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The Phone Number

(Part 2 from 2)

“Oh God. Oh my fucking God!” Kelly sounded like she was about to explode. I wrapped my arms around her and pumped as hard and fast as I could. Her body started convulsing violently just a few seconds later. It was all Sean and I could do to hold on and stay inside her.

I felt Sean pull out. I heard him yank off a condom so he must’ve been shooting his load all over Kelly’s ass-cheeks and back. The very idea caused me to fire off my load deep inside her pulsating pussy. Kelly kissed me deeply.

“Your cum feels so good baby.” She whispered into my ear.

“Holy shit that was fantastic dude!” Sean was standing next to the bed wiping off his dick. That’s when we heard the applause.
“That was awesome, but you could’ve mentioned that it was going to be this sort of party.” My buddy James said.
“Yeah Mike. I mean my fiancé Brenda would even have been on board for this kind of action. She thought it was going to be another boring football party.” Ken chuckled as he continued giving us a ‘golf clap.’ I just grinned in response.

Kelly crawled off of me and relaxed on the bed with one leg intertwined with one of mine. My glistening cock was deflating on one thigh. I noticed the hard-ons that James & Ken were sporting inside their jeans.

“Baby, you’re not done entertaining our guests are you?” I whispered into her ear. She opened her eyes, winked at me and grinned.
“Gentlemen, if you’d be so kind as to undress so you can pay proper respects to your hostess.” I smiled and got out of bed to make room.
They stood there stunned and motionless until Sean turned on the bedroom T.V. When they saw the game on for some reason that seemed to indicate it was time to go ahead. They stripped about as fast as Sean had before.

“Mike I haven’t fucked a twenty-two year-old since college.” Ken didn’t say anything more and James just laughed.
“Here guys.” Kelly handed them each one of the flavored condoms from the bedside table. She smiled wide as she watched them put the things on.
“Beers for everyone?” I had put on some shorts and figured a beer sounded like a good idea. Everyone agreed.

When I came back with the brewskies, Kelly was on her hands and knees in the middle of our king-sized bed. Ken was vigorously pumping her pussy with his six-incher and James had nearly all of his seven inches down her throat. I had an instant hard-on just from that scene. Memories of seeing Kelly on that loading dock came flooding back.

I handed Sean his beer. He had gotten dressed and was sitting on the floor alternately watching the game and the show on the bed. I set the other beers down before taking a seat on the floor. I never once looked at the T.V.
“Jesus her mouth is so fucking hot Mike.” James said as he thrust his meat between her lips.

“Her pussy is tighter than Brenda’s. Oh my God.” Ken kept pumping, but he was obviously getting close to losing his wad.

For her part, Kelly was thrusting her hips back into Ken and I could hear the humming so I knew what James was getting too. Somehow she managed the pace perfectly. She really is a dream to watch. It doesn’t compare to being with her, but I was rock hard just watching her in action with my best friends.

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Sean was now focused almost entirely on the game. Sometimes I just don’t understand him. I chuckled and pointed and James laughed when he looked over at Sean.

“He never has had his priorities set right.” James chuckled, but then closed his eyes and focused on fucking Kelly’s face. Ken never missed a beat.
“I’ve got to experience a pussy tighter than Brenda’s. Wanna switch?” James asked Ken. I had to raise my eyebrows at that comment.
“Sure thing.” Ken pulled out and they moved around on the bed.

Kelly and I established eye contact for a moment and she mouthed the words ‘I love you.’ I mouthed back ‘I love you too.’ Then James shoved his seven-inch love missile deep into Kelly’s dripping wet snatch. She threw her head back.

“Oh yeah James. fuck that pussy. Ken, gimme that cock. I need something in my mouth now.” She grabbed his rod and sucked it into her mouth. Ken was getting a wet & noisy blowjob at first, but then I heard the humming kick in as she deep throated him.
“Holy shit her pussy is tighter than Brenda’s.” James was pumping Kelly hard and fast.

“Her mouth is exquisite. She could sure teach Brenda something about sucking dick.” He was face fucking her now and she held still to take it.
“Yeah, how is it that you know how tight Brenda is James?” I chuckled as I watched them. James didn’t answer, but Ken did.

“I’ll host for the Superbowl and you can find out for yourself Mike. OH MY GOD I’M CUMMING!” Ken emptied his load into the end of the condom and then dropped onto the bed.

Kelly put her face down and pushed her ass hard into James to meet his thrusts. James couldn’t take anymore and he tensed as he blew his load.
“Holy shit Kelly! You are so fucking hot!” James sat on his thighs and was caressing her ass. Then she collapsed on the bed.
“Your not so bad yourself. Thanks guys! You were all great!” She grinned at me and I winked back at her.

“I’ve got to get home guys. When I tell Brenda about today and about hosting for the Superbowl she’s going to fuck the shit outta me. Talk with you guys later!” Ken was dressed and out the door almost as fast as he had undressed.

“Brenda’s that good?” Sean finally seemed to be paying attention. James just nodded in response.
I glanced at Kelly to see how she was and her eyes were closed. From the gentle rise and fall of her beautiful chest I guessed she felt like napping now that she’d had her fill of cock.

“Let’s catch the rest of the game in the living room guys.” I whispered.
“Screw football. I’m going home to fuck my wife.” James had gotten dressed and was grinning at me.
“Yeah I gotta bail too Mike. I’ve got a date with Lisa tonight. She can smell sex a mile away so I’ve got to shower, twice maybe, before I see her. Thanks man, you’re the best.” Sean chugged the last of his beer and left.

I turned off the T.V.s and cleaned up some then slid into bed with Kelly. She awoke long enough to wrap her body around mine in a full-body hug.
“Everyone leave already?” She sounded so sleepy.

“Yeah, but I’ve got some good news. We’re invited to Ken & Brenda’s for the Superbowl.” I smiled.
“More football?” She sounded disappointed.

“Nope.” I just left it at that and kissed her deeply.

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