The Sex Kabaddi Match

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I was a teacher in a high school at Bangalore. My wife Soundarya was a also a teacher in the same school. She teaches Chemistry and I teach Maths. Our life was quite peaceful. When I saw that two vacancies came up in the Ooty Boarding School and they paid much better, we both applied to the boarding school and we both got the jobs. Residential quarters were given to us and facilities were also good. The colleagues were also very friendly. One of my colleagues was Peter, a man almost nearing his sixties. And ironically, he was appointed as a Physical Trainer. Normally, physical trainers used to be young and this man was nearing retirement. Since he used to be quite jovial, I asked him how he managed to get this job. He replied candidly that he knew the correspondent personally and that he has done some favors for him earlier. Since the number of cabins at the staff room were limited, Peter and I shared a cabin. Despite his age, Peter appeared to be energetic and lively.

While sharing the cabin with Peter, I found a very strange thing. Though I handle Maths and Maths is supposed to be a subject much difficult than Physical training, the number of students who came to him to ask doubts were much more. Especially girls thronged to his cabin. It was very intriguing. The girls at the boarding school looked too good. Along with all the flowers, they had also bloomed very well in the chill Ooty climate. Especially girls in eleventh and twelfth grade who were in their eighteen’s and eighteens looked so good with well developed body features. No body would say that these were school girls. So, as these girls came to ask doubts to Peter, I started observing vicariously what “doubts” this old man was clearing. As Peter sat in his chair, there was a table and chair opposite to him. I always found that Peter never offered his visitors a seat and always made them stand by his side. That day morning, Priyanka who was a student in her eleventh grade walked in to our cabin and headed for Peter straightaway.

Priyanka was my student too and while taking class, I had always eyed her lecherously. She always used to sit in the first row and some days her skirt would slightly rise up and expose her thighs lightly. She had the habit of shaking her legs and whenever she shakes her legs, her thighs will be flashed to me. I could see this clearly especially if I sit in my chair just beneath the black board. Just to watch the creamy white thighs of Priyanka, I used to give them some Maths problem and then sit in my chair. As usual, Priyanka would shake her legs and I would devour the sight of her thighs. I distinctly remember that once when there was a Mid term test, I had distributed the question papers and sat in my chair. Priyanka was seated in the first row. The paper was extremely tough. I could see that she was in highly tensed state while writing the answers. In her tension, her leg shaking was frantic. The skirt was slowly rising with every shake and almost half of her thighs were exposed to me. Just then, an idea struck me and I put my pen down. When I knelt down to pick up the pen, I had a darshan of Priyanka’s pink colour panties. What a darshan it was! Her thighs were almost creamy white and very fleshy. As both the thighs converged, in the center there was the light pink coloured panty with flowers in it. One flower was positioned exactly on top of her cunt. I simply wanted to put my tongue there. Throughout the two hour test I dropped my pen quite a number of times and had many darshans. Priyanka however was oblivious to all these things. She continued to freely shake her legs and show her thighs to me. As soon as Priyanka entered our staff room, I was reminded of that day.

Priyanka wished me “Good morning Sir!” and straightaway headed towards her Physical trainer, Peter. Peter welcomed her with a very warm smile and said,
“Come in Priyanka baby! How are you?”
“I am fine, Sir!”
She was standing just opposite to him and there was a table and chair in between them.
Peter signaled to his side and said,
“Come near baby! Come over here” He pointed out to the space just next to his seat. Priyanka walked near him.
“Yes baby, tell me, what exactly do you want to know?”
Priyanka glanced towards my side and saw if I was watching. Exactly just a second before she could look, I buried my eyes into a book and pretended as though I was deeply studying something. Once she was sure that I wasn’t watching or listening she started talking.

