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The True Me Part 7

(Part 1 from 1)


I pulled my shorts and panties off so he could see my pussy. I jumped up onto the counter, took my shirt off, leaned back and opened my legs and started rubbing my hard clit. My daddy just stared in awe at what he was seeing. Then he moved my hand and replaced it with his mouth. He slowly started licking my pussy and god it felt good. He then started licking my clit fast making me shake and moan. "Mmm daddy that feels so good."

He got up, picked me up and wrapped my legs around him. He pushed himself into me and stretched out my pussy so much. I gasped as he did. He started fucking me slowly agaist the counter and I loved it. I loved how he felt inside me. I looked out the little window above the sink as my daddy fucked me and saw our neighbor watching us. He looked like he was enjoying watching me get fucked. So I decided to give him a show.

"Fuck me from behind daddy."

He nodded and bent me over the counter and began fucking me again. I looked at the neighbor and he was still watching.

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