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The Senior Center

(Part 1 from 1)

A few years back I got a job working at a senior citizen’s center. The pay was good, the work was easy, and I got a chance to check out all the senior ass hanging around. As a young man I had already developed a voracious taste for older women, the older the better. The aging grannies walking around were no exception- full, fat asses that hadn’t had any good attention in years. I can’t tell you how many times I had to run to the bathroom to stroke my aching cock, the images of big, sagging tits, and juicy granny asses on my mind the whole time. Every now and again one of the these prime ladies would jokingly flirt with me, not knowing the dirty things I would do to her if I had the chance. I wonder if they knew that I was walking around with a raging hardon. Needless to say, I had a great job!

Every Thursday the center held a dance to raise funds. Seniors from all over would attend. A live band was brought in, and all the ladies got dolled up- I mean, really dolled up. I would damn near blow serious loads in my pants as I watched the elderly ladies gyrating around to the music in low cut dresses and tight pantsuits. I couldn’t keep my eyes off all the ass in the room. Even though some of these women were old enough to be my grandma, I wanted to grab one and fuck the shit out of her!! By the time the dance ended I would find myself in the bathroom stroking away and wishing for some elderly pussy. So was my fate until the day I met Edie.
Edie showed up to the dance one day, and boy was she a looker! She was tall, a little chunky, and had really long, curvy legs. She wore a long skirt that hid what looked to be a nice, round ass that swayed back and forth when she walked. Her tits were just as nice, full and round, and I occasionally got a glimpse of some nice cleavage when she passed. I knew that I needed to have this statuesque beauty. I was totally turned on by her, in spite of the cane she used when she walked or the blond wig she wore to cover her thinning hair.
One Thursday I worked up the nerve to ask Edie if she wanted to dance. Much to my surprise, she agreed.

Now was my chance to get my arms around her. I took her hand and led her to the dance floor, leaving her cane behind. I wrapped my arms around her and we glided across the dance floor. Her tits pressed against my chest, feeling full and heavy. I caressed her lower back, squeezing her body hard against mine. It was then that I started to get hard, my prick standing at attention. At first I was embarrassed and hoped that she wouldn’t notice, but it was unavoidable. As our bodies bumped together to the music, my giant bulge pushed against her abdomen. She looked at me surprised at first, then she smiled. Who knows what she was thinking having a young man’s hard cock pushed rudely against her!
Our weekly dances continued for some time, and Edie and I became more familiar with each other. She told me about her kids and grandkids, and how she had lost her husband some time back. When she told me her age (seventy-five!) it blew me away. I couldn’t believe that a woman her age made me so horny. She would sometimes wear pantsuits that would show off her incredible ass and tits. All the men would approach her, but she saved her dances for me.
Week after week went by, and the same ritual played itself out. I couldn’t wait to gyrate my swollen pecker against Edie’s soft body and feel her full tits pressed against me, and then running to the bathroom to stroke myself off, the whole time thinking about Edie’s nice ass.
All things have to come to an end eventually, and I received a transfer to another facility. I knew that I had to do something in order to continue seeing Edie. There was no way I was going to spend my days stroking off wad after wad without being able to touch her. So on my last Thursday at work, I told Edie I was leaving, and I asked her for her phone number. She immediately offered it to me, and a smile came across my face. Who knew what was in store for me???
I called Edie that Saturday and had a pleasant conversation. I was surprised when she suggested that I come over sometime. I told her that I wasn’t busy and that I wouldn’t mind coming over that night. She said fine and that I should come by around eight. I set out to get ready-just like a nervous kid on his prom night. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but the raging hard on between my legs had other ideas!

When I got to Edie’s that night she was wearing black pants that showed off her ass nicely. Her full rounded granny ass strained against the fabric of her pants, giving me a good view of her panties. She wore a whit blouse cut low, her cleavage jiggling as she moved around the room, offering me a seat.
Edie offered me a drink and disappeared, giving me a chance to look around the room. I looked at a picture of her when she was much younger—this was definitely a beautiful woman, dark brown eyes and a pretty smile. Her husband must have been all over her, her ass and tits probably much firmer back then.

Edie returned with a couple of beers and some whiskey. We had a few drinks, and started to feel more comfortable with each other. As the night went on, I started to think more and more about making a move on her., but wasn’t sure how this seventy-five year old would respond. So I suggested we dance. Edie put some music on, and I took her hand-just like old times. As we moved around her living room I could smell her sweet perfume lightly sprayed on her neck. I got hard thinking about how she had put on perfume to see me, and my wood became evident as it once again pushed against her. She smiled but didn’t say anything. Finally, I had all I could take. I planted my lips against hers and kissed her gently. She responded with some soft kisses of her own. I then let my hands slide down the small of her back and let them come to rest on her soft behind. Giving her ass a nice, firm squeeze, I continued to kiss her. Sensing no resistance, I decided the time was right and suggested we go upstairs to bed. She said yes right away, and, still shocked at my luck, I followed her upstairs to her bedroom.

