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The New Girl

(Part 1 from 1)

My name is Shane and I’m almost 19 years old. It was the first day back at college after the summer holidays. I was pretty pissed off still, I should have finished last year but because I spent too much time messing around and not studying I essentially had to retake my final year.

The only plus point was I got to see the young fresh girls coming from school for there first year. I was eager to see what was on offer. I sat patiently in the college yard before registration checking out the young girls as they arrived, and it wasn’t long before I spotted a blonde girl that really caught my attention. Being quite dark skinned due to my Iranian heritage, I have always had a thing for pale blonde girls, especially with curvy figures.

The first thing I noticed was the young girls unbelievably curvy ass which instantly made me want to pull down her skin tight black leggings are bite her bum. It was full, but firm and moved in a sexy rhythm as she walked. Her thighs were thick and juicy, and her tits full, pert and bouncy. She had gorgeous bluey/green eyes and a sexy smile. My cock instantly began twitching in my jeans as I felt my bulge starting to protrude through. Her white, low cut top hung down revealing a cleavage which made me desperate to reveal what lay beneath. She looked so young, fresh faced and naïve, but at the same time her curves gave her a womanly attraction, and she stood around 5ft tall. The mixture of all these factors was enough to drive me wild and I knew there and then I had to have her.

I made my way to registration and entered the door with apprehension. I really didn’t want to be here, but I knew I had to be. As usual I was last in and my teacher told me to hurry up and take a seat. I settled in and sat down in the only available seat left in the room at the back of the class without looking up once. As I finally raised my head I caught the eyes of the girl from the yard. She was staring right into my eyes with a look of innocence, and a hint of what I interpreted as lust. I was slightly shocked and startled, yet happy, and realised that up close she was even more attractive than I first realised. I was snapped back into reality by the teacher calling my name, then bell rung and off we all went to our separate lessons.

The rest of the day I could not stop fantasising about this girl and what I wanted to do to her. Her curvaceous figure was running through my mind and in the end I had to go to the bathroom at college to relieve my raging hardon.
We didn’t speak for a few weeks but we continued to exchange glances, knowing looks and mutual smiles etc. That was until one day after college. The rain was pouring from the heavens, and I was left standing outside college waiting in the yard for my friend to pick me up, however he was now half an hour late and not answering my calls. I was about to give up and go home when a car pulled up next to me and wound the window down.

An attractive girl in her twenties shouted over to me “wanna lift?”
I was slightly confused, wondering if she had mistaken me for someone else, until I noticed the girl in the passenger seat lean forward and reveal herself as the girl from my class. I instantly obliged and jumped into the car. I said how thankful I was and Briony (I know knew her name) introduced me to her sister Louisa. They asked me where I needed to go and I said if they could drop me at a local coffee shop that would be perfect so I could kill some time before meeting my friend and I couldn’t go home as I lived a fair few miles from college.

Briony suddenly butted in saying “Why not come to our house? We live just round the corner and you can get dried up and wait there.”
Of course I agreed and thanked them again and off we went.
We arrived at her house and they provided me with some towels to dry off and a dressing gown so they could dry my clothes in the machine. Roughly half an hour later after they had made some tea, Louisa got up and announced she had to go out leaving us alone. Their parents were apparently on holiday and so suddenly we were left all alone in her house.

As soon as the door closed Briony moved towards me and stuck her tongue deep into my pleasantly surprised mouth and began French kissing me passionately. She was wearing a short black skirt and a green vest top and looked incredibly sexy with her outfit showing off her luscious curves. It wasn’t long before my big brown cock was bulging in my boxer shorts and desperate to be released. I grabbed her arse and it felt even better than it looked - firm juicy and a real big handful of soft tender meat. It drove me wild as she started rubbing my straining cock through my trousers and she clearly sensed my frustration as she dropped to her knees and pulled out my cock through my dressing gown.

