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The Other Members Can Also Cum Anytime

(Part 21 from 21)

Chapter 21 - The whole family

When I got home, the sun was going down. I opened the door and, even with that poor light, I could see my whole family naked.

Dad, Becky, Mike, Donna, Laura, uncle Alan, aunt Theresa, Sam, Dick, Lisa, Pat and Karen. 12 people naked. And they were not just watching the nakedness around them. No. They were (how could I say?) interacting.

Laura, for instance, was going up and down on my uncle's cock and smiled when she saw me:

"Hey, Bobby, take your clothes off and join us!"

Now, I had a lot of sex that day! A lot! I couldn't believe my cock could get hard again. But it surprised me. When I saw Dick fucking Pat, my cock surprised me. Dick was 13, Pat was 14 and my cock was surprising. It started to grow again. Just started, but it was good to know that there was sexual life inside my pants.

As I've said, my uncle Alan was fucking Laura, and Dick was fucking Pat. Mike and Sam were fucking each other and Dad was fucking Lisa while she sucked Donna. Becky, Theresa and Karen were enjoying each other.

"Look, mom, cousin Bobby arrived! He has a really big cock, you have to see it!"

"I've already did it, honey. And I sucked it. And I had it inside my pussy."

"Jeez, mom, you're really a slut, aren't you?"

Becky thought she had to interfere:

"Karen, that's no way of calling your mother! Stop with that or I won't lick your pussy!"

"Oh, no, Becky, lick it, please! I won't call her a slut anymore, I promise you. But eat me! I'm so close!"

"Now you're being respectful."

And Becky got her mouth on my cousin's pussy once more.

Theresa kissed her daughter.

"Come on, Karen. Suck my tits. Suck them like you did when you were a baby!"

Karen put one of her mother's large tits in her mouth and sucked it.

"Oh, Karen, you're a much better titsucker now than when you were a baby! Hm, suck me, babe! Yes, Karen, suck my tits. Hm, dear, play with my pussy."

"Oh, Dick, fuck me, little brother! Yes, oh, shit, I can't believe that till this morning I was a fucking virgin! Fuck me, Dick, oh, yes! Baby brother, you know how to fuck your sister!"

"Fuck my ass, Sam, keep fucking my ass! Oh, shit, you have such a big cock!"

"It gets bigger in your ass, man!"

"Yes, please, fuck me with your big cock! Hm..."

Donna saw me and came next to me. As she was coming, I could see her wet pussy, thanks to Lisa's lapping.

Lisa, of course, as soon as she got her mouth free, started to scream:

"Fuck me, uncle Ed, fuck me, fuck your little slut niece! Yes! Hm, uncle Ed, if only I knew you could fuck me so well!"

"Yes, Lisa? What would you have done?"

"I would have raped you when I was ten!"

Donna kissed me:

"What? Don't you want to join?"

"I'm not completely ready yet."

"I don't believe. Let me see it!"

And Donna removed my clothes as I watched my sister riding my uncle's prick. Donna licked my nipples. And then she kissed me. I had my hands running all over her wonderful body. Touching her butt.

"Oh, Becky, suck me, suck me, suck my clit, shit, I'm gonna cum! Keep sucking me and I'm gonna cum!"

"Cum, dear, cum in her mouth..."

"Oh, mom, I'm cumming!"

"Isn't she wonderful, Karen?"

"Yes! Yes! Yes, mom, yes!"

Donna got on her knees while Karen was cumming so hard on Becky's mouth. Then Donna started to suck my cock. And my cock, of course, started to grow.

"Fuck me, uncle Alan! Fuck me hard cause I want to cum as hard as your daughter just did!"

"Oh, Laura, you're wonderful, a wonderful niece."

"So fuck me!"

"Uncle Ed, you're so big in my pussy! Go on, don't stop, don't stop!"

"I have no intention of stopping, Lisa!"

"Yes, uncle Ed, yes! Hm, you're as good as your son! You're as good as my dear cousin Bobby!"

