was probably about nineteen, since she looked quite young but she got off at the university so she couldn't be much younger than that - which I was quite happy about, because I'd have felt a little weird masturbating to her otherwise. And that I did, every day. I didn't need to imagine her naked or anything, the memories of her actual look were enough. And that was because she seemed to really, really like showing off her hot body.

The most modest thing I had ever seen her in were normal-cut jeans with a longish crop top, the only time I could see neither her bellybutton nor her hip bones. Still a bit of bare midriff, though, or it would not I've been her, I suppose.

Usually she combined that top with low waist jeans, or she wore a far knotted-up shirt. Sometimes both. Sometimes she even sported some super short hot pants, and when she wore those with her (and my!) favorite top, it was the closest you ever get to seeing a naked girl on public transport.

Every morning, I'd get on the bus and go to the very back where she always was. I had no idea where she got on, but probably a few stations before mine because she always had a seat. At my station, you had to be lucky to find one, and usually I stood anyway to get a better view of her. I hoped she wouldn't notice, and she didn't seem to, until one Monday after about two weeks, she wasn't there. I was frustrated and started looking for a seat, so I got to the front of the bus and there she was. Whatever reason had made her sit in the front this time, I didn't care but I stood close, again in a place where I could see her perfectly. Once again, she was showing wonderful amounts of skin, wearing her shortest top and some nice, low jeans. I was so absorbed by the sexy view that I didn't even realize I was standing between three empty seats. Quite obviously, I was ignoring them because I had to face the other direction...

The next day, she was in the center.

Wednesday, in the back again. I was where she was. On Thursday, she was in the front, and when I arrived there, she seemed to wink at me. Had she really? I didn't know, and I didn't know if I hoped she had or she hadn't.

On Friday, she wasn't there. I had become so obsessed that I got off at the first stop, waiting for the next bus in the hope she'd just be late. When the bus arrived, I got on right in the back where I expected her most, and didn't believe my eyes when she was actually there.
"Hi", she said.
I was shocked. Did she mean me?
"You've been a bit obvious lately."

Shit. Yes, she meant me. I'm so fucked.
"Have a seat"
She was sitting in a four-seat place and had placed her bag on the seat in facing her, which she now freed and offered to me. I still wasn't sure what was going on, but at last she didn't seem to be calling the police right on the spot. I sat down and couldn't resist from staring at her bare skin again. Her shortest shorts, a shirt knotted up right below her tits. Way more skin than cloth. She is so hot!

"...staring?" Fuck. I had spaced out despite the situation and not realized she was talking. "What?", I asked nervously.
"I asked, are you just too shy to talk or are you a little creep who prefers staring", she repeated with a grin. "Come on, be honest".

The panic and horniness together were blocking my brain. I tried to look at her eyes but didn't manage better than her chin when I stammered "Maybe a bit of both..."

She laughed. I didn't believe it, she laughed. Not mockingly, not fake, she sounded so good and fresh and relieving that my panic vanished on the spot. The horniness stayed, and I caught myself lowering my glance again. When she finished laughing, she talked again. "Hey, I have to get off next stop. Just tell me, what bus do you take back home?" I looked at her face, blankly, and didn't manage more than a funny sound. She grinned again, "When will your bus be here at uni?"

I was somehow able to pronounce "five-seventeen I think", with my brain collapsing under the implications in her question. The bus stopped.
"Fine, I'll get on that bus then. Later!", she winked and hasted through the door before it closed again. I sat there stunned.

I couldn't concentrate all day at work and I was hard most of the time. But somehow I managed not to masturbate, in the vague hope that I might need my sexual power in the evening. Feverishly I worked through the day until it was time to catch the bus I had claimed to take.
And when we stopped at uni, she actually got on. I was so excited that I forgot to greet her, I just started babbling "Are you really, I mean" - "Shh, too many people", she answered with that grin again. I never had spent much time with her face before, but now I started to adore that sexy grin. "Five stops till your station, isn't it?", she asked. "Mind if I get off there too? Or is someone expecting you?"
"Is this even real?", I babbled, and she laughed again.
"I'll show you how real", she winked.