“Sir, I am getting pains in my legs after I exercise!”
“Well where is it paining my dear?”
“In the legs, Sir!”
Now Peter gently placed his hands below her knees and pressed her calves. They must have been very tender. He pressed them gingerly and asked,
“ Is it aching here?”
“ No Sir, slightly above!”
He raised his hands further and touched her knees and asked,
“Is it here?”
“No, Sir!”
He then placed his hands on the edge of her uniform skirt and put his hands underneath her skirt. I could sense from my seat that his hands must be now on her thighs. A sixty year old man groping a eighteen year old girl putting his hands under her skirt…
“Is it here Priyanka?”
As Peter’s hands tenderly caressed her thighs , I could see that the expression in her face slightly change and she was relishing this old man’s touch.
“Ya , almost near that place” she blurted.
But still Peter did not stop his exploration. He led his hands further up and touched her panties. He softly pressed his middle finger against her panty line just over mound and asked,
“No pain here dear?”
As his fingers pressed her cunt over her panty, Priyanka let out a slight gasp and said,
“No, Sir!”
But Peter did not stop with that. He slid his hands through her hips and placed it on her buttocks and pressed her ass cheeks. He asked her,
“Here too, there is no pain?”
Again Priyanka sensed the sixty year old man’s hands on her buttocks. He allowed him two three presses and then said,
“No, Sir!”
“Ok girl, I will tell you what you must do….first of all you are weak in your legs…all along you have been concentrating on rest of your body. You have to do some leg exercises. Do as I say now! Fist stand at ease. Yes, spread your legs further. Now bend down and try to touch your feet. First your right hand should touch left leg and vice versa.”
As Priyanka tried to stand in the position told by Peter, Peter himself put his hands on her thighs and spread her legs to the desired level. Priyanka bent down. My eyes almost popped up. She was showing her back to me and as she bent her skirt raised and exposed her thighs from back. As she tried to touch her feet, the skirt stood in the air and I could clearly see her panty. One side of her panties was slightly raised up as she bent further and exposed her ass cheeks a little. That was great…a eightteen year old girl giving ass cheek darshan to me. I thanked my stars that I was sharing a cabin with this Peter. As she bent down, Peter put his hands on her hips and tried to turn them slightly so that she could touch her feet. As his hands were on her hips, I could see that his thumb almost brushed against the bottom of her breasts. Priyanka turned from this side to that side and as she tried to touch her left foot, I got a glimpse of right side ass cheek and as she turned to touch her right foot, I got a glimpse of left side ass cheeks. I gently placed my hands underneath my table and rubbed my cock a little. After about two three rounds of exercises, Priyanka left the room. She did not forget to thank Peter and Peter playfully pinched her cheeks and said,
“Do it every day and you will have shapely legs, baby!”
I saw her leaving the room with a smile on her lips.
After Priyanka left, Peter looked at me and winked mischievously. I just smiled and kept quite.