Becky kissed Karen and asked her:

"Please, dear, now lick me."

"Sorry, ask mom for it, Becky. I need something big now."

Karen kissed Becky, then she kissed Theresa and then she came on her fours towards Donna and me.

"Kids," said Becky.

"Fuck her," answered Theresa.

"Fuck me."


So everyone was happy and gay.

"Oh, Sam, deep inside of me, babe, deep inside my ass!"

"Take it, dear, take it all!"

Karen was next to us by then. She ran her fingers over Donna's back and that made my stepsister stop the blowjob. She looked at Karen, smiled, they kissed and Donna held my cock. She, then, offered it to my cousin:

"Here, dear. Taste it."

Karen licked it.

"It's so wet. I can taste your wonderful saliva on it, Donna. And I can taste his wonderful precum. He's so fucking ready."

Donna still had her fingers around my prick.

"Just suck him a little more, will ya? I want to see you giving head for a while. Just to turn me on, will ya?"

"Hmmm... Yeah."

And then Karen started to suck my cock. Donna watched and played with her pussy.

"Oh, uncle Alan, that's it, that's it! Fuck, I feel it! Yes, uncle Alan, yes!"

"Wait, Laura, wait cause I'm cumming!"

"Yes! Yes, uncle Alan, yes, you're cumming in my pussy!"

"Oh, Laura, what a wonderful niece you've became!"

"Thank you, uncle, thank you for making your niece cum so hard!"

"You're more than welcome, dear. More than welcome."

So, as his daughter was sucking me, Alan was cumming inside my sister. Then Donna decided it was time for her to do something more active than just watch. She grabbed my cock and said:

"Here, let me lick it."

She took it out of Karen's mouth and sucked it a little. Karen played with Donna's tits, but soon Donna decided that cocksucking was not what she was in the mood for at that moment. So she got my prick in my cousin's mouth once more and started to lick my butt.

Soon, as Karen was sucking me like there was no tomorrow, I felt my stepsister's tongue entering my asshole. It was more than welcome, I can assure you that.

"Oh, Becky, suck my clit, dear, suck my clit!"

"Dick, I'm about to cum!"

"I'm ready to shoot too, Pat. I am. I am. Just give me a couple of minutes."

"You're so fucking good!"

"Jack me off, Sam! Jack me off as you fuck my ass!"

"Here, Mike, do you like that? Do you like my hand on your prick as I fuck you?"

"In my ass, dear, you're fucking me in the ass!"

"And that's hardly the first time!"

"I don't care, I don't care, just keep doing it, keep! Doing!"

Alan and Laura were kissing, enjoying the last moments of their orgasm together. And Dad, well, Dad was entertaining Lisa.

"Lisa, dear, take it, dear, take it in your cunt!"

"Fuck me, uncle Ed! Keep fucking me, keep fucking me with your big, big cock!"

I decided I had had enough oral attention. So I said to both Donna and Karen:

"I need a pussy!"

They looked at each other and they both smiled. Donna moved next to Karen and they kissed. Karen begged:

"Please, Donna, I really need it right now. You know I'm not that crazy about boys but... Please! I really want. I really need it."

Donna kissed her once more.

"Okay, bitch. But you're gonna let me suck his jizz out of you."

Karen smiled:

"Yes, I'll do anything you want. You can even suck my pussy after he fucks me."

"Okay, then. But you have to do something for me while he fucks you."

"Oh, anything, Donna. Just ask me!"

Donna didn't ask. She just laid on the floor and opened her legs. Karen smiled and lowered her head. Her butt was still up. But I wanted her pussy. So I started to push.

"Hmm... Bobby, push it, dear. Push it all inside of me. God, men are also nice."

"Suck me, Karen. Lap my cunt. Eat me up."

Karen did.

"Hm, you're so wet."

"I saw you giving head, remember? Now do it for me."

"Sure. I like your juices."

"Oh, Becky you suck me so well, so well. I'm gonna cum in your mouth real fast."

Laura saw Theresa's tits and told Alan:

"You're a very lucky man."

