The Business Trip 1 -- A new experience

(Part 1 from 1)
I was heading out of town on business for a week and had booked to 
arrive on Saturday since the airfare was cheaper if I stayed over Saturday 
night.  I didnít have to be in the plant until Monday morning so I had 
two days to kill. 

It was 2:30 p.m. when I arrived at my hotel room and I spent a few 
minutes browsing through the large suite my customer had rented for me.  
There was a kitchen, living area with a large TV, a bath off the living 
room, and a bedroom with private bath.  I was very pleased with the 
accommodations and called my customer at home and thanked him for the 
suite.  He asked if I would like to have dinner with he and his wife that 
night and I accepted. He said they would just meet me at the restaurant 
downstairs at around 7:00.

I sat for a few minutes and thought about the fact that I had not had 
any pussy from my wife in over six months.  Since there were both a VCR 
and DVD player in the room I decided to go out and find the raunchiest 
X-rated video I could find to watch and jerk off to later.

I got the phone book and looked up adult book stores and logged on the 
internet and found the closest address to my hotel and headed out.  I 
entered the book store and looked around at the movies and noticed a 
section on transsexuals.  I was intrigued and the clerk came up behind me 
and told me the video arcade had a couple of videos playing of each 
type if I wanted to see what they were like.  He offered me my first 5 
tokens for free so I nothing to lose.

I went through the door and looked at the movie boxes in the display 
that were currently playing.  I committed a few channels to memory and 
went into the arcade.  There were about ten booths down each side and I 
figured they were all playing the same thing so I went to one at the 
very back.  I closed and locked the door and dropped a token and started 
stepping through the channels until I got to one I wanted.  There was a 
gorgeous woman kissing a man and he was unzipping her dress.  The dress 
slid off her shoulders and revealed a beautiful pair of tits.  He 
kissed and licked her nipples as they  grew hard.  He slowly slid the dress 
over her shapely hips and it fell to the floor.  She was wearing a 
garter and stockings and had a really puffy mound under her panties.

I stood watching as my cock grew steadily harder.  I was unconsciously 
rubbing my cock through my jeans as I watched the action unfold on the 
screen.  The man worked his way down the womanís stomach and slid off 
her panties.  I froze when a huge cock dropped down between her legs.  
The man just sucked it into his mouth and proceeded to give the ladyman 
a blowjob.  As he sucked the cock grew to almost 8 inches and I 
realized I was getting extremely turned on.

I was distracted momentarily by the sound of the door in the next booth 
closing and locking.  I heard coins drop and then noticed a flash of 
light out of the corner of my eye.  I looked down and saw a hole about 3 
inches in diameter in the wall and I could see light flickering in it.  
Out of curiosity I bent down and looked through the hole and could see 
someone standing in the other booth.  He was rubbing his crotch and for 
some reason I couldnít stop looking.  He rubbed his crotch for a minute 
and then unzipped his pants and reached inside.  He played with himself 
for another minute or so and then unbuttoned his pants and pushed them 
to his knees.  I was mesmerized as he stood there with his hand in his 
briefs massaging himself.

I heard a beep and saw the display flashing and dropped another coin.  
I looked back through the hole and the man had pulled down his 
underwear and was jerking is hard cock.  It looked to be at least 7 inches long 
and I just stared as he pulled and tugged at it.  Then all of a sudden 
he turned toward the wall and I jerked back and stood up.

The movie had progressed to the point that the man was pounding his 
cock into the ladymanís ass doggie style.  Her cock was swinging between 
her legs as her asshole was being reamed by the huge cock.  

I looked back down at the hole and noticed the man was shaking his cock 
partially through the hole.  I was nervous and didnít know what to do 
as I watched it come through a little more.  The cock would come through 
and then disappear again.  Then it came all the way through and there 
was at least 8 inches of thick meat protruding through the hole.  I 
reached down and touched the head lightly and it jerked.  I slowly curled 
my fingers around it and stroked it a little.  The feeling of touching a 
warm hard cock other than my own was strange but exciting.  I moved 
around and started jerking his cock a little faster.  I could see the head 
swelling each time I stroked the skin back from it.  After only a 
minute or so I saw it swell even larger and then huge globs of jism came 
spurting out almost to the other wall of the booth.

I stroked his cock until the last drop of cum rolled out and it 
disappeared back through the hole.  I stood looking at my hand and thinking to 
myself that I had just jerked off another manís dick and it turned me 
on.  I looked through the hole again just in time to see the man spread 
his cheeks and back up against the wall.  His asshole was right there 
and I think he wanted me to fuck him.  I was intrigued but wasnít about 
to stick my bare cock into his ass.  About that time the display beeped 
again and I thought about dropping another token but decided I would go 
back out and buy a couple of condoms and then if the man was still in 
the booth I would fuck his ass.

