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The Priest Teaches His Flock Ch 12

(Part 2 from 4)

She looked at his member, so thick and hard. She wasn’t sure how he would get it inside her, but she didn’t care any longer, her body was the Lords now. She was already wet in spite of her orgasm, the thought of Bishop Samuel taking her virginity for the Lord arousing her. “Please, take my virginity for the Lord, Bishop Samuel.” He climbed between her legs, Charlotte spreading her thighs farther open until they ached, her eyes glued to the thick member that jerked so close to her vagina. She didn’t hesitate, gripping his member in both of her hands, guiding it to her sex, rubbing the hot head up and down her slit. She almost came when she felt her sex fold back, her lips closing over the hot head as it pulsated on her pussy. She couldn’t wait any longer, taking the huge head and placing it against her small opening. “It’s so big,” she exclaimed when she felt it pulsating against her tight hole. She arched her hips up, wanting to feel it deep in her virgin body, but at the same time afraid of the pain that she would feel when it ripped through her hymen.

“Yes it is Child. But you can take it. For the Lord.” He began to push with his hips, the thick head of his cock breaching the tight opening, watching her hole slowly spread wide to take it in. He held her tight as his hips pushed harder, her muscles fighting the intrusion.

“EEEEEGGGG,” she screamed out in pain, the thick member breaching her opening, her hole feeling as it he were tearing it. She tried to sink her butt deeper into the mattress but his hips continued to follow her, forcing her to take more of the hot member. She could feel it jerking in pleasure as it sought to breach her. Then she felt it, the thick head pushed against her hymen, feeling the thin membrane stretch as he continued to press forward. Her pussy was stretched taut across the thick head of Bishop Samuel’s cock.

Bishop Samuel couldn’t wait any longer. His muscles tightened and he pushed into her with a powerful thrust of his hips, his cock tearing through her hymen as if it were butter. “Take the Lord’s Sword Charlotte,” he yelled out as he took her innocence in a brutal thrust of his cock, burying half of his hard cock inside her violated hole. He pushed his body down on hers as he took her virginity from her.

“Oh God, No!” It hurt terribly, her insides feeling torn as his brutal weapon thrust into her virgin passage, her muscles pushed aside in submission by the hot, throbbing member. She could feel the wetness, knowing that it was her virgin blood that aided his weapons entry inside her, his hands sliding underneath her, gripping her naked butt and forcing her up, his member waiting, sliding deeper inside her. His body was pressed against hers, her pointed nipples rubbed by his hairy chest.

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Bishop Samuel loved the look of pain and surprise on her face as she was suddenly and brutally impaled on his cock. She would never forget this day, the day when she gave her innocence to the Lord. He pulled his cock out until only the head was gripped by her tight hole, seeing his shaft coated pink with her virgin blood. He shoved back in again, her muscles gripping his cock as he pushed into her virgin passage, his powerful weapon pushing aside all resistance as he took her. Each time he stroked in he would go deeper, pulling out slowly, drawing her insides with each stroke. Then he would shove back in, making her take his cock in a powerful stroke that made her luscious tits dance up and down on her chest.

He didn’t stop; his member sliding in and out, her body rocketed by his powerful thrusts. It took her breath away when he buried his cock deep inside her, feeling the head of his member slamming hard against her cervix, making her take the full measure of his sword. He didn’t pause for more than a second before he drew it out, her insides caving in behind the departing member. When only the head was still inside her, jerking in pleasure, he would clench his muscles and thrust back into her with a powerful force that pinned her to the bed like a butterfly. It hurt, but felt good all at the same time, her young body confused. It was the Lord’s work she was doing, her body sacrificed for the Lord. It felt huge inside her, pushing aside her insides as his sword ruthlessly took her with his powerful strokes. So that is what it felt like, feeling the throbbing flesh jerking in pleasure inside her. Bishop Samuel was panting above her, his hips a blur as he took her, his testicles banging against her backside with each powerful stroke.

“Please the Lord Child. Squeeze his sword with your body.” He enjoyed her hot, tight pussy, his balls tingling as he rode her for all that he was worth. But he wanted more from her, wanting to test her submission to the Lord’s work. His hands crawled under her ass, gripping her cheeks, feeling the muscles tighten, his cock feeling as if it were caught in a vise. “Oh yes, Child. So good. Again.” His fingers dug into her cheeks, tearing them apart, his finger searching out her hot asshole. He found the sweat drenched hole, his finger pushed against it as her ass arched up to escape the rude plundering of her backside.