"Why don't you join them, dear? I'm sure my wife would love that. Suck her tits. They taste so well."

Laura kissed Alan and went to suck his wife's tits. She ran her fingers quickly over Becky's slit and then she was ready to taste our aunt's big sweaty tits. And she taste one of them. And she liked the taste, because the in next second she had all she could inside her mouth.

"Gently, Laura, please!"

"They're beautiful, aunt Theresa."

"Control yourself, dear. Be gentle. Be a gentlelez."

Laura controlled herself a little and, when she got her lips around our aunt's tit again, she was sucking it like she always sucked tits. Perfectly.

"That's it, dear. Hm... Oh, Laura, you became such a beautiful girl, such a beautiful... Suck me, Becky."

Uncle Alan, meanwhile, alone, was playing with himself as he watched his son fucking Mike, his niece sucking his wife, his son fucking his daughter, his nephew fucking his other daughter and his brother fucking his daughter.

"Fuck me, uncle Ed, fuck me now, fuck me now cause I'm cumming!"

"Wait, Lisa, wait... Yes! Yes, shit, I'm cumming too, dear, I'm cumming in your wonderful pussy. Yes!"

"Yeah, uncle Ed! I'm cumming! Cumming! Shit!"

"Fuck me harder, Bobby, fuck me harder cause I need you harder."

"Sam, I'm gonna cum, babe! I'm gonna cum!"

So Sam took his hand out of Mike's cock, got them on Mike's hips and started to fuck him even harder. He was ready, I could tell, while I fucked his sister.

"Oh, Pat, I can't hold any longer!"

"Just a second, Dick! Just a sec... Yes! Yes, baby brother, yes!"

"Fuck it, I'm cumming, Pat!"

"You can cum, dear bro, you can cum in my pussy! Hm... Oh!"

"Mike, that's it, babe!"

"Cum, Sam, cum in my ass!"

"Faster, Becky, faster!"

"Uncle Ed, that was wonderful."

"For me too, Lisa. For me too."

"Oh, dad, he's wonderful."

Alan smiled and went near his daughter.

"I know, dear."

She looked at her father's stiffing prick.

"Oh, dad, will you use it inside me?"

"If you want to."

"I do."

They kissed.

"Take it, Mike, take it all inside your ass."

"So hot, Sam, your jizz is so hot deep in my ass!"

"Suck me harder, Karen, suck me harder cause I want to cum in your mouth."

Dick and Pat were kissing. And Laura was kissing Theresa's nipple.

"Faster, don't stop, don't stop, Becky, don't stop, I'm ready to, I'm about to, please make me! Cum. I'm cumming! Drink my juices! Drink it, drink it, swallow it, cause I'm cumming so hard!"

Alan asked Lisa:

"Suck it, dear. Suck it and I'll be ready for you."

"Sure, dad!"

Lisa got her wonderful lips around her lucky father's prick. And Sam started to suck Mike.

"Shit, Sam, thanks, I'm ready to shoot, suck me faster, hm, yes! Yes! Yes! Push a finger into my ass, hm... Yes! Oh, Sam, yes! Great cocksucker, great one, yes! Thanks! Shit, swallow it, dear, swallow all of it."

He didn't. Swallowed all of it. No, Dick came next to his big brother and kissed him. The little boy also wanted his share of spunk.

And dad started to play with Pat's little breasts.

"So cute, dear, so cute."

Then he inserted one of his fingers in her pussy.

"So tight."

"Oh, dear, suck me, suck your daddy, suck it! Oh, you're so good, Lisa! Such a good mouth."

"You have a hell of a prick, daddy."

"Suck it, dear, suck it for me."

"Oh, Laura, you're so beautiful. Kiss me, darling, kiss your old aunt."

"I wish I get old like you, aunt Theresa. With a pair of tits like these."

"Kiss me."

They kissed.

"So beautiful. I have such a beautiful niece."

"Do you want to see how beautiful I am?"

"Yes! That's exactly what I want."