She kneeled and stopped for a moment seemingly to study my massive erect cock, gently massaging it in her hands. Her small white hands could not fit around the thickness of my big brown dick and she slowly started wanking me off with two hands together. It felt good as she tugged on my hard fat cock and began licking and sucking on my bell end like a true expert. Slowly she began taking me deeper in her mouth and rocking me back and forward by grabbing my arsecheeks and almost willing me to fuck her face. She took turns between doing this, and sucking my swollen brown balls and licking the area between my arsehole and balls, until eventually she got right down underneath my legs and buried her little white face it my arse and started tonguing me furiously like her life depended on it, and at the same time wanking off my huge hard brown cock. She could sense I was about to cum, turned around, bent over, pulled up her skirt and said “cum on my pretty white arse”. I obliged and shot bolt after bolt of hot cum onto her sweet little arse, sending cum dripping down onto her knickers where her pussy and arsehole was.

She then got up and excuser herself and ordered me to relax and take a seat and she would be back. I waited a few minutes, composing myself, and she returned wearing nothing but a lacy black bra and matching thong. That was enough to arouse my cock once more as I felt it twitching. She walked in silently and lied on the middle of the living room floor, puller her knickers to one side and said “your turn”. I didn’t need asking twice as I crawled across the floor towards her pussy eager to taste her juices. I noticed she had a pretty hairy bush, but her pussy looked so fresh and untouched and it made my cock harder than ever. I thought of how innocent she seemed, yet judging from her crosskicking prowess she cannot surely have been untouched.

As I began to eat her sweet hairy pussy, she instantly began moaning and writhing in pleasure. I licked from her clit down to her arsehole and back repeatedly and she begged me to keep going. Then as I could feel her getting wetter and wetter, her pussy juices gushing into my mouth, I inserted a finger into her cunt and was shocked with her tight it felt. She winced slightly in pain and sat up revealing that she was indeed a virgin and had only ever given guys blowjobs and had her pussy eaten, but never been fucked before - but now she had waited long enough.

I couldn’t believe my luck and I felt like my fat cock was going to explode and the thought of giving this little unused virgin cunt her first fat cock. I told her I had no protection, but she said it’s fine. She recently started taking the pill because she knew this day was coming soon.

I lifted her onto the sofa and removed all her underwear to reveal the tightes little sexy white curvy body of all time. Her tits were perky and stood firm, only falling ever so slightly with the weight of them, and her arse was juicy and round to perfection. I rested her back against the sofa so that her pussy was exposed on the edge and she could clearly watch me impale her with my brown rod. I spat on my cock to make it nice and wet and made sure she was ready before gently pressing my fat bellend up to her pink fresh pussylips. It was a struggle to get it in at first, as she grimaced in pain and asked me to go slow. I could see tears in her eyes as finally in slipped inside her, stretching her virgin cunt like never before. I gave her time to adjust before easing further inside her until I met a resistance and knew for sure then she was not lying. I pushed deeper still and blood began to stream out of her pussy and around my cock and she began crying in pain. I asked her if I should stop but to my surprise she just leaned towards me a stuck her tongue deep in my mouth and kissed me with an animalistic passion.

At the same time she grabbed my arse and pulled me deeper inside her, my 8 inch thick cock was now buried deep inside her pussy as she began bucking back and forth on my cock like a woman possessed. Her cries were now being replaced with moans of pleasure as she adjusted to the new feelings deep inside her, and it wasn’t long before she had her first explosive orgasm on my dick. She looked down staring at my brown cock stretching and impaling her virgin white pussy and asked me to fuck her harder and harder as she came over and over again on my pulsating cock. She felt so tight wrapped around my cock, so warm, so wet and so unspoilt. It felt as if her cunt was squeezing my cock so hard, as if it wanted to milk it of every single last drop of cum inside my bulging brown balls; and it wasn’t long before I couldn’t hold back any longer and exploded, shooting load after load of thick cum inside her little white pussy forming a mixture of blood and cum which poured slowly from her pussy around my dick. We lay for a while, with me still inside her until my cock eventually went soft, and yet it still felt tight as I pulled out.

For the next few months we would suck and fuck each other whenever we could. In the toilets, in the caretakers room, on the field after college, in bushes… wherever possible. That was until one day we took a risk, and we decided to do it in the principals office once college was over. We waited until it was quiet and sneaked into his room, gently closing the door between us. The door didn’t lock but that turned us on knowing we could possibly be caught at any moment.
Briony dropped to her knees and took out my cock, going to work on my balls and bellend, and at the same time fingering her tight little wet pussy underneath her skirt. After a while of good sucking, I was about to dump my load inside her pretty little white mouth when suddenly the door opened and we looked in shock as the principal stood there staring at us.

