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The Sports Team

(Part 1 from 1)

It was the end of another rough, exhausting sports practice on the field, the sun had been beating down continuously for days now without a drop of rain since. The 17+ football players all retired to their dressing room, sweaty, hot and ready for an exhilarating cold shower. The players casually removed their sports gear, dropping it to the floor. They pealed off their wet, tight tops, and sweat trickled down their tanned, muscular bodies, from their big shoulders down their big, tight, muscular thighs to their feet. They stripped off their dark, tight briefs as they un-ashamedly revealed their big, long un-erect penises. Their sexy, toned bodies that they were so proud of... and the occasional wandering eye would meet with another team members, much more tanned ass, muscular arms, or much bigger penises, these wandering eyes were jealous, yet these twelve fit, hunky 17 year old sports men were all "completely" straight... that is except two (and the rest).

As a loud shout came from the reporting coach, congratulating them on a fantastic sports practice, his wandering eyes were for young boys and what he'd love to do with them, he stared at them as they stood normally in their changing room, with their soft, log dicks hanging between their thighs, the coach licked his lips and shouted "hit the showers, boys" he just wanted them to blow his whistle.

The twelve big boys entered the showers, the boiling water was already on filing the shower room with hot steam, condensing on their bodies. The water dribbled over their big arms and well built abs, as they drizzled body wash in to their big palms, rubbing themselves, over their hard shoulders and over their asses, rubbing the soap between their legs and all over their big cocks. Sexual tension was definitely in that hot, steamy room, as twelve naked men cleaned themselves off. 

The captain of the team stepped into the middle of the shower room, his arms so big and chunky, with creamy soap running down them, his hair wet and swept back he shouted...

"Well boys, todayís practice was good, but not good enough... some of us didn't do best to our pottential and they need teaching a lesson... there's twelve of us here so grab a partner and teach him a lesson he'll never forget"

The hot, wet, hard studs looked at each other and slowly one by one, they started touching each other, brushing their hands on each others tight buttocks, tickling each others flesh with gentle finger tips.

"I SAID TEACH HIM A LESSON" the captain shouted loudly and the six couples facing each other slowly felt each other up, wandering hands gripping big, rock hard penises, the captain was with a big, muscular guy called Ben, his hands wandered all over Ben's ass as the captain pulled him closer, holding him tight to his body, the boys lips met each other as they slowly introduced their tongues, the captains, big tongue violently vibrated in Ben's mouth, swirling round and round, kissing his lips and chin, his hands wandered again down to Ben's hard penis, he gripped it and fondled him, the other five couples where now well into their teaching lesson, three couples were already having oral pleasure whilst the other two, were rubbing each others muscular bodies, with soap and water.

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The captain ordered Ben to turn around and bend over on to the steamy bench, the room was hotter than ever. Ben lay down on the bench and lifted his legs up and opened them,

"Come on in, big boy" insisted Ben

The captain slowly walked towards the hot, sexy sports star and lifted his legs further up, throwing them over his shoulders, 

"I'm gonna teach you the lesson of filling up a hole with a big tool"

The captain cautiously pushed his big, juicy rock hard cock inside Ben's tight ass, it slid in Ben's ass easily with all the moisture in the air, Ben's face was scrunched up tightly as the captain pounded his ass with his big tool. Fucking him hard with quick slams, the other men slowly joined in with their couples, and finally six, big, tall, hard men were fucking assholes hard. The captain pounded harder and harder! Ben screamed in pleasure and yelled harder, harder; the captain pushed, completely submerging his cock in Ben's ass, shuddering the captain shot his creamy, thick wad all up Bens ass and all over his chest, the pleasure was unbearable, the captain still cuming everywhere collapsed on top of Ben and rubbed himself all over him, licking his chest and whipping his cum all over him. He licked the seamen off Ben's face and said,

"You were a naughty, naughty boy!"

Finally, the other couples commenced their fuck fest, as much ejaculation had happened in the shower room that afternoon, the twelve hunky, exhausted, wet, fucked men left to the locker rooms naked, their dicks flaccid, still dripping a trail of cum between their feet, then captain Andrew yelled, 

"After school tomorrow boys... be late and Iíll teach you a lesson you'll never forget"

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