So Laura sat on our aunt's face.

"Beautiful, beautiful and pink, Laura, beautiful and pink."

"Then lick it."


And aunt Theresa moved her tongue slowly, tasting all of my sister's pussy. Becky looked at them and didn't like:

"Hey, you two, I wanna cum too!"

Laura and Theresa looked at her. Laura took her cunt away from Theresa's mouth.

"Okay, Rebecca. Lay on the floor. Let me make you cum. I want to eat my dear stepmom's pussy."

"Do it, dear. Please."

Laura started to lick Rebecca's pussy, but in the meantime she was offering her own cunt to Theresa. Our aunt, of course, knew what she was supposed to do. And she did.

"Hm, aunt Theresa, you're so good on it. It's great to have such an experienced tongue in my cunt. So great."

"Suck me, Laura. After all you're as experienced as Theresa."

"Yes. I am. But don't tell everyone that, Becky."

"Suck me. Make me cum."

So Theresa and Laura had their mouths busy. Becky's mouth was also busy: she was moaning.

Dick, after tasting Mike's spunk, decided he wanted more of it. He started to suck his brother's long cock.

"You're so big, Sam. Do you think I'll grow like you?"

"Certainly, Dick. Hm, you really know how to suck a cock, bro. I was not that good when I was your age."

"Oh, Karen that's it, babe, that's it, suck me like that, suck my clit, hm... Yes! Yes, make me cum, babe, make me cum cause I'm crazy in your mouth. Yeah. Hm."

"Ed, you're starting to get hard again! Just by fingerfucking me!"

"Because your little tight pussy around my finger makes me so hot, Pat."

"I want to hold your cock, Ed. May I?"

"It's all yours!"

And Pat's little, delicate hand touched my father's prick. He smiled at me.

"Faster, Bobby, faster cause I'm about to cum."

"Me too, Karen, so don't talk and suck me! Like this, like this, bite it, suck it all! Yes! Karen, I'm cumming, dear, I am, I am! Cumming in your mouth."

Karen took her mouth away from Donna's pussy just for a second:

"I'm cumming, Bobby!"

And she resumed her lapping.

"Bobby, take your cock out of her pussy, please! Yes. Hm, so good, she made me cum so hard... But I want you inside now, dear, I want you. And your cock. Please."

"That's okay, Bobby. Fuck that slut. Fuck her. I don't mind. You made me feel so good that I don't care. Fuck her hard. Just fuck her in the ass cause I want to keep sucking her precious pussy, will ya?"

Donna smiled, and so did I. She loved to be fucked in the ass, and I loved to fuck her there. So, they got in a 69, Donna on top, and got behind my dear stepsister. My cousin licked my cock a few times and tasted herself on it.

"Hm, I taste good!"

"Put it in, Bobby."

I got my hands on her butt and started to push. My cock. Into her asshole.


Dick looked at us and smiled:

"That gave me an idea. Fuck me, will ya, Mike?"

That was easy, Mike was ready again. So he got behind Dick and, well, you know.

"Thanks, Mike, thanks. Keep fucking me, babe, yes!"

"Suck me, Dick."

"It's so big, Sam!"

"I don't care, suck it!"

Dick smiled, and soon he had a cock up his asshole and another in his mouth. How lucky can a boy be?

"Oh, uncle Ed, fuck me, please."

"Are you ready, Pat?"

"Yes. I want you to fuck me!"

Dad smiled.


And he put his cockhead between her cuntlips. And, slowly, was making himself home.

"Oh, uncle Ed, that's wonderful!"

"You're so tight!"

"I just lost my virginity this morning!"

"I can feel it, I can feel it."

"Don't you like it?"

"I'm loving it, Pat. I'm loving every inch of your tight pussy."

"Great! I'm also loving your cock."

Lisa looked at them and, well, she got jealous:

"Okay, dad, you're ready, I'm ready, let's do it."

"I know dear, it's just that your mouth is so marvelous that I..."