Mr Rodgers was about 50 years old, about 6 ft 6”, dark black and very muscular. Neither of us had ever really had any contact with him as he was usually very quiet, reserved and uninvolved with most things in college - so it seemed anyway. We expected anger, or at least disgust with our behaviour, but instead he gave us a wry smile, walked in and closed the door behind him. He the moved a chair against the door so no one else could enter the room, pulled the blinds and calmly sat in his big chair as we both scrambled to put our clothes on and get ourselves in order.

Then, to our shock, he made us an offer we just literally could not refuse. He said “I have a camera in my office” pointing to a camera located in the corner of the room we had clearly not noticed.

“If you do not do as I say from now on, I will take this tape to the police and your parents and have you both expelled at the minimum.”
“What do you want?” I said
“Your little white slut must serve me from now on whenever I need her”
“No way” I proclaimed.
“OK fine well leave my office now then and deal with the consequences” he said.
‘Shit’ I thought… So I made a suggestion without even consulting Briony who had remained completely silent throughout.
“what about one time only, and in return we get the tape?”
“you know what kid, I like your style. Ok it’s a deal. She will want more anyway once I’m done with her. I wont even need to bribe you”
Finally Briony spoke “what about my say in this?”
“what choice do we have?” I said “If you want we can walk away and deal with the consequences together”

She looked on pondering the situation, eyeing Mr Rodgers up and down and then her expression seemed to change and she looked as if she noticed something. I looked towards him, and it was impossible not to notice the big bulge coming through his trousers.

“Okay” she said. “Just this one time.”
“Sure thing” said Mr Rodgers “now get your little pretty white arse over here and suck on my fat black cock
He ordered me to sit down and watch and not to talk.

He then got up and dropped his suit trousers, revealing a humongous monster black cock. I had never seen a dick that fat and long before. It must have been 8 inches in length and about 3 inches across and it wasn’t even fully hard yet.
I looked at Briony, she sat motionless almost in shock, her eyes fixated on his huge member and a glazed look of excitement obviously came across her.

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She moved closed to him slowly dropping to her knees once more and grabbed his cock as it continued to grow.
“Oh my God it’s so big and heavy” Bri said as she slowly stroked it.
“you like that don’t you you dirty little whore” he said

She looked at him coyly, clearly afraid to admit her true feelings, studying his massive black cock which had now grown to about 11 inches in length and about 5 inches across in thickness. It had big veins running along it, with a huge purple helmet that she struggled to even get into her mouth. She shyly licked the tip of his cock and played with his giant black balls which hung between his legs the size of oranges.

He moaned with pleasure stroking her blonde hair and kept reassuring her that she was doing well. His cock was so large I could not believe it would fit inside her tiny little white pussyhole. Things started building pace as she began to stretch her mouth further and take more of his monster meat. little by little he began building a rhythm and started fucking her face as he grabbed her hair. She was choking and gagging on his meat but she never moaned about it once and did everything he told her. Spit dribble down her chin and her makeup was smeared as she did everything she would to take every last inch of his meaty cock down her throat.

I knew by now she was clearly getting off on this experience, however this was confirmed when she started rubbing her pussy under her skirt. It was suddenly as if I was not even there in the room. I didn’t know what to think, but my body told me that it was turning me on as my cock began to swell again inside my trousers.

It wasn’t long before he came, shooting the largest amount of cum I had ever seem into her mouth, onto her face, down her body and in her hair. She looked like a total cum slut whore as she attempted to swallow as much of it as she could.

I thought that might be it, but I was wrong. He took a minute and told her to pull up her skirt and bend over the desk. After leaving her there exposed for a minute or two he moved towards her and started fingering her exposed pussy and her arse which I had never even done before. He then began spanking her arse and telling her what a “dirty little white whore for black cock” she was and how “she would always be coming back for more black cock now”.
She asked him to stop, but it was obviously just a vain attempt at appearing unwilling.

