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The Vicars Wife?

(Part 1 from 1)

My sister Cindy and I had always been very close, and like most older sisters she tried the big sister act on me wherever and whenever she could. However, much to the amusement of her husband Sam, I quietly resisted all her attempts to control my life without upsetting her. .

At the tender age of 32, I had resisted all attempts of hers to marry me off. I had a string of girl friends, but none measured up to the standard that I had subconsciously set. I was basically very happy. I had a well paid job a nice home and my freedom.

I was friendly with her husband Sam and we often went to football games together, it was on one of these visits to their home. that I met the sexy Megan McDonald. I was devastated at the time to discover that she was apparently married to the local vicar of All Saints local church.

During the next six months I met Megan either at my sisters, or at the local supermarket and we became quite well acquainted.

One Monday morning it was pouring with rain and I had just sat down to tackle my accumulated post, when the front door bell started to ring. Opening the door, I was faced by the sexy Megan. She was very wet and said “I am glad you are in I am soaked.”
“Where is your car” I asked.
“Oh Toms got it.”

She smiled sweetly at me and then asked. “Can you put me up for a couple of nights Tony dear, I just don’t like being on my own and Toms away on a conference until Wednesday”
“ You will have people talking ” I warned..
“Only if they find out.” She answered with a sweet smile “I am not going to tell them?”

I looked at her as she took off her raincoat .She wore a plain white mini dress, buttoned down the front black high heel shoes with 4” heels. The dress really accentuated her petite figure to its best advantage. Her hair was straight and cut in a page boy style and she wore a largish pair of gold earrings. Her make up had obviously been very carefully applied and certainly highlighted her best features.
As she passed me, I caught a whiff of a very erotic perfume.

In a sort of daze. I made some coffee determined to get to the bottom of this strange request.
Sitting down I asked. “I suppose my sister has something to do with this visit.”
“How did you guess.” She asked.
“I thought you were friends with my sister so you should know what she is like
“Well yes she told me that you would help me”
“That figures my sister is a very controlling lady.”
‘I want a baby, and I want you to make me pregnant.“

I was so flabbergasted that for a moment I could not speak
Megan said. ”You look shocked“
I looked at her and said “You could say that!”.

“Why me?”
“Because Tom can not make me a baby!.”
“But you could adopt surely?”
Yes we could, but I want to be a real mother its something most men do not understand.”

“Look you see Tom is my brother and he could not get a permanent church because they all really only want a married Minister. So at the next job interview I went along for the ride and Tom introduced me as Megan. They assumed that I was his wife and so we let their assumption run.”

Now if I have a baby they will assume that it is Tom’s. When the idea arose your sister suggested you, and so here I am.”
“You did not think to ask me first?”
“We did, but Cindy said you would refuse but if I just dropped it on you like this you would not dare refuse me. I agreed with her because I know you are such a lovely man.”

In my own mind I was not sure whether this was a form of blackmail or whether she was calling me a coward. But one thing I was sure about was that I really did fancy her, always had since I first met her.”

“Maybe I should have just seduced you or something, and not told you!.” Megan She said standing up.
I said “No, its not that - its just that I could not just make love to you as though you were a casual pick-up. To make love properly, I need to get to know you first. There is a difference between just plain sex, and making love properly.

"Let me think a bit. At least you are not legally or morally married. From the time I first met you I always thought you were beautiful.”
"Let us get acquainted properly then, and not make excuses." Megan said as she stood up and started to undress.
“You mean now?”
"Of course. This is the best time of the month for me. If that‘s OK. By the way I would not have asked just anyone. I have always quite fancied you but I had to play the part of being Tom’s wife. I have checked with people who know you and everyone seems to like you, especially the ladies and I think that you are quite a hunk, and if I can not have a proper husband, then you are the next best thing."

