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The daughter of the boss

(Part 1 from 1)

Well…… After losing my virginity not long ago, my life took a different, rather better direction!.

September it is not that busy month, comparing to the so called high season of; June, July and August In the job I m doing!. This Friday I woke up as usual. I took my espresso on my balcony watching the sunrise, I shaved after a fast shower, fresh and clean with an odeur of a cheap after shave on discount from a super market I headed up for work!.
On the way I had the same excitement I had when I first started working for the small local rent a car and touristic affair company.

When I arrived in the (Garage) so called area where the company had its 300 cars parked and standby in the back yard of the main office.
Also for the dirty little sex secrets of the boss!.

The “ Three wise monkeys” a philosophy used, practiced and given as an advice to me from the veteran tour guide “Nikos”!.
When I first started working here it was him who delighted and formed me to be discrete and good employee , as to be good employee you must be discrete! in this company. I could say that we were friends. Like….; we shared things!. We had things in common.
Type of girls in appearance, Football, Tuned cars, Football, good dj sets, Football and….. and Football!.

Straight, black, carré haircut. Deep blue eyes, that says a warm hello if they spot you!.
Little chip nose which dragged just enough the upper lip to slightly discover her tithe in a creation of a heart shaped mouth. Full lips with a pink natural color. I could see it is natural the color of her lips because they were dry, not cracked nor flaking but dry…… like……… without any lip-gloss.
Very hydrated skin, soft tent, long hands and the jean short she was wearing felt rather classy than provoking…… The aristocratic shape of her legs erased any dirty thought you might have .
I bet, the high heel sandals she had were brand new…. Everything on her seemed new and elegant. Maybe is just me! or maybe because it is very rare to see such an existence…..
The white T-shirt was gently fluttering her breasts letting them free

Not transparent but thin enough to sign that there was no bra!. One could almost feel the sensation of the feeling of a touch of her breasts only by their well illustrated shape underneath her “simple T-shirt”.
Her aura of a innocent child and fallen angel creating a magnetic field of gravity, and she is the core.
Trying not to show her effect on me while walking to the car she was next to, I trip stepped.
“Are you ok?.”

Her sweet voice made me want to stop the time, stay there were I was, and listen forever to the echo of it!.
But, as I didn’t know who that girl was, and knowing myself when I’m stressed under any kind of circumstances, My throat dries out and I lose my speech, If in case I say something it would be something stupid, senseless. So I preferred not to answer to her question.
Continuing toward her direction, Not to go to her but for the car she was next to!.
“Can I help you miss?”.
I asked this time. Ones she was unknown to me, means she was not working for the company!. So I figured she was a tourist of some kind which broad the car to the garage to show her good will.
“But damn…. such a beautiful girl….. Alone……!?.......Here!?!.”.
She gave me a smile in gesture of misunderstood and replied; “My name is Mina”.
“”Not only a beautiful girl you are, but very sexy name two….. I m Mike and I m a tour guide…I mean I work here…for this company.”.

I don’t know why I decided to try to make a compliment. What I do know is the first time I made a compliment like that it was to the girlfriend of my boss….. It didn’t went really good!.
She was a 20 year old gold digger bitch and searching for excuses to pick on whoever was around her.
Or maybe it was just the effect of the stupid compliment I just said also to Mina!?....
This time as the time before….. It just pumped out, I didn’t planed it, It came out of my mouth without my brain to order.
“What could happen that much on the end of it all I didn’t say something bad?”.
I said to myself still trying to analyze if I fucked up.

Her smile gotten bigger exposing her perfect tithe and clean pink gum and said;”Hi Mike, as I said I’m Mina and I’m the daughter of your boss… I mean you work for me!”.
The beginning of the bad end of my fairytale, as she continued to explain the reason of her appearance here.
Just took her diploma on tourism, she decided to practice in her father’s company and make some changes.
It wasn’t exactly what she said…. But though I have no degree in anything I’m not stupid… well not that much at least, not to understand somebody’s intentions.

As I was standing there and being the first one arrived she started to tell me right there under the sun her new (I want it to be) way of work. For my luck….. Nikos and all the rest employees started to arrive!.
I felt kind a realest, I didn’t feel comfortable with such a hottie, pretending to be the boss. I felt weird, more over being alone. Of course she stopped talking and waited for everybody to finish with the parking of the cars they had on possession. We were 6 guys and 3 girls working for this company every morning we gathered in the garage and the manager was spreading us according to the reservations, and deliveries of the day…., not this time!.