Lisa by then had his prick in her hand. And she was rubbing it on her slit.

"Oh, Lisa, your pussy is wonderful too. It is, it is!"

"Can I put your cock in?"

"That's all I want, Lisa, please, don't wait any longer, put it in... Yes! You're wonderful, baby!"

"You're good too, daddy. You are. Yes. Hm. God!"

"Laura, lick me, dear, lick me and make me crazy!"

"Oh, Mike, my cock is hard again! Keep fucking me!"

"Don't stop to suck me, Dick! My cock is hard too, suck it!"

"Suck me, Laura, eat while your aunt's licking you!"

"Hm, my niece grew up so tasty!"

"Eat me, aunt Theresa, eat that slut niece of yours!"

"Hmmm... You remind me of myself when I was your age."

"So lap my cunt, lap my cunt, please! Yes!"

"Laura, dear, aren't you forgetting anything?"


"Yes, dear, yes!"

"Oh, Donna, baby, you're making me cum!"

"Keep sucking me, Karen, keep lapping me while your cousin fucks me in the ass!"

"Yes, Donna, hm... Right there, right there! Now!"

While Karen was cumming, she licked my cock. Well, the part of it that was going out of Donna, of course.

"Oh, Pat, you have such a tight pussy, dear."

"The only way to stretch me is to fuck me, uncle Ed!"

"I know, but... You're gonna make me cum so fast, dear!"

"Feel free to cum in, uncle Ed! Don't worry about me. I'm gonna cum soon too. Just keep fucking me."

"Lisa, baby, you're so good!"

"Your prick is wonderful too, daddy! It is! It... Yes!"

"Donna, baby, make me cum again, I want to cum again."

"You're the guest, Karen!"

"Lap me. Oh! Yes."

"Oh, Dick you're a great cocksucker, baby bro, I'm gonna shoot!"

"I'm gonna cum in his ass."

"Cum, cum both of you! Come on!"

"Suck me, Dick, suck me and I'll cum!"

Dick resumed his blowjob. He also inserted one of his little fingers into his brother's ass. The result? You know.

"Swallow, Dick swallow all my cum! Swallow it all, yes! Yes!"

"Eat me, Laura, eat me now!"

"Lisa, that's it, baby!"

"Just a second, daddy, just another sec... Ond!"

"I'm cumming, Laura, I'm cumming in your mouth! Lap me cause I'm cumming!"

"She's cumming too, Becky! She is, her pussy is glowing!"

"Lisa, I can't hold any longer!"

"Yes, you can, yes you can, keep fucking me, daddy, just... Yes, shit, daddy, I'm cumming!"

"Yes, Lisa, yes! Shit, I couldn't wait another second. Feel it, babe, feel it wet and warm inside your pussy!"

"My cunt, daddy, my cunt!"

"Oh, Laura, thank you, dear. Did she make you cum? Did your aunt make you cum?"

"Yes, Becky, it was wonderful."

"Kiss me, darling."

And Laura kissed. First Becky, who tasted her own juices, then Theresa.

"Oh, Dick, I'm cumming too!"

"Inside my butt, Mike, all of it inside! Yes, push it all, Mike, cum with all of you inside. Push it deeper! Yes!"

And they both came. Dick on the rug, Mike in Dick.

"Suck me, Karen, suck me please, yes. Hm... Yes! Oh, Bobby, a little faster, please, hm, yes! Now. That's how I like it, dear, that's it, that's it, hm..."

"Oh, uncle Ed, I'm ready, I am, make me cum, right now, I'm just ready to... Oh! Yes, hm, uncle Ed, yes! I can feel it, I can."

Mike and Dick were kissing. Sam was playing with their cocks.

"Faster, Donna."

"Don't stop."

And both Donna and Karen started to suck each other again. Faster.

"Pat, dear, I'm cumming!"

"I know! Me too!"

I could also feel my orgasm getting closer and closer. And I knew that I would explode in my stepsister's wonderful ass.

Theresa looked at her younger son and smiled:

"Come here, Dick. Please. Let mommy be nice to you."