“please don’t do this” she hardheartedly said.
He simply ignored her and continued degrading her with comments like “shut up your dirty little white slut, you are going to love having your tight little hairy white pussy filled with big nigger donkey cock”

At this point he told me to get up and come and hold her legs open as he flipped her over onto her back. He made me hold her legs wide apart so he could penetrate her deeply and have his big black hands free to grope her tiny little white curvy body. I asked him to stop but he said there was no going back now.

Briony attempted to look upset, clearly for my sake, but I could see how wet her pussy had become and that told me everything I needed to know. Her arse was bright red from the slapping and her face dishevelled from the facefucking she took. She did however, look slightly fearful.

“Please no” she said as he moved closer, this time seeming more genuine.
“It’s too big you are going to hurt me. Please just let me suck you off again or something if you need to cum.”
She was actually being serious now. I think she suddenly had a moment of realisation about the situation we were in which overrode her horniness.

“too late” he said
“no please” she began to cry “you are going to ruin my tight pussy
“don’t worry slut, you’ll love my big nigger cock and you’ll never want anything else again” he said

She had tears running down her face as he pushed his monster cock against her wet and juicy pink pussy lips. It didn’t look physically possible that it could fit inside as it rested against on her clit. He began massaging it across her slit, spitting on his giant member and rubbing juices across her pussy to help prepare her for penetration. He then gently started to push forward at the entrance.

“please no” she squealed
“shut it slut” he said as he pushed forward a popping the bellend inside her as she let out a scream. He immediately muffled her mouth with his had and told her to “be a good little white slut and shut up” whilst shoving his boxers into her mouth to gag her temporarily.

Her cunt looked very stretched around his massively thick cock and he gently eased a couple of inches inside as she looked genuinely quite uncomfortable. He stopped, allowed her time to adjust and eased another inch in slowly. I have to admit it looked good seeing the contrast of his black cock impaling her fresh little white pussy and my cock was now aching in my trousers as I couldn’t help but get turned on by the situation.

He gradually eased more of himself inside her, then pulled out slowly and repeated to the process - and as the pain started to ease, her groans began to be replaced with moans of what sounded like intense pleasure. Her face could no longer hide her excitement as she was red and flustered and her pussy was making his dick gleam with moisture. He continued these slow strokes and now had a good 8 inches of his thick cock inside her, with still another 4 or 5 inches in view. Suddenly from nowhere she erupted into the biggest orgasm I had ever seen her have. Her whole body convulsed and shook as she started screaming “yeeeeeeeeeeees I love that huge cock
It was at that point she changed. No longer did she seem to care about what I thought, or what anyone though for that matter. She started to beg him to go deeper and faster.

“Fuck me with your big nigger cock” she shouted with lust “bury that black monster inside my tight little white cunt and make me cum again. I want to be your dirty little white whore and I’ll do anything you please if you just keep giving me that cock”
good girl” he laughed “I knew you’d come around”

He continued to fuck her, burying inch after inch inside her until all 11 or so inches disappeared inside her as she came over and over again uncontrollably. He spat in her face, grabbed her throat and slapped her as she grunted and squealed and made animalistic noises whilst rubbing her clit and going wild on his giant cock. After a good half an hour of incessant pounding sex, Mr Rodgers began to grunt and moan more intensely indicating he was about to shoot his load.

Briony picked up on this and screamed “fill me full of your dirty nigger cum you black bastard. Pump me full of your seed. I am your dirty little white slut whore now”

He began pumping harder and harder until violently exploding inside her, filling her with a huge load of sperm. His orgasm seemed to last about a minute as he kept pumping in and out, filling her little hole and making squelching noises as it began to spurt out around his monstrous cock. I had never seen so much cum. It was literally pouring out of her, running down her legs and arsecheeks and she lay there looking content and shaking with orgasmic pleasure.
The head got up and got dressed and said “get up and get yourself dressed and get out my office you little white whore. I’ll call you when you are needed again.”

“what?” I said?
“you heard me. I still have the tape and you will do what I say. Did you really think I would hand over the tape?”
“you bastard” I said

Briony interrupted…”Mr Rodgers… you don’t need to keep the tape, I promise I will do as you say from now on”
“I know you will, but for now it’s better to be safe than sorry…”

After much pleading we both left and walked silently home. Briony asked if I still loved her. I said I did, although it was confusing. We both knew our lives had now changed forever, and more stories were to follow…

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