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The Tortured In The Street

(Part 1 from 1)

Today was the day, it was finally here, i was so excited. my girlfriend had been planning a little "game". all i had to do was to tell my mum and dad that i was sleeping at my friends house, they know that i'm going out with donna but i didn't tell them i was sleeping at donna's house as they would properly say no thinking sexual acts would be a part of the sleep over, they would but i would never say to my parents.

i had no idea what donna had planned and that made the wait better. she had been planning for weeks. we had done other things in that time but she was still planning in the background.

we had planned to meet at 9PM at our 'sex den' it was an underground service room under the school that she had a key for, it was perfect for our time together because no one went down there anymore, it was apparently too dangerious. so i waited outside the door for 20 minutes and she never turned up. i began to worry that she had got in some trouble so i called her phone and she answered so i said:

"where are you, are you okay?"

"yeh i'm fine, i'm in the middle of town and i want you to meet me there"

she replied. i agreed and set off on my way

it was hard to think what she had planned for me as she had done some pretty bad things before. i didn't have to wonder for too long though after 5 minutes i could see her she was stood under a street light it, she looked beautiful, they way that the background was so drak and the light only shined on her (my angel). little did i know that i would come to hate that light.

i had my school clothes as donna likes me to wear them when i'm tied. if i could of i would of left my hose like that but mum mum would have noticed and would of been angry that i was using my school clothes. my mum and dad like my to wear suits when ever possible (i do like t-shirts and hoodies but i have about 40 suits and 2 hoddies, i wear suits so much they suit me by now {pardon the pun}) so when i got there it was about 09:30pm, she said to me:

"go on then get changed"

"what? right here?" i replied


so i did and cars kept slowing down it was terrifying. once i was in my uniform which consists of a sweater vest, a blazer and shirt and tie. once all dressed up donna got out the bondage gear and put some medical restraints (like big cuffs) on my wrists. the cuffs have little rings on them so if you have a padlock you can join them like hand cuffs. she then put two more on my ankles and told me to put my back to the street light pole (she likes poles i think) she had two small lengths of chain and four padlocks. she put the first pad lock in the loop on the cuff then through the chain end and vice versa. once i was all 'chained' up she got out the body harness and one of the collars, she put on my harness [picture below story] and then got out to more padlocks and hooked the length of chain connected to the cuffs on my wrists also she connected the collar to the harness.

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donna said:

"now for the ball gag"

"not this time 'donna' (not her name remember) it hurts my jaw"

"ive told you before baby your my toy, its not like you can stop me anyway"

she shoved the gag into my mouth. i love the way the feel and how they look at first but after a while i start to drool and it hurts my jaw, she likes the drooling "like a baby" she says. once the gag was in that was it i was truly helpless, loving it like always. she looked in my face and lent in for a kiss (she like to kiss to gagges and i like it when she does it) i also lent in but she pulled away i was so 'horney' that i cryed out at stared pulling on my bounds. she said:

"awww my baby is looking for love {she got close} well your not getting it from me"

i growned trying to say "please donna, please"

she turned and began to walk, i tried to scream behind the ball gag but it was no good she just kept on walking. it wasn't too long untill i couldn't see her anymore. was she really gone? Was this her way of breaking up with me? who would let me out? i could die!i could get raped buy a guy!! (even though i'm 'kinky' i'm not into guys and it would make me suicidal to get raped)

i suddenly remembered that she had taken they keys to to the padlocks so even if someone got me they wouldn't be able to take me anywhere. Then i saw Donna. "Oh thank you lord" i mumbled behind the gag. i didn't notice at first that she had a piece of paper with her, it said on it "USE ME PLEASE" in big letters. she showed it me, i began to panic. anyone could rape me? it was a invite as if i had done it to myself. she taped it to the center of me and that was it she walked away.

i was waiting to be raped, that is how much i ready. the street light was looming on me and every car that passed was looking an i new it was a matter of time before one stoped and had a go before long one car did stop and two guys got out. they were only about 20, i couldn't see as they would rape me. one of them said:

"we have been looking for someone like you" before i could cry he hit me right in my stomach the force of it made me be sick, the ball gag was stoping it from coming out of my mouth. I was choking! they saw the sick leaking from around the gag and one of them put his had over my mouth. i couldn't believe it i was going to die like this.

I PASSED OUT. i then woke up in the back of thier car, my hands were still tied behind my back. i then looked up at then one in the passenger seat said: "you go back to sleep" i closed my eyes and just imagined i was dead. it wasn't hard to get to sleep i'm always comfortable when i'm tied up.

To be continued...

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