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The Sexy Woman Next Door

(Part 1 from 1)

Before I was old enough to get a steady job I would mow lawns and
babysit to keep gas in my dirtbike and whatever else I needed .
As is the case with most young men I spent a good amount of time 
thinking about sex and looking at women . One of my favorite sites was 
the lady next door , She was a stay at home mom of two but her body 
showed no evidence of bearing children . She was about 5'5" tall With
curly black shoulder length hair her breasts were a firm 38D with 
nipples that would poke at her thin bikini top while she lay in the 
sun . 

Two of my many jobs were too cut their lawn and ocassionaly
watch their children if she had to run an errand or two . One day
while the kids were napping the neighbor lady (Nancy) asked me to sit
with them while she ran to the store for a few things . Nancy had been
sun-bathing earlier that day and she had on a new bikini that was so 
tiny that from behind the only thing hidden was her pucker and the 
front well lets just say it was like putting a sheet fitted for a 
queen size bed over a king size mattress . 

There was always some portion of the gate to her womenhood exposed to any who wanted a
peek . Nancy changed out of her tiny little bikini to do her errands
but the short shorts and the tight white tank she had on when I 
arrived at her door had me hiding the bulge in my jeans as best I 
could until Nancy went out the door . I checked on the kids first 
thing both of them soundly asleep . As I walked past the bathroom
I noticed Nancy had left the bikini she had been wearing laying
on top of the hamper . 

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The picture in my mind of her nice firm , bare
ass and partialy bare pussy lips had my cock at attention with 
precum oozing from it's slit onto my briefs . My cock was beginning 
to ache inside my jeans so decided to relieve some of the preasure by 
opening my pants . With the picture of Nancy in my mind wearing 
that little bit of silky cloth I picked up the bottom half of that skimpy
little bikini I looked it wondering how it covered as much as it did . While I was 
The small triangle that made up the crotch was damp with her pussy juice .
I brought it closer to my face inhaling her sweet scent . my cock responded 
by throbbing even more and dripping precome from its swollen head . 

My cock was aching and I knew Nancy would back soon . I noticed that some of my cream
had fallen to the floor landing on the top half of Nancy's lil bathing 
suit it had soaked into the silky lining in one of the cups . my cream 
would be on her tit without her even knowing . Right then I knew what I 
was going to do . I knew she would definately notice if the crotch of 
suit was soaked so I went to her dresser and found a pair of her silky
panties , I placed the crotch of them over my cockhead and wrapping the 
rest of the slippery material around my hard shaft . 

The thought of my Nancy wearing them against her hot pussy after my cum had soaked into
the lining made me even harder . I pumped my cock harder and started to 
cum when I heard the door open . I left the panties wrapped around my
cock and managed to get to the bathroom and close the door before
Nancy saw her panties oround my cock . There was a knock on the bathroom 
door followed by Nancy asking if she could come in and get her suit promising
to be brief and not look . 

I tucked the panties in between thighs to hide them and said ok . Nancy had already undressed and she leaned in to grab 
her suit she slipped and fell to the floor with her legs open to me on her back.
Nancie's fingers found what she had slipped on , It was a glob of my cum from
when I rushed to the bathroom Nancy it rubbed between her fingers like she
didn't know what it was and then grinned putting them in her mouth cleaningall my sperm from them and swallowing it as if it were frosting .

I told her that I had more if she wanted it and produced her panties with my spunk all over them . Nancy took them and rubbed them on her tits massaging them with my cream , She opened her legs as she pulled me closer my cock was against her hot slippery twat and with a slight adjustment of her hips she had my cock inside of her telling me to fuck her pussy and fill her with my cum.

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