I knew everybody who was working here (obligation) but not being that close to anyone. Nikos though as I said we had things in comment, we were friends. We all gathered in front of the ship container modified to be the office of the mechanic of the company.
She invited us all in, not to be under the sun while introduced herself with great authority….. And we followed.
“What time do you have?” Nikos asked me and ready to modify his
“11:00 a clock” I said.

I noticed that when he asked me the time she looked at him and then at me.
“You sure…” Nikos said while reaching for his cell phone from his pocked to verify.
“It seems to me like 10:25” he said and lifted his left eyebrow.
“It is 08:25 guys….! now please all of you listen very good”.
She said with bothered voice and started the briefing of the day. Nikos and me, we had a code talk!.
It was for almost everything, but manly for girls appearance.

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By asking me what time is it, it means “what do you think of her?”. The answer is analogical. There is a note from 1 to 10.
The first number must be by judging the face and the body, and the second number it’s for the skin!.
Ones we had a thing for the skin!....this is how the time asking it was created.
I gave 10, the highest for her face and body and the maximum for the skin. To give 11:00 a clock it means that it is something like the woman of your life. Obviously he didn’t really appreciated the quality of her skin something crucial for him, so he gave 10 for the body and the face but 25 for the skin, which means 2,5. Very low point!.

I didn’t really hear a thing from her directions because it was more interesting for me the lines of her mouth, lips, eyes…. Her face!.
So when everybody got in their cars to depart, I was still checking my documents to see where I’m going and stuff. She got of her chair, as I didn’t even got up of mine she approached me and I stopped leafing.
Didn’t want to rise my head cause I knew she had something not really pleasant to tell me!.
“Mike, I won’t make a deferens till you don’t force me to!” she said with a great superiority.
Then I raised my head and looked deep in to her eyes and I realized that I’m really small in her eyes and if I wanted to keep my job I should be extremely careful!.
Whatever sexual or romantic feeling I had for her it was gone with this moment.

I love the afternoons it is rare that I finish before 21:00 or 22:00h
Today I finished at five!.... so as I was parking a car that I picked up from the airport to bring it to the garage as my last mission. I noticed that Nikos was also entering in the garage!.
He was followed by Ivan, Manos and Anthony. Though we had no further obligations no one took of!(it was rare that more than one would finish earlier then predicted) we started to chat to tell each other stories about deliveries and happenings in the work.
One thing led to another and we ended up to talk about sex.

Nikos made the first step and we followed, describing how and what we would have done to Mina!.
With my turn, I told what happened in the morning and her behavior of upcoming dictator.
That made even more excited, imagining submitting a girl of that class! more over the daughter of the boss….
“I bet she would beg for my cock if I show it to her” with a horny laughter Ivan said.

“You are not that big” with a ironical tone Anthony said.
“I’m the biggest” Nikos proudly said.
Then everybody stopped, looking at me and waiting….
“What…? You want to see my dick to believe that you are all children” I said and expecting a positive respond to my joke.
“Chicken” Nikos.
“you don’t have the balls” Ivan.

“we draw short straws” Anthony proposed knowing no one will go for such a thing willing,! And I could see that he was really in.
Then Nikos turned took from the desk behind him 4 pens from the plastic glass next to the PC screen, which had a dozen.
So he pushed forward his punch with the three narrowed chosen by him pencils.
The cream yellow with the cow shapes small stickers was shortest.
I knew that cause I saw Mina writing something with it in our morning briefing, I suppose also it was her favorite!.
Ivan took the fancy pure white color pen, Anthony the transparent with stressed pink ink and I took the simple blue one.
We all broke to laughter and started to tease Niko.” yeah, yeah, yeah bitches” he said and started to unbutton his jeans.
Indeed he had a big one.
I m a man I never had any sexual fantasies about guys but to be honest it did something to me….
I can only imagine what it would do to a woman.
Then we all followed and like children we started to measure our cocks.
As we were with pants down laughing and teasing each other……
“Have you seeing my……..pen!!!!!???”