I went back into the store and asked if he had condoms and he pointed 
at a cookie jar on the counter and said they were free and were extra 
strength.  I took four of them and he reached under the counter and 
handed me several foil packets of K-Y jelly.  I took them and looked up as 
he winked and told me to have fun.  I know my face was red as I walked 
back to the booth I had been in.  

The light was still on above the door of the next booth so I went back 
into mine and locked the door.  I dropped my remaining three tokens and 
then looked through the hole.  There was that huge cock again being 
stroked slowly.  I frantically unfastened my jeans and pushed them down to 
my ankles.  I fumbled with the condom package finally getting it torn 
open.  I rolled the condom onto my cock as I shook with excitement.  I 
had never touched another man and had never fucked anyone in the ass.  I 
had always wanted to but never found a woman willing to let me.  

I saw the hole get dark and bent down and, sure enough, there was the 
tiny puckered asshole I had seen before.  I tore the end off a packet of 
jelly and squeezed it all onto the head of my cock.  I held my cock in 
my hand as I rubbed up and down against the warm crack.  Then I pushed 
against his ass and my cockhead popped in.  I stopped momentarily 
because between my excitement and the feeling of his warm tight hole 
squeezing my cockhead I was on the verge of exploding.  I stood for a few 
seconds to let myself cool down and he squirmed around a little and I 
plunged deep into his ass until I was flat against the wall.  I canít 
describe the feeling as I pulled out a little and plunged back in.

That was all I could take.  My cock erupted as I stood flat against the 
wall and pumped my seed into him.  After the wave of pleasure had 
subsided I held the condom and pulled my shrinking cock out of his hole.  
The condom was hanging with the biggest load of jism I had ever seen.  It 
was certainly the most I had ever shot from my cock.  I slid the condom 
off and dropped it on the floor and gathered myself together and left 
the booth and the store.  I hurried to my car and rushed back to the 

I stood in the shower for at least half an hour before I even picked up 
the soap.  My heart was still racing as I started washing.  I finished 
my shower and dressed for dinner.  I sat around watching TV for the 
next hour and a half until it was
time to meet Jim for dinner.  I turned off the TV and lights and left 
to go downstairs.

I arrived in the bar at about 5 minutes 7:00 and Jim wasnít there yet.  
I put my name down for 3 in the restaurant and went into the bar and 
ordered a beer.  At 7:15 Jim came in alone and said his wifeís sister was 
sick and she had gone over to spend the night with her and take care of 
her so we were on our own.  I told him that was fine and that I was 
just waiting for our table.  He sat down and we talked and drank a couple 
of  beers.  After we finished eating Jim asked if I had my laptop 
computer with me.  He told me he wanted to show me a piece of equipment he 
was considering buying on the internet.

We got to my room at about 8:30.  I asked if he needed to call his wife 
and he said he had spoken to her before he left his house and 
everything was all right.  We grabbed a couple of beers out of the well stocked 
bar and logged on to the internet.  He logged in on his account because 
he had his business links stored and could access them quickly.  We 
looked over the machine specs and looked at the pictures and discussed his 
ideas for it.  After I made a few recommendations about it he closed 
out the website.

Then Jim went to another section of stored websites and said he wanted 
to show me something else.  He asked if I had ever accessed porn and I 
told him I had glanced at a couple of free sites but that I had become 
aggravated at the chained links and shut it down.  He typed in ďadult 
image galleriesĒ and up came a menu of various types of sites.  He 
pulled up hard-core and opened a few galleries of young girls fucking and 
sucking cock and cumshots.  Then he opened a transgender gallery 
containing pictures of a beautiful blonde with a big dick.  He asked what I 
thought and I said I had never really thought too much about it, knowing 
full well I had just watched videos that afternoon of the very same 
thing.  He closed out the page and pulled up a page of gloryhole pictures.  
I know my face had to be glowing red as I saw one picture after another 
of cocks poking through walls and men sucking them.  He asked if I had 
ever seen a gloryhole and I cleared my throat and told him I hadnít.  
Then a picture popped up of a manís ass a couple inches away from a wall 
and a cock protruding from the hole into is ass.  Now I know I was red 
and I was also hard as a rock.

I was standing behind Jim and looking over his shoulder as he reached 
around and felt my crotch.  I jerked away and he asked if I was sure I 
had never seen one because he was sure it was me that fucked his ass 
earlier in the book store.  I was speechless as he turned to look directly 
at my burning face.  He said he thought so and turned off the computer 
and stood up and faced me.  He told me he had known his wife was going 
to be out all night and he had come over to the hotel right after he 
hung up from our telephone call.  He had seen me leaving the parking lot 
and was going to try to catch up with me to see if I wanted to do some 
sightseeing.  He said he lost me at a traffic light but then saw me get 
out of the car at the bookstore and waited until I had time to get in 
before coming in.  He said he asked if there was anyone in the back and 
the clerk told him there was only one person back there.  Since he 
didnít see me in the store section he figured it had to be me.

