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The glory hole of shemales.

(Part 1 from 1)

I walked in to a adult book store where I was heading for the glory hole in the back I have been there be for and know its safe.. I walked to the tooth I normally take and found it locked and some one was in there. So I walked to the one that had the x on the door wonder why did not hit me yet. I closed the door and popped my 20 bucks in the player and pulled my pants off I did not want cum or lube to be on them and hung them on the door. I picked anal blowjobs for the movie and lubed my self up with intent to jerk off a load be for getting a Bj I was starting to get hard when A knock on the door hello my I join you was asked It sounded like a female.

Why not with that I unlocked the door and she came in. He was tall at 6 feet and looked like a god, Long brown hair to her ass cute face, hot puffy lips and tits that had to be a double d. Hello I am Rachel may I join you in hear? Sure why not. With this her top was off and those tits I was telling you about were exposed and very nice no tan lines and huge nipples. She then removed her hair tie and started to sit next to the TV where she then asked me what I in to was.

With that she spoke out I can help you if you can help me we can be fuck buddies? Sure With this I sat down next to her I grab a hold of your dick she asked and I told her you can do any thing you like to me. She took chard of me jerking me off like no girl has ever jerked me off be for. I was harder then I ever been and I was sucking on her hard nipples of hers. He then remover her thong and spoke out now you ready for a grate surprise? Yes! fuck me in my ass but one thing do not play with my pussy and no hands I will do all the work? This was a strange request then she sad it will make her so we and was a dream of hear since she was a kid.

With this she got up and hopped on to my cock and it was a nice fit it went in like butter and I did not have to do a thing. She went up and down like child on a toy, Faster and faster I could not believe it I was so horny I was hurting my cock now throbbing she jumped off of me and sucked my cock .Oh my from her ass to her mouth this girl was hotter then anyone I ever seen sweat was running down my back and dripping off my balls. I had to remove my shirt. I told her I love her it kind of slipped out as she was licking my balls and jerking me off at the same time. She them remover her skirt and I mover my hand down to her pussy only to find a surprise that there was none. What the fuck I jumped up! She told me it was ok. No it was not ok! This was a dude. She then asked me what was wrong I was in the room with the x on the door.

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Then it hit me this was a none coed booth, Around the same time I looked over to the TV there was t dudes and a girl and they were all fucking the guys fucking each other and the girl getting her pussy licked. I was real horny still and can feel my cock hurting. She told me she can heave and told her no it was ok we can finish this I just wished I knew be for I started .And it was not her just now I am going to be called gay. She told me no it was just between us and no one would know I took a seat next to her and she started to jerk off. I dont know why but this started to make me every horny as well may be it was because her long hair and god like body was so hot. Just then as she started to get hard a cock popped through the hole it was a quite large cock around 15 inches and black. She asked me if I could get this one so she could get nice and hard.

I did so but only grabbed on to it now go on hes going to wonder why youre not doing anything and hes going to pull out and look in to find you and me. I started to jerk off this huge throbbing cock and in seconds he was Cumming in my hand his load was huge it shot all over my body and there was nothing I could do about it. He pulled out thanked me and walked away. She was now hard and wiped me down with her thong and thanked me. She asked me to fuck her ass once more why she jerked off .She got on to the ground and I to got down on to my knees I pushed her cheeks open and rammed my cock home. With this she let out a yell oh my god fuck me harder and do that more. I pulled out and pushed it in so hard it felt like I was going to break it off in side her ass. I then reached around and started to jerk her off as I was fucking her tight ass.

Then be for I knew it was Cumming hard and cum sprayed all over the floor I still in side her ass deep was pushing harder and harder she asked me to keep going and then a cock was back in the hole. She and I stopped for a second and she sad she fuck this so I pulled out and they guy herd her and pulled out of the hole seconds later this huge cock was back with a condom on and a voice was there I am going to fuck your ass. She then tried to fit this cock in her as he pushed the tip to her hole but just then she stopped and wisped in my hear her ass was to hurt from me fucking her she cant and this guy was saying just then come on!

She asked me please do this for her. I had to think I all ready sucked a cock fucked a she male why not make it strike three. I quickly lubed my ass with a fist load of lube and pressed my ass to the tip of this strangers cock his cock throbbing and very hard took no time he rammed it right in I let out a yell and she grabbed a hold of my mouth no I will have to keep this mouth quiet so not to be found out. She then pushed her semi hard cock in my mouth as I could feel this guys huge cock pushing in all the back of my ass his cock throbbing and now very hot deep inside of me the pain stopped and he started to pull out only to push it back in.

The cock in my mouth began to get larger and now she was pushing it in and out of my mouth I looking the hole time at her tits bounce all around getting harder and harder and hurting she took hold with her free had and started to pull my cock as the guy just let his cock stay in side my ass he did not move it anymore Just then I could feel his cock begin to tighten and just then he chummed in side of me. It was very hot and he pulled out she asked me was that ok and I told her yes he chummed in me and I could feel his dick and for some strange reason it made me horny, With this I was asking her to fuck me she got behind me and pushed her cock in my ass no condom it slid in with no problem and did not hurt this time.

Oh my your ass is tight she sad and pushed it in I could feel the vanes in her cock as she pushed it in and out she took hold of my cock and started to jerk me off as she fucked my ass with each push it I began to in joy it more and more wishing it would never stop just after some time I could feel the same thing she stopped and her cock throbbing up and down in my ass tighten she pulled out and just as she did I started to cum too I had to lay down it was so intense she stared to cum at the very same second I did cum was flying in the air and getting all over my body and hers it was the best ever. We took some time and kissed and I got dressed why she took care of one more cock in the hole and I asked her for her name and got her number with plans to meet her friends next week for another round at her place of all night fun.

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