We all froze like soldiers after making a 360 reflex turn to the direction of the voice of Mina.
So we were 4 of us lined with our erect cocks in front of the daughters boss.
“Can you please guys pull up your pants” she said with no sign of any effect on her from the view she had on us.
We did as she asked with no talking everyone took his way and tried to disappear.
“Mike…..Nikos… stay here I have a mission for you two” she said.
I had my heart going in my throat from the embarrassment.
“She have seeing me naked and now I have to face her for a briefing……” I couldn’t stop saying to myself.
She started to write something behind the desk.
Nikos and me silently were waiting for her to start her briefing of the mission she had for us.
Anthony and Manos left 15 min already and she still didn’t say a thing.
I was sitting on a chair couple of feet laterally from her desk and Nikos was standing not far from the entrance door.
She then stopped writing raised her head and said.

“Ok….you two….tomorrow you must be at the airport at 5 in the morning”.
She got up from her chair while saying that and holding the document for the mission.
She came to me as I was the nearest and gave them. After of couple of seconds of silence Nikos said ”Ok….we are ready to go” and clapped his hands.
I made a move to get up from my chair and Mina still in front of me said. ”Wait….don’t get up yet…..”.
Strange but she suddenly had a very lusty and slut look on her face.
“Before you go I want you to show it to me again….. your cocks….both of you”.
I thought I was dreaming this moment lasted forever as I saw my life passing before my eyes like if I was dying.

It was Nikos who started to unbutton his jeans without talking.
He got out his cock which was already up and started slowly to masturbate.
She licked her lips by having only her head turned to Nikos and said to me that is my turn without losing sight of his cock.
I was still on my chair and still didn’t got out my cock.
She turned to me made one step and got on her knees. Not looking at but at my swallowed pants she started to touch like if it was something very fragile and precious.
Without talking she unbuttoned me and pulled down my pants to the grown.
She pulled down my underwear two and my cock ended up in her mouth.

She started slowly to go up and down, I could see that she really loved what she was doing and she was doing it very well.
Nikos then started to walk slowly while still masturbating and fixed on the curve of her ass.
He got down on his knees, grabbed her from her hanche and dragged her toward his cock.
He then started to rub his full erect ready to explode dick upon the jean short she was wearing.
While she was sucking me she reached with one hand to her shorts and unbutton it.
Nikos saw that and pulled it down to her knees.

She was already wet but it didn’t stop him to taste her, he stuck his head between her ass chicks and started to suck on her pussy with hunger.
Her moaning was real…..though I have not a lot of experience I could see she really likes what happens.
She stopped sucking me turned her head to Nikos and said “give it to me….give it to me now” and she got my cock back in her mouth.
He didn’t wait for a second invitation he stroke his cock to stimulate and watched her pussy with desire and pushed it in her slowly.
His first couple of strokes were slow to enjoy to the maximum the feeling of penetrating her then he started on a strong and fast rhythm.
Obviously she loved it because she wasn’t sucking me the same way anymore every bit she was turning to look in the eyes of Nikos.
She suddenly got up and left Nikos on his knees and me on the chair with full erection.
And she said “ I want to taste you now”.

As she was standing she took totally of her jean short, without any other words she started to ride me and invited Nikos to her mouth.
I couldn’t believe I was inside her I couldn’t see if she likes it or not because she was giving a head to Nikos and she had her back at me but me I could hardly resist not to cum inside her.
She stopped again everything got up from me and said “I want you both inside me”.
Then Nikos got on the floor and she started to ride him.
“Come Mike there is my ass waiting for you” she said with very bitchy voice.
She licked her hand and wetted her ass.
I had never taken an ass only in a fantasy while I would masturbate
And there it was the opportunity of my life in front of me.

I went on my knees to try to find a right position to penetrate her then she grabbed with her hand my cock and showed me the way like if she have done it a dozen times.
Here we were both of us inside the ass and pussy of the daughter of the boss.
I couldn’t hold anymore my cock started to swallow I was ready to cum I slowed down my rhythm and contracted all of my body muscles.
She knew obviously what I was feeling because a moan with a smile came out of her mouth.
Nikos said “ I m going to cum let me get out”.

While moaning she said “ I want you both to cum inside me”.
We filled her up with our cum and me to I felt on the floor dead tiered.
She then got up put back her jean short and said” boys do not forget the mission….at 5 at the airport….”
And left.

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