I felt quite touched by her remark and I said “Thanks for that.” as I stretched out a hand out to touch her now naked breast as she slid the dress off and removed her shoes. "May I?" I whispered in awe. "I have never seen anyone quite as beautiful as you before."
"Of course you can, In fact I insist " she said in a croaky voice as she setled on my lap..
I touched her breasts while keeping eye contact with her. Her eyes seemed to burn themselves into mine and then I knew that somehow the time was right now and we kissed passionately. Somehow I knew if I was going to do it I had to do it now. So I picked her up and carried her upstairs and laid her down on my bed .

As I undressed she watched me from the bed .She reached out a hand to take my cock and stroke it. “I am sorry if I don’t do things right. I am a bit nervous. Only ... You're so big ... Please be gentle with me."
"I will," I moaned, hardly able to control myself. "I will."
For a while we lay together, getting used to each the feel of other’s body, kissing and getting to know each others body. After a while I knew we were both ready .I suggested that she straddle me so that she could control my penetration .

Megan straddled me and I reached down and held my cock upright as she gently inserted the head in her pussy lips. But within seconds I hit her hymen.
"Oh, you are still a ... virgin?" I said incredulously.
"That’s part of the problem." she giggled. "

At first her face was a study of concentration, but as I felt my cock push upwards gently into her hot wet pussy and the pain settled down I saw her relax, her face showed her contentment, and it was obvious she was beginning to enjoy herself and beginning to enjoy the sensation of feeling my cock right up inside her. I wanted to make it last, but I suspected she was going to make the running and our first fuck would be quick as she would be a bit sore.

I was quite happy for her to control the situation, and I relaxed and resigned myself to enjoying the sensations she was creating. Her pussy had by now started working away on my cock, producing a myriad series of sensations. Her buttocks came down on my groin, completely hiding my pubic hairs, and then she rose up again almost so the tip of my cock was nearly out of her pussy and I could see my cock connecting our two bodies, while she rotated her pussy around on the very tip of my cock, before again dropping her weight down and swallowing it up again, into her lovely young body. Then she stopped moving and kept my cock buried deep inside her, while her pussy twitched and vibrated around my cock. She spread her legs wider and I could feel more of her body weight on me and then I felt my cock seem to plumb new deep depths of her pussy.

She was sitting up straight and her head was thrown back, her eyes closed, as she let out a series of gentle moans. Suddenly she gave a yelp, her body tensed and I knew then that she was a girl in full climax. Now she looked down at where my cock would have been had it not been embedded inside her pussy.

She rested her hands on each of my upper thighs and she tried to push herself up and away on my cock that was the cause of her excruciating ecstasy. I felt her fingernails digging into my thighs and I saw a length of my cock come into view as her pussy gradually disgorged my cock, But then she gave a deep sigh of contentment she settled happily back down on my cock again, falling forward briefly to kiss me passionately on the lips.

She sighed happily, as she resumed her slow rotation and once again my cock was filling her deep, hot, succulent pussy. And then she stopped her movements. I could feel all of her weight rest completely on me. My cock went even deeper and her pussy relaxed, wrapping every sensitive centimeter of cock in her warm pussy flesh. After a few moments of relaxation, during which my cock soaked in the warm environment of her exotic love tunnel, she again began her erotic games. Without lifting her weight from me or moving her body, she reached down and gently lifted my balls in her hand. She caressed, tickled, scratched and rotated them.

My cock pulsed like a heartbeat, and her pussy responded with a series of rippling vibrations, that were completely mind blowing. I arched up from the bed carrying her with me, as I came, shooting torrents of my baby seed deep insides of her sucking pussy.

As we came to a stop she flopped forward on to my body, her lips found mine as she whispered. ”That was good, but we will have to do it a few more times to make sure I’ve clicked, and with practice we will get even better.

The following two days we spent the most of our time in bed, until the time came for her to go home. She went very quiet, and then she said .“Tony I don’t want to go. I want spend the rest of my life here with you Will you marry me.”

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