The Newest Cheerleader

(Part 1 from 12)

Chapter 1

It was Nancy Peterson's first appearance as a Valley High
cheerleader. The stands rumbled with a full house of cheering fans.
Nancy performed high kicks. Her dark-blue skirt featured inverted
pleats and swirled sexily on her fine, tanned legs.
She wore a tight white vest that had blue stripes down the arms, an
inch-wide white stripe across the chest, and it pulled tightly against
her big teenette tits, two whoppers that bobbled like ripe grapefruits.
Nancy knew her titties were attractive to men. She realized early on,
when her tits bloomed that she was blessed with a real set of suckies.
She kicked high. Her skirt flew up, giving the fans a good look at
her shiny, slick, white bloomers that tugged in at the muffy crunch of
her cunt.
Nancy's succulent-looking tits wobbled and splashed up and down as
she kicked her right leg, kicked her left leg, then twirled her blue and
white pompoms with outstretched arms.
Her dark-brown hair, done in a sweep on the sides, a slick pull on
the top, tied into a long ponytail in the back with a white ribbon,
swished behind her like a whip. Her tossed bangs were cut straight
across her forehead and enhanced the beautiful, angelic cut of her
lovely face.
There was no question about it ... she could have placed high in
the finalists of the Miss Teenage America contest.
The band blared.
The crowd watched.
Nancy bumped her curvy, luscious hips to the left, to the right,
not an inch of fat on her sleek body. She turned around, her back to
the stands, with the other six cheerleaders. They all bent over in
unison, blue and white tennis shoes flat on the field, legs spread, and
wiggled their fine asses.
Nancy's little skirt pulled up over her tight bloomers. She
pointed her darling ass at the bleachers, her asscheeks sliced high with
the elastic cut of her bloomers which left a juicy slice of shimmering
white skin jiggling.
Nancy rolled her hips, bumped her ass, and the swirl of her round
rump was a joyous sight to the boys and men in the stands.
Nancy squatted down lewdly with the gorgeous girls, bumping her
ass, hands on her knees, skirt flying, head turned back, chin on her
shoulder, and a delicious new thrill zinged through her incredible body.
She got hot.
She saw the stares of the men in the crowd, how they gawked
longingly at her fine frame. She loved the way they stared at her.
She turned, in time with the other girls, and faced the stands.
She kicked her leg high, showed her crotch, then danced hop-scotch to
the right, then to the left, bent over, wiggled her upper body, rolled
her head, ponytail circling.
Her pants got wet.
Good grief! Nancy thought. I'm gooshin' my bloomers!
A seeping hot spritz slicked against the shiny white tights.
The band brought the pep song to an abrupt end, and Nancy rushed to
the sidelines with the other girls, still tingling and buzzing with this
new rush of excitement.
Chrissie Madison, one of the cheerleaders, leaned over toward
Nancy. "Jeez, those guys up there were really givin' you some hot
"I know," Nancy whispered back.
"Well, give 'em a good show."
"Huh?" Nancy gave Chris a puzzled look.
"Hey, half the people in the bleachers don't give a shit about
football, touchdowns, first downs, all that dumb shit. They're here to
see us wiggle our ass and bounce our tits."
"You're damn right. See that guy up there -- no, don't look now,
dummy -- the one on the last row next to the press booth ... the one
with the binoculars and camera?"
Nancy waited a moment, then turned and saw the man. "Yeah, I see
"He hasn't missed a game since I've been a cheerleader. He's a
rich bachelor. I checked him out. He's constantly checking out my
And a good body it was. Chris was lithe, thin, and she had a
fabulous All-American face, flat tummy, bouncy titties, rich, supple
hips, and brown hair that she wore in double ponytails.
"Wow! Just comes to see you, huh?" Nancy asked.
"You got it."
A time out was called.
The band blared.
The girls ran onto the field. Nancy was in line, and the girls put