Dick smiled. He wanted to fuck his mother, I could see that, but he was probably too shy. He went.

"Let me kiss you, darling."

They kissed.

"So? How are you liking all this?"

"It's great!"

"Yes, dear, it is. You have such a nice prick. Did you like to suck your brother?"

"Oh, yes!"

"Yes, Bobby, Karen, both of you, go on!"

"Don't forget about me, bitch!"

Donna inserted a couple of her fingers inside Karen's pussy, while, with a third one, she rubbed my cousin's clit.

"Now, Bobby, just now!"

She was the boss! I fucked her harder and that was all I needed.


"Bobby, you're making me cum! Karen, faster! Yes! I'm cumming!"

"Me too, Donna!"

"Suck my tits, do you want suck my tits, Dick?"

"Yes, mom, may I?"

"Go on."

And, while I was cumming in Donna's ass, Dick was tasting her mother's tits. He had liked their taste when he was a baby, and that didn't change.

"Donna... Please. Don't forget me."

Donna went down on Karen and sucked her completely. Soon, while I was trying to breathe again, wondering if my cock would ever get hard again, Karen came.

Her father saw her cumming, but not her mother. No, Theresa, was tasting Dick's cock.


"Oh, mom, you know how to suck me."

"Oh, dear, I was sucking cocks years before you were born!"

Becky looked at uncle Alan, and, well...

"Alan, I have to know if you're as good as my husband says you are."

"Yes, Rebecca, my brother says wonderful things about you too. And so do my wife."

"She knows what's good for her."

"I'm sure you are. I'm sure you are, baby."

He kissed between her breasts.

"Oh, Alan!"

Lisa looked at Pat and asked her:

"Come here, Pat. Lick me clean and I'll lick you clean."

"That seems great, Lisa!"

"It is."

But Karen got between them.

"No. Please. I want to taste uncle Ed's jizz. Please, Pat. Let me lap you."


Lisa opened her legs and Pat got her head between them.

"Oh, Lisa, your pussy's so beautiful!"

"Thanks, Pat! Thank you. Now taste it. You like how it looks, now see how it tastes."

Laura, the girl with the wet face, looked at Dad and looked at Donna.

"I don't know how to choose," she said. "I want a cock in my pussy and another cunt in my mouth. Which one I should get first?"

Dad looked at Donna, they laughed and they both got nearer Laura. Dad kissed his daughter and asked her:

"Why choose when you can have both?"

"Hm, daddy, you're right. Why should I choose?"

Donna kissed her:

"Why should you?"

"Hm, Lisa, I like the way you your pussy tastes."

"Thanks, Pat."

"Now if only Karen started to eat mine, I would lap you with all my love."

"Karen, you heard the girl. Go down on her! Now!"

By then, Mike and Sam were kissing. And I was sucking and licking and stroking their cocks.

And Karen started to suck her younger sister.

"Oh, Karen, yes!"

"Suck mine, Bobby, please suck mine!"

"Do you want to fuck me, Bobby? Uh? Do you want to fuck me?"

I didn't answer. While I was sucking Sam, I was remembering all the sex I had that day. First the girls, Pat and Donna, then Mark, and Carol, now Donna (again) and Karen... It was a lot. Yes, I wanted to fuck him, but... How? Even with my mouth full, my cock was not responding.

"I want you to fuck me, Sam. When you're ready, fuck me!"

"Okay, Bobby! Okay! Now suck me, dear, make me ready, keep sucking me, yes! Kiss me, Mike!"

Mike kissed him.

"Mommy, look, my cock's getting hard again!"

"I can feel it, baby. I can feel it in my mouth."

"Suck it, mom, suck it cause I want to fuck you!"

By then, uncle Alan had his mouth on Rebecca's breasts. And a couple of his fingers in her pussy. But don't worry, her hand was busy. Going up and down.

"Dad, fuck me. Fuck me while I suck Donna."

"Loved the idea, dear."

"Me too!"