We didn't talk the next few minutes, until we reached my stop and she actually left the bus with me. Finally no longer surrounded by people, I asked "What is this all about? I..." She interrupted me and said, "What should it be about? I caught you staring at me for weeks and you didn't seem to do anything else, so I'm pushing things, that's what it is about"
I was impressed. "Wow, you're quite direct!"
"I hear that a lot, so it's probably right", she laughed, "so will you take me to your place or what?"

I had stopped being surprised of anything by then, so I just said, no, to be honest, I almost shouted, "Yes of course!", which made her laugh again.

"Fine, let's go then", she said and put her arm around mi waist as if we hadn't just talked for the first time. I shyly tried to position my own arm so it didn't touch her, but she grabbed it with her free hand and made me put my arm around her as well. I still hesitated when my hand touched her bare skin, but where else should I put it? "Don't pretend you don't want to touch me", she teased. That was all the confirmation I needed to drop my fear. I let my hand slide down so it sat just above her waistband and started moving my fingers while we walked to my home.

As soon as we got there, she turned me around and looked me in the eyes. A deep, lusting look. "I want to have something to look at, too", she said with a suddenly very sexual voice and started unbuttoning my shirt. "Better." She threw my shirt aside and put her hands on my hip, just as I had mine on hers.

"You really like what I'm wearing, don't you?", she asked. "Yes", I replied, trying to sound as sexy as her but just sounding hoarse.
"Then you will love what I'm *not* wearing"
She took my hand and pushed tem down a bit. It slid into the back of her hot pants and I knew what she meant. I searched a bit around with my fingers, to what she reacted with a few horny sounds that made me even hornier. "Yes", I said, "I really like that". She grinned again and said, "there's more I'm not wearing, you know", while she started running her hands all over my chest.

I moved my hands up her back and under her shirt, then slowly around to the front. Her breasts were soft but firm, and her nipples rock hard.
Her hands moved down towards my pants while I started undoing the knot in her shirt. The very moment it opened and showed me her beautiful tits, her hands both went into my jeans and I couldn't help but moan.

"Do you mind If I speed this up?", she asked, and before I could try to reply, she had opened my buttons and pulled them down. "Oh yes", she moaned lustfully as she stared at my hard-on, "finally!" She took her hands off my butt just long enough to unbutton her own hotpants and hastily pulling them down, then pressed me against the wall. Her shaved pussy was amazingly wet and when she was done pulling off her pants, she touched it, gave it a few rubs, each companioned with a short moan, then she put that same hand in my face, groaning "do you know how long I didn't have anything than these fingers, over and over again? I want the real thing again, now, come on!"

With these words, she pushed me to the wall, grabbed my rock hard dick and put it inside her with a loud moan. She was exactly the right size to fuck me standing, and I didn't have trouble giving her enough movement without having to stabilize me with my hands, so I could play with her wonderful breasts that were visible between the dangling open shirt. Somehow I didn't want to remove it.

I was really horny and had been all day, so I quickly felt that I wouldn't be able to hold it any longer, but just before I thought I#d reach the point of no return, she started screaming and came hard. But she didn't stop, she just kept fucking and screaming, and when I came seconds after her, she moaned "yeeeeeeesss", followed by a high pitched "don't stop now". I almost screamed myself, as I always get super sensitive just after cumming, and she didn't slow down at all but moved faster, almost furiously, until she had a second orgasm right away. Finally she stopped, without releasing my still quite hard dick, and groaned, "aahh... ah... bedroom."

We hadn't even left the entrance area of my flat yet.

As I wanted to untangle to get to the bedroom, as she has just suggested, she said, "No!", grabbed my shoulders and put her legs around my lower back. "This way" She still sounded almost drunk as she insisted that I'd carry her into the bedroom while still inside her. After about four steps, we staggered and just fell down, partly because we didn't even bother to keep balanced. Laughing and panting on the floor, she meant "but it was worth the try, wasn't it" - "Yeah", i replied, also laughing, "would've been amazing"
"It already was amazing", she said and kissed me, "But now let's go to the bedroom. I had my quickie, the next round we'll do the slow way!"

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