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The Road Trip

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

My name is David and I am 19 years old. I’m 6 feet tall and 213 pounds with an 8 inch dick. Let me tell you about Sarah before the story begins she is 18 about 5 feet 4 inches tall with 34c breasts. This is the story of the road trip we took together to Indiana last summer.

Sarah Suggested that we take a road trip before we went to our separate collages after the summer was up. After a few hours of arguing about where we should go we decided to go see family in Indiana. Three days of preparations and packing of personal things and the car we left at 2:00 AM. Our first tour stop was Chattanooga, Tennessee at the train museum. After we had eaten supper we got the last hotel room available at a small hotel just out side of town. Unfortunately it only had one bed so I offered to take the floor, “I will not have the only driver getting sick because he slept on the floor” said Sarah. Knowing she wouldn’t I said “So why don’t you sleep on the floor then.” We both got a good laugh out of that.

About midnight I woke up from a nightmare and after a few seconds I realized where I was and that my hand was on Sarah’s bare butt. With out waking her up I went for a walk to get the dream out of my head and found myself thinking of nothing but my little sister sleeping in the nude. The next day I asked “Sarah when did you start sleeping naked” her response did not come until two or three hours after we started driving “I slept naked for the first time last night because I want to see what it felt like” was all Sarah said. She didn’t respond to the parade of questions that I asked.

Later that day we found another one bed hotel room and again got a good laugh out of me suggesting she take the floor. This time we checked in before lunch so we decided to take showers and go somewhere fun for lunch. Sarah came out of the bathroom with nothing on but a towel on, and the towel was almost too short. Maybe she thought it would be funny or it happened by accident I don’t know but her towel hit the floor and Sarah never picked it up. During my shower I was trying to get rid of the raging hard on that the earlier sight gave me.

After lunch we went out to the tourist places and had a pretty good time but more often than not I found myself staring at my sister’s body and wondering what it would be like to fuck her in the cunt. We got back to the hotel room and out of nowhere Sarah asked to see me naked to make it even between the two of us. I cautiously agreed and striped off my cloths and stood in front of her. She finally broke the silence by asking if she could tell me something. “Since we were about thirteen I’ve kind of had a crush on you” she said after a short silence.

Things were a little weird between at supper that night but it was probably because the waiter hit on both of us and still thought we were a couple. We ate our dinner and talked about what we do the next day, and what we would be doing while we were in Indiana. We went back to the hotel after stopping a few places and taking in the sites to be seen.

We got back to the hotel and argued about what channel to watch on T.V. and then we both stopped what we were doing when we heard moans and screams coming from the room next top us. We started listening to them and after a few minutes we figured out that the couple next door was actually a brother and sister on a road trip. I happened to look over at my sister and saw that her hand was down her pant and that she was biting her lower lip and that her pants were getting wet in the groin.

Right then I realized just how my sister could be that and the activities going on next door gave me such a hard on that I couldn’t ignore it. I took of my pants and through them on the floor and started to masturbate very quickly. Apparently Sarah took notice of this right away and seized the moment and began to masturbate me after she had removed her pants and cum soaked panties. “Sarah that feels absolutely amazing.” I said a few seconds after she began. Things really stated to heat up after she started to lick my hard on from base to tip, then she sucked my dick all in one smooth motion. The feeling of my cock hitting the back of her throat was absolute heaven for my body and it sent me over the edge I started cumming and she swallowed all of my cum like a pro.

We realized that we were still both extremely aroused by what was happening and just started kissing like we were actually a couple. After a few minutes we laid back and rested a little while. The next thing I remember was waking up next to my completely naked sleeping sister. I got out of bed not realizing that I was still naked from the night before. We left the hotel and made our way to Columbus, Ohio. When we arrived we got to the closest hotel we could find and we both took a shower but again a father and daughter couple got us hot and heavy more so than before. We stripped down and started to make out like wild animals. “Why don’t you put that dick of yours in my pussy so we can show that couple next door up huh.” Sarah said after about ten minutes. My brain nor my dick seemed to care that she was my sister and I listed to her. I laid out flat on the bed and guided her to the proper position, in one long slow movement she lowered herself on to my dick. After she was settled she began to move up and down very slowly. After a few minutes her pace started to quicken and I found my own body matching her every move and she let out moan after moan her pussy like a vice on my dick I realized she was having an orgasm like she had never had before. This sent my body into over drive and I said “Oh God Sarah I’m cumming.” She didn’t pull me out so I grabbed her hips and rammed my dick into her as far as I could and exploded a huge load into my sisters waiting body.

Sarah Finally cam back into her right frame of mind got up ran to the bathroom saying “what the hell David why did you cum in me.” The only thing in my head was ‘WOW’ that was amazing. The rest of the trip to our family’s place was for lack of a better word awkward. I apologized I don’t know how many times and said that if she did get pregnant that we could fess up to what we had done and I would take care of the kid while she went to school.

“David I enjoyed what we did last night I just panicked and forgot that I’m on the pill” Sarah Finally said as we entered Peru, Indiana where our extended family lives. The rest of the trip was spent in silence. We had a grand welcome to our grandmother’s house when we got there. After a few nights in the basement alone Sarah came down to see me about midnight and said that she was really sorry for the way she had behaved on the last leg of our trip. I found out really quickly that she was very horny due to the wet spot between her legs.

The kissing quickly moved up to nude kissing, which moved up to the best sex of my life. Sarah started off moving her body up and down on my dick real slowly. As her paced quickened so did mine and her body was in extreme pleasure because her juices were flowing like water from a faucet open just enough to make a continuous stream of water. “Oh, oh, oh, oh, my god I’m cumming.” I stammered. She began to move faster and faster after I said this. I grabbed her hip sand again rammed my dick as far as I possibly could and exploded the biggest load of cum in my life into my sister womb.

That night was the beginning of a summer long relationship that I hope to rekindle one I change to the same school she goes to.

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