It hurt when she squeezed him, but it made Bishop Samuel so happy, his sword jerking and jumping inside her. His hands scratched her butt cheeks as his fingers dug into her tender flesh, forcing her to arch up, driving his sword deeper into her pussy. It felt like her anus burning, his fingers drawing apart her cheeks until her hole began to stretch open. She swung her hips side to side to escape the fingers that clawed between her cheeks, only succeeding in pleasuring the sword that continued to ravish her body. “NNNOOO!” His finger had touched her backside, touching her in that forbidden place. She had watched Father John take Sally in her backside, seeing the look of pain etched in her face as his sword tore into her defenseless hole. Now Bishop Samuel had his finger pressing against her tiny hole, feeling her muscles already fighting to keep it out. The finger moved over her hole almost as if it was caressing it, running around the hole until it settled on the center of it, her muscles fighting as it began to press harder. “UUUGGGH!” She cried out in pain, her butt rising up so high that his sword bashed painfully against her cervix, feeling as if it was going to come out her mouth. The finger had entered her unceremoniously, thrusting dryly into her backside, burning as her hole stretched to take the thick finger. It began to move deeper until she felt it pushing against her rectal muscles, making her stomach cramp unexpectedly.

Her asshole was as hot as her pussy, her muscles clamping down tightly as he thrust into her rectum. He drove his cock into her, her body buffeted by his twin probes. He began to fuck her harder, his balls ready to dump his cum inside her. “Pleasure me Child,” he ordered her as he fucked her hard. “Receive the Lord’s seed inside you.”

She was being skewered on both ends, his finger deep inside her backside, the uncomfortable feeling at having something moving around inside a passage not meant to be entered. At the same time his sword continued to plunder her once virgin passage, eliciting such exquisite pleasures from her untrained body. She squeezed tightly on his sword even though it carried over into her backside, her muscles involuntarily tightening on the finger inside her. She wanted to please Bishop Samuel but she also felt the first tingling of an orgasm approaching. She began to move her hips in spite of forcing his finger deeper into her rectum. Or maybe it was because of it, a deep masochistic thrill racing through her body as she served the Lord. His sword continued to ravish her body, moving faster and faster inside her, taking her so completely, Bishop Samuel making her take the full measure of his sword. She tightened her muscles on his sword, feeling it jerk inside her. He plunged it deep inside her, so deep she thought it would meet his finger in her backside. He stopped and then she felt it. It seemed to get bigger inside her, stretching her. It began to shoot inside her, Charlotte feeling for the first time the blast of seed bathing her once virgin passage. It was hot, feeling as if it were scalding her insides. She rubbed her body back and forth against him, feeling his flesh against her clit, the pleasure button hard and waiting. She felt her body cumming just in time to feel the second blast of seed pounding against her womb. Her butt pushed back, driving the finger deep into her bowels as her head grew dizzy in pleasure, her nipples hard and sensitive rubbed harshly by his hairy chest. She couldn’t control her own muscles, her body shaking and jumping under his, the pleasure racing to her brain as she trembled under her first orgasm induced by the sword deep inside her. “Praise the Lord,” she screamed out so loud that even Bishop Samuel was taken back. His cock pulled out and then plunged back in, spewing his hot seed inside her body, mixing with her juices as she came with him.

Her pussy felt like a blast furnace, her muscles clenching so tight on his cock that he grunted each time he fucked back in. He skewered her asshole on his thick finger, rubbing her muscles salaciously as it drove her hips high into the air, plunging his cock so deep he thought it would come out the other end. He couldn’t contain himself any longer, driving his cock deep inside her, feeling her clench onto his cock as the cum rushed from his balls to bath her womb with his seed. “Take the Lord’s seed Child,” he screamed out in pleasure, dumping his cum deep inside her. He held her tightly against him as she began to cum with him, their juices mixing deep inside her young body, holding her trembling body. “Yes Charlotte. Cum with the Lord. Receive his seed inside you.” They both finally collapsed, Bishop Samuel dragging his cock from her wet pussy, sitting up as Charlotte tried to catch her breath. He looked down at her, her lovely body covered in sweat, her bush drenched in his juices, her eyes closed, her breathing ragged. He pushed her wet hair from her face. “You serve the Lord well Charlotte. You will make an excellent Novice.” He moved over her head, learning over until his limp cock rubbed across her lips. “Clean the Lord’s sword,” he ordered her, his fingers opening up her lips until his soiled cock entered the hot confines of her mouth. He felt it begin to grow, her tongue moving over the head, licking it to hardness again.

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