Donna opened her legs and Laura looked at our stepsister's pussy. It was so nice that my sister had no choice but to lick it.

"Hm, Laura! Yes, babe! You eat me as well as your cousin!"

"I know. Fuck me, dad. Put your big cock inside my little pussy and move it!"

"I know how to do it, Laura. I've been fucking beautiful girls like you for years."

"So do it again. Me. Now!"

Sam's cock was hard. I kissed it one last time and asked Sam:

"Do me like dad is doing Laura. Push it all."

"Silly, your dad is fucking her cunt. You don't have a cunt."

"No, but I have a hell of an ass!"

"Well, I agree on that."

So I got on my hands and knees. Mike asked:

"What about me?"

I licked my lips.

"You don't think I want my mouth to be empty, do you?"

So Mike got in front of me and I licked his prick. Then, his balls. And that's when Sam started to push. I could feel my ass opening slowly as his big fat cock entered.

"Eat me, Pat. Eat me hard! Shit, you're so good, little sister! So good!"

"Mom, I'm hard again!"

"That's it, babe. That's it. Fuck mommy's pussy. Come on. Oh, my god, I can't believe I'm finally about to do that. Fuck me."

"I can't believe it either, mom!"

"Shut up and fuck me, can't you see your uncle fucking his daughter? It's the same!"

Theresa held her son's prick and put it at the entrance of her cunt. Then it started to enter.

"Oh, Dick! Can't believe it, babe, push it all!"

"Laura, put a finger in my ass!"

"Good idea, Donna! Take it! How about that?"


"Put one too, dad! Your cock's wonderful, but I'm feeling pretty wild today!"

"You don't say!"

"Please, dad!"

As Sam was fucking me, I looked at his father. Yes, he was fucking my stepmother.

"Alan, you're wonderful! I knew you would! Hm!"

"Becky, my brother's so lucky!"

"Fuck me, Alan, fuck me!"

My father at last inserted one of his fingers inside his daughter's ass.

"Thanks, dad, thanks!"

"Suck me, Laura!"

"Shit, my pussy's empty!"

"Eat me, Karen, eat me and I'll take care of you later!"

"I'm so hot!"

"Come here, sis! Come here and let's see if I can suck you while Pat laps me."

Of course they could. Daisy chain between sisters. The best way.

"Suck my prick, Bobby, you spent too much time with my balls."

"They taste so good, that's why."

"I know. But lick my peehole, please. My cock's ready for your mouth now!"

I did as Mike had asked me to. I licked his peehole. And I tasted his precum. Then I got his cockhead in my mouth and licked it a little. And then I moved my head till I had all his cock inside my mouth.

"Fuck, Pat, you suck my clit! Yes!"

"Eat me, Laura dear, eat me while your father's fucking you!"

"Oh, Alan, you're gonna make me cum..."

"You're wonderful, Becky."

"I know, dear, I know it! Yes, I love girls but I wanted your prick so much! So much! Fuck me, dear!"

"Wait, Becky, just a second..."

"Oh, Dick, deep inside of me, baby! Deeper, come on. Oh! Dick. Fuck mommy, fuck mommy, dear. Fuck me, your mother, now!"

"Mom, I'm gonna cum soon. You'll see."

"Suck my tits, honey! Do you want suck my tits?"

"They're so big!"

"Suck them, honey. If you could suck them when you were a baby, you can suck them now!"

And Dick lowered his body and took one of her mother's nipples between his teeth.

"Yes, Dick!"

Meanwhile, Dick's brother, fucking my ass, wondered about my condition:

"Let's see if you're hard, Bobby!"

He touched my cock, but I wasn't. I was spent. I was sucking Mike, and I liked to do that, Sam was fucking my ass and it felt really good but, to be honest, my prick was not responding. I had had too much sex that day.

"Oh. You're not liking it?"

"I am, man. Keep fucking me, cum in my ass, don't worry about this silly prick of mine. Fuck my ass and cum deep inside."

He did just that, he fucked me, even harder, while I started to really suck my dear stepbrother.

