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The Stepmother

(Part 1 from 1)

dad and mom were divorced ever since I remember. I stayed with mom and my older sister while dad didn't even exercise his visitation rights. But then Mom remarried and I had two younger half brothers. Our relationship soured. When I turned 12 I finally decided to live with my unknown Dad which he readily welcomed for it means reduction of child support. He had also remarried to a very beautiful and gorgeous lady Irene who is much younger than him in her mid 20's. I bonded with her very well. As the years passed she became like a second mom to me, attending school function, helping with my homework, watching me play baseball etc. During summer when Irene who stands at 5'8" and about 120 lbs wears fitting dress that emphasize her well rounded ass and revealed some cleavage from her delisciously perfect cone shape boobs, my friends would lustfully stare at her. In contrast to mom who is a very intelligent working girl that can not be fooled with a 7-11 non-stop mouth, Irene is a sweet, caring, lovely but naive and vulnerable lady whom men might think can be sweet talked to bed. That's probably how my sweet talking dad got her to marry him.

Like the aging swain that Dad is who by now is in his 40's he lost appetite in going out with Irene so I end up happily escorting her to the grocery or sometimes even to the movies. "Your Dad is sinking deeper and deeper into the pit Robert" Irene would say refering to his increasing drinking problems. They still get along very well despite that, and Dad is still a good financial provider, yet I doubt if dad is still a good sexual provider. My 15th birthday was approaching and it co-incided with Grandad's too. A joint party was arranged at a rented hall for a big family celebration as Grandad's illness don't guarantee that there will be some more birthdays to come. My friends were invited and every group have presentations.

After all the dinner the program started with songs and dances and speeches. Then came the moment, uncle Joel the host announced "Ladies and gentlemen coming to the stage is the one and only, the beautiful Irene, dancing the Hawaiian dance in dedication to her father -in -law and step son, a round of applause". Irene went there in the traditional Hawaian custume, a straw skirt that reveals her thighs as she danced and layers of neclaces of flowers that covered her breast. As I would learn later underneath those necklaces of flowers were two pieces of small triangular cloth the size of my palm barely covering her niple. They were attached to a plastic material fitted underneath her boobs and pulled down by two almost invisible nylon threads tied to her skirt and pulled up by the same two nylons hooked up in her neck. The effect is that she appeared to be dancing topless infront of a crowd of family and friends. Her face is so beautiful, her skin is so smooth, her body so gorgeous and her movements so graceful and all eyes were glued on her. Everytime her thighs came out from her straw skirt the men and the boys would widened their eyes and each time the necklaces swang forward or sideward teasingly revealing the sides of her boobs they would swallow their saliva. The flower necklaces did its job well, concealing the pieces of cloth underneath and providing a sexy appearance, and impression of her being topless. "You're such a lucky boy Robert, your mom's so hot, you must have been jacking off on her a lot" said my friend Peter. "Immagine living with a mom like that, oh man I could die" responded Gary. "I bet your dad bang her every night, with a wife like that, no wonder your dad always look worn out" added Bill. "Shut up, she's dad's wife, you fool" I replied. But the truth is that my dick had sprang hard as I watched mom's hips and billy moving in a circular pattern as her arms reached for the stars "that twinkle in a blue" as the song goes, while her boobs struggled to get out from those layers of flowers that also struggled to cover them. Since I moved with them I have tried very hard to suppress my lustful feeling with Irene. It's incestous and disgusting. But this time it's just too much. After mom finished dancing she went to granpa and kissed him on his check, then she came to me, greeted me then gave me a hug and a short kiss on the lips. I had my hands on her hips and it feels so good, I wanted to pull her tightly to my body and prolong our kiss. My friends wouldn't be beaten and hugged her too. I can see the lust in their eyes as they emerged from mom's shoulder while pressing their chins and chest to her boobs protected only by flowers. Afterwards they then raced to the rest rooms. I did too, my dick is too hard, I needed a release or I explode in my pants. While I keep immagining Ashley Jude as I stroke my erect penis mom's immage, her face, her boobs, her hips and legs always cameback to mind until I finally jerk off.

We went home that night with dad so drunk almost throwing up. When we reached home I helped mom put him to bed and watch her wiped him up and change his clothes wondering if he knows how lucky he is. I took my shower and went to bed. Around 2:00 am I still couldn't sleep. "Robert are you awake" called mom in a low voice. "Yeah, come in" I replied. "Your dad is spitting all over the bed, can I lay down with you for a while until he falls asleep" she said as she laid down beside me before I can say "sure". She was wearing a white nighty so thin, almost transparently showing her niples and her panty underneath. "Mom, were you topless back there underneath those flowers?" "Not realy" she explained to me as she got up to show me the undergarment. "Wear it mom, let me see". She then went to the bathroom and cameback wearing those two pieces of cloth and her straw skirt. "See, I wasn't topless at all". She put back her nighty again and laid down beside me. I was thinking if she showed me those sexy attire she might also agree to show me her boobs. In a bold move I asked her "mom can I see your boobs" "why?" she asked. "Just curious how it look like" I replied. She then slid down her nighty from her shoulder and the most wonderful breast showed on her chest. "Let me see the other one too". "It's the same" she answered. Her innocents and naivity is a great turn on and by now I have forgotten that she is my step mom. "Can I touch them mom". "Robert, what has gotten to your mind, it's not curiousity anymore to touch it, you just turned 15, your growing up" "But mom, come'on just for a second" I said as my dicK was now as hard as rock. "Ok, just for a second" I was facing her supporting my head with my right hand while my left hand prepared for the touch of a life time. I fondled and massage her breast. "Mom this is soft" "why what do you expect?". "Let me get my hands underneath your nighty, I want to feel your hard nipple". "No Robert, what's happening to you?" Nevertheless I slide my hands beneath her clothes and touch her niple. It feel so good in my fingers, I played with them. "That's enough" mom said. I continued and I can sense that she got carried as she started to moan. "No Robert, stop it, please stop it, no please" she begged as she is lossing control of herself. I slide my hands down to her pussy and she was already wet down there, I lifted her clothes and sucked and lick her boobs while my otherhand stroke her pussy. This is already point of no return as I mounted on top of her and she now responded with my move. She now started to suck my tongue as we kissed. I took off all her clothes and panty and I got naked too. I shoved my cock inside her and pumped her as hard as I could. She was moaning and breathng hard. As I was about to unload I pulled my dick and squeez it in between her boobs while I pressed her tits tight.

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