I told him it would be pretty hard to lie out of that one and he 
agreed.  He put his hand on my bulging crotch and told me I had a nice cock.  
He said it felt so good in his ass, even though it only lasted a few 
seconds.  I told him it felt too good and that I couldnít help it.  It 
was the first time I had ever fucked anyone in the ass or touched another 
manís cock.  He moved closer and brushed his lips across mine and 
whispered that he would really like to have my cock in his mouth and then he 
put his lips to mine and plunged his tongue into my mouth.  I was 
shocked at first but then I sucked his tongue in deeper and kissed him back.  
I reached around and grabbed his ass and pulled him tightly against me 
feeling his hardness as I ground my hard prick against his.  My heart 
was pounding and I realized I wanted to feel this manís naked flesh 
against mine.

I pulled away and pulled my shirt off.  Jim and I were both naked in 
less than half a minute.  I am 46 and in reasonably good shape but Jim 
being only 35 had a much firmer and toned body.  His cock was a good 8 
inches and looked almost as fat as a soda can.  We stood staring at each 
other as our cocks bobbed up and down and precum drooled from them onto 
the carpet.  I reached out and pulled him to me and buried my tongue in 
his mouth trying to get my tongue all the way to his throat.  We kissed 
and humped each other frantically as our cocks slid freely in the slimy 
mess between us.

I had to stop before I exploded and I told him I needed to cool down a 
little.  He walked into the kitchen and got us both another beer, 
grabbed his coat and went into the bedroom.  I followed him and as I walked 
through the door he was emptying his pockets on the bed.  He had a 
dozen condoms and a couple of large tubes of K-Y and a huge double headed 
dildo.  He looked up and handed me a beer and climbed up on the bed and 
leaned against the headboard.  He patted the bed beside him and I 
climbed on the bed beside him and we sat drinking our beers.

I expected our cocks to grow soft with the distraction but we both 
remained hard and there was a vulgar amount of clear fluid running out of 
our cocks and down onto our balls.  We finished our beers and Jim said 
it looked like we werenít going to get any relief until we came.  I 
agreed and he kissed me on the lips and then started down my face across my 
neck and chest and down to my throbbing dick.  He licked his way down 
to my knees avoiding my cock and making me that much hornier.  He kissed 
and licked his way back and forth from one thigh to the other until his 
tongue touched my balls.  I almost lost it then and there.  He sucked 
my balls into his mouth and sucked them and rolled them around.  I had 
never felt anything like it and I could do nothing but close my eyes and 
savor the moment.

I felt my balls drop and a rush of cold air on them as he licked up my 
shaft and started licking around my cockhead.  He pulled my cock away 
from my stomach and engulfed it with his warm, wet mouth.  He started 
working his way down its length until I felt it hit the back of his 
throat.  He turned around a little and forced his face to my crotch and I 
felt my throbbing head sink into his throat.  I instantly exploded as he 
pulled back and worked my spurting cockhead with his tongue.  It felt 
like all of my organs were blasting out through my cock.  He sucked me 
until there was nothing left and then moved up and kissed me and let 
some of my jism flow into my mouth.  Up until this point the thought of 
cum in my mouth would have made me gag myself to death but now I could 
think of nothing more than kissing him back and swirling my own jism 
around our tongues.

After we had swallowed the last of my load he fell onto the bed.  He 
asked how it felt and I told him it was the most incredible thing I had 
ever experienced.  He said I should just wait until the first time I 
feel a cockhead swell and fill my mouth with cum.  He said it would be the 
next best thing I ever felt.  I slid down beside him and told him that 
was the next thing I was going to try.  

I laid my head on Jimís stomach and looked at his huge cock.  The shaft 
was hard and the veins protruded along it as if they would burst any 
second.  At the end sat a huge purple knob that looked like a shiny plum 
as it expanded and contracted with each heartbeat.  There was the clear 
fluid literally running from the tip forming a pool and mixing with the 
fine hair on his stomach.  I lifted his cock and licked across the slit 
and tasted it.  It was a little sweet and I savored it for a few 
seconds as I contemplated what I was about to do.  I could tell Jim was 
getting anxious to feel my mouth on him and I realized that I really wanted 
that enormous thing in my mouth.