"Oh, Karen, don't stop!"

"Suck me, Pat! Suck me!"

"I can't! I'm cumming, Lisa, I'm cumming! Our sister's making me cum! Hard, real hard! Yes!"

Lisa was not convinced. Anyway, as her baby sister was cumming, she got her hand on her pussy and started to play (really hard) with her clit. She was so close...

But, before she came, Pat resumed her lapping. And all she had to do was to lick Lisa's clit. Lisa was ready. She came as soon as she felt her sister's tongue on the tip of her clit.

"I'm cumming, Pat, you're making me cum!"

She was not the only one.

"Faster, Alan, faster! Fuck me as your brother fucks me while he's cumming. Faster cause I wanna cum now, just now, oh, yes!"

"Take it, Becky, take my cock as your husband fucks his daughter! Take it and cum! Milk me! Yes, Becky, like that, you're experienced, honey, I'm cumming!"

"Now that you came, slut, lap my cunt. I want cum too."

"Sorry, Karen, it was just that Pat was doing such a wonderful job that I..."

"Suck me. Eat me up. And make me cum."

Karen sat on Lisa's (wonderful) face. And Lisa's wonderful mouth was soon exploring Karen's private parts. Pat, not shy and also wanting part of the fun, started to lick Karen's butt.

"Yes, that's good. Hm, I'm glad I waited. Two tongues are better than one. But faster, Lisa, faster, please, I'm really ready. Faster. Yes. Oh, Pat, would you mind to push your little pink tongue inside my pink tight ass?"

She didn't.


"Oh, Bobby, I'm ready to shoot in your mouth, man!"

"Me too, Mike! His ass feels so good that I'm almost ready!"

Mike touched Sam's nipples. I sucked Mike really fast. I wanted him to cum in my mouth.

"Oh, Laura, don't stop, don't stop, push a finger into my ass! Yes, suck me, lap me, yes! Cumminmg, I'm cumming, Laura, I'm cumming as your father fucks your cunt!"

"Her wonderful cunt, Donna."

"Oh, Ed, she's wonderful all over. Her cunt's wonderful and her mouth's wonderful and I'm cumming!"

"Mom, I can't hold it any longer."

"Cum, Dick, cum in mommy's pussy, cum in my pussy, yes! Oh, dear, you're cumming in mommy's pussy!"

"Bobby, swallow it, Bobby, swallow it."

"I'm cumming too, Mike. I'm cumming in his ass!"

Yes, Sam was. And so was Mike. Both of them cumming in the extremities of my digestive system. So good. Unfortunately my cock was not responding. But it certainly felt good all that jizz in me.

"Okay, dad, these fucking voyeurs want a show, so fuck me hard, fast, cause I'm almost ready!"

"So do I, darling, so do I."

"Then fuck me, daddy dear!"

Dad was going fast. Sam kissed me, tasting Mike's spunk and I was tired. I wanted to go to bed. Alone.

Uncle Alan moved next do Dick and touched his son's face:

"Was it good, Dick? Did mommy made you cum?"

"Yes, dad. Real hard."

Alan inserted one of his fingers in his wife's cunt. You know, just to be sure.

"Faster, Lisa, faster, don't stop, shit, don't stop! Deep in my ass, Pat, real deep, go in! Yes!"

"Daddy, I'm cumming!"

"Take it, Laura! Take my cock, take my cock and cum, don't worry, just cum!"


"Cum cause I'm cumming too!"

"Oh, Lisa!"

But that was all Karen said because Donna kissed her. Hard. By the way Karen's body was trembling, however, I could see all that was happening.

And they didn't stop, after that. No, they just changed partners. Lisa came next to me, but I just kissed her and explained to her that I didn't think I would be ready anytime soon. She didn't mind. As I was going upstairs, she was sucking her little brother.

I went to my room and closed the door. My ass was full of spunk, I could still taste some of it in my mouth, but I was tired. I turned off the lights and slept in a second.

I knew I would have more of that.

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