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Once there, she told me to take off my clothes and get in bed, she definitely didn’t want to waste any time. She disappeared into another part of the house to change. After a few minutes she returned wearing a sexy silk camisole, a lacy black bra, and a pair of sexy black “granny” panties. Before she climbed into bed with me I caught a glimpse of her body. Her tits were a s full and round as I had imagined them, they strained at the fabric of her bra, begging to be set free. Her panties covered a set of full hips where a pair of nice, thick legs ended. Her ass was a nice round shape, not bad for a woman in her seventies. Edie climbed into bed with me and moved closer, her hand reaching down to stroke my now enormous cock. She smiled and raved about how hard, long, and thick it was. We started to make out and pet heavily, my hands roamed all over her body. I reached down and rubbed her pussy through her panties, and I could feel her getting very wet. Unhooking the clasps of her bra was no problem as her breasts popped out, one by one. I took each one in my mouth and sucked her hard nipples as my hand worked her cunt into a moist lather.
I slid her lacy panties down and stood back to take a good look. Her fat pussy lips were moist and swollen; her hard clit peeked out from underneath her hood, throbbing with excitement. She had a small mound of pubic hair, not too thick, and her pussy smelled really good, nice and musky, ready for some cock. Putting my hands under her knees I pushed her legs up and open and buried my face in her snatch.
Edie moaned softly as if this was the first time she had a tongue in her pussy. I licked her fat pussy lips, talking each one in my mouth, sucking and nibbling on them. I stuck my tongue up her twat as far a s I could and licked all around. She tasted sweet, no indication of her age, she tasted like a sweet little 18 year old. I took her entire swollen clit in my mouth and flickered it all around with the tip of my tongue. Edie continued to moan loudly, I could tell she was completely enjoying herself. I flicked at her clit, biting it gently with my lips and sucking on it. I wondered how many other men had been in my position before, licking this tasty pussy.

After about an hour of giving her pussy a good tongue lashing Edie grabbed the back of my head, shoving it hard against her pussy. She let out a loud moan and came all over my face. Her cum flowed like a faucet, running down the inside of her legs and into the crack of her pink asshole. I continued to circle my tongue all around her slit as she came, doing my best to drink down as much of her love juice as I could. When I finally came up for air I noticed that she had tears in her eyes, apparently she had come really hard, and she left a giant wet spot on the mattress. By now my cock had grown tired of waiting. I stopped to suck on her tits for a little while, and then positioned myself between her legs. I pushed my cockhead against her opening and slowly pushed it in.
I can still remember how soft and wet she was. Her pussy was smooth as silk, and warm. It felt so goddam good to be fucking this elderly nymph. I thrusted into her slowly, giving her constant, steady, deep and firm strokes. Edie put her hands on my ass cheeks and squeezed, a moan coming from deep inside her throat. Her pussy was remarkably tight, swallowing my dick as it slid in and out of her.

I could feel her getting wetter and wetter by the moment as I pushed my cock in as far as it would go.

I had to be gentle on her elderly pussy. She wasn’t able to take a solid, hard fucking anymore. She needed some tenderness from a cock, and I was able to provide it for her. I could feel her cum flowing out again as she had a solid orgasm. I continued my thrusting as cum poured out from her, moistening my pubes and cock.

Usually I can last for a good while when the fucking is as gentle as this—but her pussy was too soft, sending me into a dizzying state of ecstasy. I was lost in every inch of her warm snatch. Finally I shot a giant load deep in her snatch, and we both lie there motionless unable to move.
Edie then shocked the shit out of me when she asked if I was ready to go again. What a horny bitch I scored on.!! She reached down and touched my dick, delighted that it was still rock hard after filling her snatch with cum. She then went down and stuck my dick in her mouth, sucking me to a solid erection. It was amazing to be having such an old woman sucking so feverishly on my pecker. Once I was hard again I got back into position and fucked her to orgasm. This dirty little scene played itself over and over again. I was amazed by the stamina that this elderly woman possessed. We fucked until the break of dawn, with my new lover cumming over and over.

Edie and I continued to get together after that, both of us knowing that there was no real relationship to be had except for a good friendship with some good old-fashioned fucking.

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