I opened my mouth and lowered it slowly over the plum and closed my 
lips around it.  I could feel the heat radiating from his crotch as I 
began to slowly savor the bulbous head and encircled it with my tongue.  I 
could feel Jimís pulse as his cockhead throbbed.  I started down his 
pole bathing it with my tongue and just as the head reached the back of 
my throat he groaned and his cock swelled to what seemed like twice its 
size.  I pulled back and frantically flicked my tongue under the head 
as the first blast hit my mouth.  It caught me by surprise and just as I 
thought I would recover out came another blast.  I swallowed as fast as 
I could but my mouth was filling faster than I could even swallow it.  
He pumped 10 or 12 heavy streams of jism into my mouth before he slowed 

I lowered my head back down onto his stomach and held his shrinking 
tool in my mouth while he struggled to catch his breath.  After about 5 
minutes I let his snake slip from my lips and I kissed him and laid down 
beside him.  We both fell asleep and I awoke feeling Jimís cock growing 
hard between my legs.  He was laying spooned up behind me and I turned 
my head and told him I wanted him inside me.  He reached over me and 
took a condom from the night stand and handed it to me.  I reached 
between my legs and rolled it onto his throbbing member.  He took a tube of 
jelly and squirt at least half of it into his hand and lathered his cock 
with it.  Then he lifted his cock and slid it between my cheeks and 
pushed it gently against my tight little ring.  My cock was raging and I 
pushed back and the head of his cock popped in and it felt like I was 
being split in two.  He held still for a couple of minutes and when the 
pain eased up I wriggled my ass and he shoved it deep into my bowels.

He rolled me over onto my stomach and laid on top of me and started 
slowly fucking my virgin ass.  He got more excited and picked up the pace 
until his thighs were slapping loudly against my ass cheeks.  My cock 
was rubbing the sheets and it was all I could do to hold on.  Jim 
started moaning and I knew he was at the brink of orgasm.  I grabbed the 
headboard and got ready for his final onslaught.  Just as he drove deep for 
the final time and froze, my cock exploded and I could feel my asshole 
spasming around his shaft.  I felt his cock swell deep inside me and I 
felt his cockhead swell and throb with each blast of cum.  It seemed 
like his cock would never stop as my own orgasm wound down and I laid in 
the wetness.  

Jim collapsed on top of me breathing like a distance runner, his cock 
still throbbing in side me.  I squeezed my cheeks together and rotated 
my hips slowly as he jerked and moaned with each movement.  He finally 
pulled his cock from my ass and I looked around to see the condom 
hanging from his pole with a huge load in it.  He slid it off and rolled off 
me onto his back.  I went straight for his cock and took it into my 
mouth.  He jerked and pushed me off telling me he couldnít stand any 
contact that it was too sensitive.  

After we rested for about an hour we got into the shower and washed 
each other all over.  We waited to clean our cocks last and by that time 
we were both hard as a rock again.  We dried off and returned to the 
bedroom.  I laid down and Jim got the dildo and started lubing it up.  It 
was about 2 feet long and had an oversized head on each end.  He came 
over to the bed and lifted my leg and rested them on his shoulders.  He 
then pierced my asshole with one end of the dildo and fed about 8 
inches into my ass.  He then let my legs back down and spread them apart.  
He lubed both our cocks and then crawled up between my legs and laid on 
top of me.  He bent the dildo around and stuffed the other end into his 
own ass.  

We lay there for a few seconds with our assholes stuffed full and 
started kissing.  Jim started grinding his cock alongside mine as we kissed 
passionately.  It only took a minute for our cocks to explode.  Jim 
reached around and held the dildo in place because our asses were trying 
their best to expel it.  After we had spent ourselves he let go of the 
dildo and let it slip from our holes.  We fell asleep and didnít wake 
until around 9:00 the next morning when Jimís wife called.

Jimís wife had just gotten home and wanted to know if he wanted 
breakfast.  He told her he would be home in about an hour.  I asked him if she 
was suspicious and he asked what about.  He said he had told her we 
were going to have some drinks and she knows he wouldnít drive home if he 
drank too much.  He asked me if I wanted to come home with him and have 
breakfast and I told him I didnít want to impose and he told me his 
wife would enjoy someone else to talk to. 
I agreed to go and he said he needed to take a quick shower and asked 
if I wanted to join him.  I reminded him that he was expected home in an 
hour and he promised we would just shower.

We cleaned each other thoroughly and of course we were both hard again 
after only a few seconds.  We rinsed off and Jim dropped to his knees 
and took my cock into his mouth.  I told him we didnít have time but of 
course his warm wet mouth felt so good I dropped it.  After about 30 
seconds and a middle finger in my ass I exploded into his mouth.  I 
wasnít going to let him get one up on me so I dropped to my knees and blew 
him to orgasm.  We washed off again and went into the bedroom to get 

As I was pulling on my pants I noticed Jim was watching me stroking his 
cock which was hard again!  I told him to put it away and get dressed.  
He groaned and dressed.  We got to his house with about ten minutes to 
spare and the smell of bacon and eggs filled the air as we entered the 
front door....(to be continued).

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