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The School Girl

(Part 1 from 1)

 Shannon returned home from a long day of school and shopping. The eighteen year
old blonde had spent her one evening off of the week looking for new clothes so that she
could start going to job interviews. Her current job filing papers for a prestigious law firm
had grown dull. It had seemed like a good idea at the time, something she could learn
from and put down on her resume’e when she went off to law school. Instead of learning
how to put crooks behind bars and protect the innocent, she had learned that Mr. Baxter
liked his coffee black and Mr. Marshall, the younger of the two, liked his with a double
shot of cream.
After getting out of the car, Shannon straightened her pleated plaid skirt of her school
uniform and gathered her bags from the back seat of her car. She hurried into the house,
noting a black BMW parked in the street in front of her house. BMWs weren’t that
uncommon in her neighborhood, but why was there one in front of her house? she
Her question was answered when she opened the door and entered her house.
“You’ve got a guest, honey,” her mother announced from the kitchen. “Mr. Marshall is
waiting in your bedroom for you. I think that he’s here to make an argument to keep
“Good thing I made my bed this morning,” Shannon said, continuing her trek up the
stairs to her bedroom.
She opened her bedroom door, and sitting there at he computer playing solitaire was
Mr. Marshall, his black hair slicked back except for one lock which curled over his
forehead. He turned to greet her as she put her bags on her bed.
“Hello, Shannon,” he said standing up.
“Hi, Mr. Baxter. To what do I owe the honor of your acquaintance this afternoon?”
she asked, pulling a blouse out of a bag.
“I have come to ask you to stay with us, but I want you to drop the formalities. We’re
not at work. Okay?”
“I think I can do that,” Shannon said, hanging up her blouse in her closet and reaching
back onto her bed for another.
“We want to know what you want so that you can stay,” Mr. Marshall said, moving
next to Shannon to offer his help putting away her purchases.
“Well, Mr. Marshall,” Shannon began.
“Call me Will,” Mr. Marshall corrected. “We’re being informal here; remember?”
“Well, Will,” Shannon continued, hanging up another blouse, “I haven’t really given it
too much thought.”
“Is it the money? Are we working you too hard?” Will asked, handing her a pair of
“No, actually everything is good. I just don’t think that I’m getting enough learning
out of this experience. I feel like all I do is get you and Mr. Baxter coffee. I want to learn
how things are done, instead I’m out standing in a long line at Starbucks.”
Will stopped to consider what she was saying; he picked up the next bag and pulled out
a lacy white thong. He handed it over with a blush. “I think that I might be able to do
something about the nature of your work load,” he said.
“What could you do?” Shannon asked, opening a drawer in her dresser to reveal more
undergarments. All kinds of lacy bras and panties were arranged in that drawer.
Will gulped and handed her another pair of underwear. “You could work under me as
my personal assistant and help me prepare case files. Usually we only offer those
positions to students who are actually in law school, but Mr. Baxter and I feel that you
have potential. I believe that he said that you have a good head on your shoulders.”
It was Shannon’s turn to blush. “What would the difference be for me?”
Will sat on the now empty bed. “First off, no more coffee runs. I take that back, you
might have one on occasion, but only when it’s an emergency.”
Shannon laughed and sat beside him on the bed, her skirt riding up an inch, revealing
even more of her long legs.
“You would also help me prepare case files, like I said earlier. You also get a bit of a
raise. A whole dollar. Its not much, but you’re getting that learning experience that you
“Thank you, thank you, thank you,” Shannon said, leaning forward and kissing Will on
the cheek, her chest brushing his arm as she wrapped her arms around him. “This is
exactly what I’ve been looking for.” She leaned forward to kiss him again, but this time
Will turned his head so that their lips met. Her moment of celebration deepened to a
feeling of wanting. Their lips stayed together, pressed firmly in place. Will’s tongue
darted into her mouth, and she didn’t resist. She welcomed it and kissed back. Their
tongues massaged each other; their lips gently wrestled, pulling back and then going in
deeper. Will’s hand rested on Shannon’s knees and then crept its way up until it was
touching the hem of Shannon’s red and black plaid skirt. Shannon touched his hand and
urged it under her skirt. Will felt the smooth inside of Shannon’s well toned leg and
continued to pull his hand up until he felt her underwear, damp with excitement. She
spread her legs further, and he started to rub against the underwear. Shannon sighed into
Will’s mouth, as one of his fingers snaked into the confines of her underwear. He started
to touch her clit, and she let out a little “eek.”
“Are you okay?” Will asked, pulling back.
“I’m just fine. This is just my first time with a man, to be gentle,” Shannon said,
pulling him in for a deep kiss.
Will’s finger found its position again and continued to rub the swollen clit.
Shannon moved one of her hands down to the bulge in Will’s pants. She began to
stroke the bulge. She stroked it until his pants could almost no longer contain him. At
which point she unzipped his fly and fished his cock out of his pants. Shannon positioned
herself leaning on the bed and took the cock into her mouth. Her head bobbed slowly in
Will’s lap, and he reached over to lift up her skirt. Her ass peeked out of a black thong,
looking very tan. As Will’s hand rubbed Shannon’s firm ass, he realized that there wasn’t
a single tan line on her entire backside. He then leaned over on his side and gathered her
pussy into his mouth. She tasted so new and clean. He licked her clit and tensed with
pleasure as Shannon’s sucking became more vigorous. Will stuck his tongue into her wet
pussy and heard her squeal from between his legs.
“Fuck me,” Shannon moaned, pulling her mouth from his cock.
Will happily obliged, positioning himself between the school girl’s legs. He slid his
seven inch long shaft into her virgin pussy. She moaned and he stopped, his cock still in
her pussy. “Keep going,” she begged. “It hurts, but it feels so good.” Will slowly pulled
his cock back and then pushed it back in. She moaned again, but he continued. She was
so tight, and felt so good wrapped around his cock. As he humped, he unbuttoned he
white blouse revealing a shear black bra with a clasp on the front. He unfastened the clasp
and admired the tan breasts and their lack of a tan line. He thrust his cock deep, and
smiled as she gasped with pleasure. She gripped the bed as he ran his hands over her
beautiful tits. He squeezed them, making her moan.
“I think I know something that would help you enjoy this even more,” he offered.
“What’s that?” Shannon panted, squeezing his cock with her pussy as he hit her in a
sweet spot.
“I’ll lay on my back and you can be on top. Just make sure you fuck me good,” he
suggested through clenched teeth as he laid into her with some rapid bumping and
grinding. Then he slid out of her revealing a cock tinted red with blood. He leaned back,
and Shannon mounted his hard cock. She gasped as it slid deep into her pussy. She
started to slide up and down on the wonderful cock. She would slide up until the tip was
teasing the entrance to her pussy and then she would slide back down. Then she started
pounding it into her, like a little girl jumping on the bed. She moaned as she ground that
hard cock in deeper, suddenly she spasmed and her pussy tightened into an orgasm. A
few more bounces and she was off. She climbed off of the cock and licked some of the
blood from the tip. Will gasped and gripped at the bed; being inside of her had made him
incredibly sensitive, and she had done a good job fucking him. She started sucking him
again, taking him deep into her throat. “I’m gonna cum,” he warned, his back arching.
She continued to suck that cock until he exploded in her mouth. She swallowed it all and
“Now I’m ready for my boyfriend to take me out for some dinner to celebrate,” she
said, licking his tip.
“I think I can do that,” Will said, kissing her.

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