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The 'Photo shoot'

(Part 1 from 1)

John welcomed Elpie into his house, she was right on time, 2pm just like he said. He’d met her while out in town and commented on how pretty she looked. He then told her that he worked for a local magazine and if she was interested in doing a photo shoot for the magazine that he had a set up at his house. She agreed to Johns surprise and so here they were.

He’d made sure he got his wife out of the house and that the kids were at school so he wouldn’t be disturbed. John was 38 and very rarely got jobs from magazines to use his photos so was struggling quite a bit. He’d also grown bored of his wife and so was looking for something more exciting. He knew Elpie was only 18 but she was just so beautiful. He offered her a drink then explained how the shoot would work. He led her down to the basement where he had it set up. After a couple of shots of just her with what she was wearing he told her that behind a screen was a couple of bikini’s and that she should go and find her size. After a few minutes she came back out looking stunning. John felt a stirring in his pants and his penis beginning to go hard. Trying to control himself he told her to stand in front of the white background and starting snapping. She looked so pretty in that bikini and John felt himself longing for the 18 year old girl. After 10 minutes of that he told her to follow him upstairs where he had some more outfits for her to try on. Elpie put her dress back on and went upstairs with John.

They went into the master bedroom and John looked in his wife’s wardrobe for something that would fit the young girl. He picked something out and asked for Elpie’s sizes. To make sure he asked if he could feel her hips to see how well the dress would go on. She accepted and John put his hand on Elpie’s hips while behind her. He felt her react a little. He was so aroused now and started moving his hand around to her ass, then down her legs and slowly around to her groin area while telling her what a wonderful figure she had. He then whispered in her ear that he could make her into a star and put her photos into every fashion magazine in the country. He then moved his hand onto her vagina and started rubbing it through the dress. 

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John heard Elpie let out a sigh and she didn’t resist. He then moved his hands up to her breasts and started caressing them. He kept telling her how beautiful she was and then reached for the zip at the back of her dress. He pulled it down then helped it off her young body. She had pink panties on with a matching bra. She turned to face him and he went to kiss her. Her lips were like velvet and he slowly pushed her onto the double bed behind her. As her virgin body lay in front of him John ripped off his cheap shirt and quickly took off his jeans. He had a bulging erection easily visible through his boxer shorts. He joined the 18 year old on the bed and started to kiss her again. He then worked his hands onto her bra and moved round to the strap and took it off. Her breasts weren’t the biggest but they were young and pert and had more development to go. John started kissing Elpie’s breasts and then moved onto the nipples lightly biting them. He then moved his head up and looked at the girl spread on his bed. He knew what he was about to do was illegal, but who would ever know? 

John then ripped his boxer shorts off to reveal a fully erect 38 year old penis bursting to get out. He then moved forward and motioned for Elpie to suck it. Nervously the 18 year old put it in her mouth and starting to suck. Boy it felt good and he put his hands on Elpie’s soft blonde hair as her head moved up and down. She was sucking his cock for about 5 minutes before he asked her to stop and then proceeded to take Elpie’s pants off apply lubricant to his rock hard penis. Her bush was trimmed slightly and looked so inviting to John. He knew that because this was her first time he was going to need all the help he could get. The 18 year old girl lay there naked on his bed and John was so eager to get things going. He moved forwards and started to guide his unprotected penis into Elpie’s pussy, he could feel it was wet which would help. The head went in and the young girl gave an audible gasp of pleasure as John’s penis went further in. It was so tight and so pleasurable and as John started to thrust Elpie moaned loudly, her face a mixture of pleasure and pain. He continued to thrust his penis in and out of the 18 year old and her moans only made him thrust harder. She had such a wonderful body, it was so curvy and smooth. As their intercourse continued Johns eyes never left the sight of the young he was shagging. She had such a pretty young face that was slightly screwed up and this new experience was causing her mixed feelings. Her pert breasts were moving up and down with each thrust he applied. Her wonderful, smooth legs were spread apart with John in the middle pounding away.

He felt himself close to cumming and so withdrew to try and do something he had always wanted. As his penis slid out of the youngster’s pussy the sound of relief was audible. He asked her to lie on her front and she did so looking confused. John had never had anal sex before and his wife had never wanted to try it. Elpie looked so young and innocent as she lay there bareback, her young ass making John even more eager to fuck it. His penis was now unbelievably hard and he knew it was going to be a struggle to get it into the girl’s anus, but it would be worth it. He told Elpie to relax and he started to rim her, his tongue moving around the edge of her ass hole. After that, he got some more lubricant and massaged it onto his erect penis. He then applied some to the young girl’s ass hole to help make entry easier. John moved his penis towards Elpie’s ass and the head made contact and John forced it in. Her hole was so tight as it had never been penetrated before and she was just a teenager. As it went further in she moaned with pain and after some difficulty John saw his entire penis disappear up the girl’s anus. They both were breathing very heavily now, as for John, Elpie’s ass was so tight and for Elpie, having this big cock up her was very uncomfortable. Elpie’s moans started to turn into shouts of pain as like before John began to thrust hard and fast, getting as much pleasure as he could from it. Even if the young girl wanted to stop she couldn’t as the older man was lying straight on top of her, making it impossible to move about. John was close to ejaculation as his penis was so far up this tight, smooth ass. Elpie’s pretty face was screwed up in pain and John no longer cared about the loud screams coming from the youngster he was on top of, the pleasure was so much.

Before long John ejaculated into the girl’s ass with immense pleasure, and he lay there a moment still inside her, his head resting on her soft blonde hair before withdrawing. It was the best sex John had had in years and he rolled over admiring the girl he had just shagged shitless. He thought she must be hurting considering it was her first time, but from his point of view it was amazing. He did feel a bit bad bringing her here just to try and have sex with her, and not really caring about the ‘photo shoot’ but it had been worth it. She probably wouldn’t tell anyone what they had just done out of embarrassment so John knew he was safe. After a few minutes of lying there Elpie began to get changed and thinking it would be a bit too ambitious to try and go again so did John. She began to ask him about the photos and when she’d know if any magazines would be interested. Considering John had very few connections with any magazine he told her a lie about hearing within a week, hoping to draw her back for another ‘shoot’ at his house. After that Elpie left, look rather shy and embarrassed saying she didn’t want to miss the bus. As she walked out the door John gave her a slap on the ass he had just penetrated and wink, only to be met with a meek smile. Hopefully she’d be back next week, for another photo shoot…

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