Another day, I saw Jasmine enter our cabin. Jasmine, though she was in her twelfth class, she resembled someone who was studying ninth or eighth. Her body growth was not upto her age. She was not very slim and all that. She was in fact fat. But her main problem was, she was flat chested. I have heard many boys of the school tease her with words like, “road roller” “Feroz Shah kotlah flat pitch” etc while I have seen her in the school corridors. Jasmine walked in demurely and dint even look at my side. She went to Peter and wished him. Peter as usual was his enthusiastic self when talking to girls.
“Yes , Jasmine, how are you? Why are you not enrolling for any games?”
“No Sir, I am not interested in playing any games, Sir!” Jasmine said. Ya, that was true. Actually she was her class topper and was a very studious girl. But why did she have to come to peter? I was curious.
“Sir, I have a problem!”
Peter immediately sensed an opportunity. He said,
“Why don’t you come over to my side, Jasmine?”
Jasmine walked up to his side. She spoke in a very soft voice. I had to strain myself to hear what she was saying.
“Sir, People are teasing me that I look too young!”
Peter laughed at this and said,
“Hey Jasmine, Everyone wants to look young. You see me. I am an old man of sixty…almost old enough to be your grand father. Even I want to look young only. So if you look young , it is good!”
“No Sir, its not that!” Jasmine hesitated. She then said reluctantly,
“I am not fully grown up! I do not look how an eighteen year old girl should look…”
Though peter got the point, he still pretended as though he did not understand. He said,
“where exactly are you not grown up? I see that you have a lovely face. Your legs are also tall and good.”
“ not in the legs!”
Peter gently placed his hands on her thighs just over her skirt and groped. Jasmine was a very shy girl and she went a step backward.
“No No not in the thighs…!”
“Come forward Jasmine!” Jasmine came forward. He then placed his hands on her hips. It must have titillated her. She laughed and said,No Sir, there is no problem” He then slid his hands behind her and groped her buttocks. He cupped her ass cheeks. I could see from behind that though Jasmine did not have proper breasts she had well developed buttocks which were almost bulging under her skirt. Peter took his time pressing them and he then said,
“I see that you have a very good backside!”
Jasmine blushed. She almost said in a very hushing tone,
“Sir, my top portion of the body…..” and stopped. As if he understood, Peter placed his hands on her chest. He pressed her small budding breasts and kneedled her nipples a little along with her tops. Jasmine closed her eyes and let him feel his breasts. After pressing them for a few seconds, Peter took out his hand and said,
“ Ya, I see a problem here! But in can be solved!”
Immediately Jasmine’s eyes brightened and she said,
“OK Sir, what should you do?”
“Physiotherapy is the best! You need some massage there to activate growth there! I will show you how to do” So saying he again placed his hands on her breasts. I could see that his hands were fully engulfing her breast. He then slowly rotated his hands on top of the breasts in a circular motion. He increased his speed of rotary motion gradually and then he was giving her a very fast breast massage. I could see from the corner that Jasmine completely enjoyed this. After doing it for about four minutes, he then asked her,
“How do you feel?”
She bowed her head and said,
She then asked him eagerly,
“Sir, will my top become normal if I do it for a month?” I saw that she was carefully avoiding the word breasts in her talk.
“ No No , it will take almost six to eight months”
Jasmine was disappointed.
“Oh, that long, Sir?”
“Why, do you want a change soon?” he asked.
She said shyly, “yes Sir!”
“Then you have to have a direct massage!”
“How to do that Sir” she asked innocently.
“I will show you…..unbutton your shirt!” Peter said!
As Jasmine unbuttoned her shirt, I was almost on the verge of my chair. She totally unbuttoned her shirt. Peter the ordered,
“No lower your pinafore a little so that I can slid my hands under your pinafore! Do you wear a bra?”
“No Sir, I don’t because that was not necessary” Jasmine almost bit her lips as said those words. She lowered her pinafore and Peter slid his hands into her pinafore and touched her breasts directly. As he fondled her naked breasts, he said,
“See jasmine, you and I should be very professional about this. Just to keep ourselves in check, call me Grandpa throughout the time I massage you!”
Jasmine too felt that it was a good idea. Just as she felt Peter’s hands engulf her breast, she said,
“OK Grandpa!”

Peter kneaded her nipples. Though her breasts were small, her nipples were almost the size of a ripe grape and Peter pinched it slightly. He asked her,
“How does it feel baby?”
Jasmine closed her eyes and said,
“It feels good Grandpa!”
He swiftly moved his hands in a circular motion and massaged her boobs. Jasmine held the edge of the table with her hands as she found it difficult to control herself. She said,
“Ahhhhh that feels so good Grandpa!”
“Ummmmmm pinch softly Grandpa!”
“This side breast too Grandpa!”
I was stroking myself furiously on seeing this old man balling this young girls boobs. After about ten minutes of balling , peter stopped.
He then said,
“Drink lots of milk and keep doing this exercise!”
“Ok Sir, I will do it everyday in my room!” Jasmine said enthusiastically. Peter gave her an odd glance.
“Hey, how are you planning to do it in your room?”
“Why, I will massage myself every day!” She said.
Peter gave a teasing smile and said,
“This will not work if you massage yourself!” This method will work only if a male’s hands touches your breasts!”
“ But Sir, where will I go for ….?”
“ Why, you haven’t got a boy friend?”
Again, Jasmine bowed her head and said,
“ No Sir!”
“ Then you will have to come to me whenever I am free!” Peter said as if he was reluctantly helping her! Jasmine agreed to this and thanked him and left. The funniest part was she never even realized that I was sitting in the same room too. Only after her fourth day of successful boob massage, while she was leaving she casually glanced towards the other corner and froze when she saw me. She was still shocked. She came near me and muttered,
“Sir, I am just getting treated by Peter Sir…..” She was at a loss for words. Peter got up and came near us. He put his arms comfortingly around her and said,
“Don’t worry Jasmine, Maths Sir will not tell anybody about this treatment. You can come everyday like before!”

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