their feet far apart, hands on knees, squatted down, moved from left to
right in time with the music.
Nancy looked up at the man Chris had pointed out. He peered
through his binoculars. She thought maybe he was looking at her too,
because she noticed he moved the glasses to the left, then back to the
Now she burned. Her panties slushed. Her pussy squished and
oozed, making the crotch sticky and gooey.
Golly, I hope it doesn't run down my leg, she thought.
She stood up, kicked high. Her crotch was drenched, soaked,
wringing wet, little gooshes of cuntjuice dribbled and seeped through.
A drop of cum trailed down her thigh.
Nancy kicked higher.
The men and boys in the bleachers watched with hot, fuck-smut eyes.
The band finished.
Nancy went back to the sidelines and managed to wipe the sopping
drop of cuntjuice off her thigh on the inside of her skirt.
"Didja see him lookin?" Chris whispered.
"See what I mean?"
"See, half those guys came to see us."
"Whew, wow!" Nancy said.
"I love it, don't you?" Chris smiled.
"Yeahhhhh!" Nancy hissed hotly.
After the game, as the girls were putting their gear in little
blue-and-white canvas bags, a man came up to Nancy.
"Can I take a picture of you?"
Nancy turned around. The man was tall, in his forties, very
handsome. He had a very expensive camera.
"Sure, I guess," Nancy replied.
He quickly snapped a photo.
She turned fully to him, and he flashed off another.
"Thanks a lot," he said, smiling admiringly at her luscious body,
her pretty face, then he turned to walk away.
"Golly!" Nancy exclaimed.
"See, see what I mean?" Chris asked.
"Guys come and get all hot watchin' us. Some of 'em take pictures
and stuff."
"Wow, it's far out!" Nancy replied.
"It's really great bein' a cheerleader, huh?"
Nancy affirmed with a nod of her head that it indeed was great to
be a cheerleader.
The two darling girls walked toward the school house to put their
pom poms away.
"Did you get hot out there tonight?" Chris asked.
"Yeah," Nancy admitted.
"Let's go to the girls room and finger-fuck, wanna?"
"Well, ah ... I ... sure, I guess."
But before the darling schoolgirl cheerleaders could make it to the
schoolhouse, a big blue Chrysler pulled up beside them on the road.
It was the man who had taken Nancy's picture. The handsome, older
man. He beckoned the girls over.
"Hi," he said, with a friendly smile.
Nancy looked at Chris. Chris smiled and nodded her head.
"See what I mean," Chris whispered.
"Nancy, come here a minute, will you?"
"Should I?" Nancy whispered.
"Sure, see what he wants," Chrissie replied.
Nancy walked to the car. The handsome man looked at her pretty
"I'd like to take some more pictures of you, Nancy," he said.
"Howdja know my name?"
"I heard your friend call you Nancy when I took the picture of
"Look, I'll pay you five hundred dollars if you'll meet me at my
motel and let me take some pictures of you."
"Wha ... Ah ... jeez, I ..."
"Here, see." He opened his wallet which was stuffed with money.
"Well, I dunno. Lemme talk to Chris. We were gonna go get a
Nancy went back to Chris. "He wants to take pictures of me. He
offered me five hundred dollars."
"Ooooh, boy!" Chris whistled. "You're gonna let him, huh?"
"Should I?"
"Sure, I would!"
Nancy thought about it. Chris was older. She knew so much about
life, and Nancy wanted to impress upon her that she wasn't a stuffy,
average girl.
"Okay," Nancy said, then walked back to the car.
"Well?" The man smiled.
"Sure," Nancy said.
"I'm staying at the Holiday Inn. Why don't you just get in and go
with me?"
"Maybe I better meet you there."
"Okay, here's money for a cab." He handed her twenty dollars.
He drove off.
"Jeez, he gave me twenty for a cab to meet him at the Holiday Inn!"
Nancy exclaimed.
"Well, we better go to the toilet and get fixed up, so you look
real hot and sexy when you go to see him," Chris said.
"Will you go with me? Kinda stay in the cab and wait for me while
I'm in his room? I mean, you know, in case he's a bad guy or
"Sure," Chris replied.

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