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The Neighbors' Pool

(Part 1 from 2)

Jim would always try to make it a point to be outside when either
Kristin, a sexy flaxen-haired woman of about twenty eight, or her
nymphet daughter, Jennifer, were out by the pool. He had no ideas about the 18 year old brunette but enjoyed watching her either by,
or in, the pool. Heck, she'd stretch provocatively if she knew he was
looking in her direction. 

She'd deliberately stretch, prominately displaying her budding
little figure to him. When she did that he could see her breasts. with pouty nipples, straining against the thin knit fabric of her suit. And if the suit was wet and she posed just that way for him,
Jim had no problems making out her cute figure. Heck, she'd stretch so stiff he could make out the roundness of her breasts and, if he
looked close enough, he could just about make out the folds of her
little vagina. He often wondered if she wore that one piece suit for
a reason. Yeah, she probably did. Heck, the way she always posed for
him reminded him of a model.
If Jenny's suit was tight her mother's suit was downright risque.
Kristin would strut around in her knit bikini that basically was a
g-string bottom with a nipple-snugger top. The bottom had no back
except a string with a rather skimpy front panel. And Jim would have
no real problem of being able to admire her sexy figure.

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One day when Jim was outside, watching them both frolicking in the pool, Kristin came over to the fence. "Say, Jim, I notice you like
watching us. How about joining us?"
"Sure, okay," Jim stammered, "I'll get my suit. Be over shortly."
Entering his house he wondered what suit he should wear. If he wore
his trunks he'd be very unexposed as they were big boxer type. Ofcourse he could put on his knit brief. Oh yeah, he thought, that
would give them a good show, especially when wet. Heck those knit briefs didn't conceal much wet. And one could plainly see the outline
of his genitals. But he wondered if he should expose Jenny to the
'R-rated' stuff. "Oh, what the hell," he thought, "why not."
Jim entered the pool area. He noticed that both of them were in
the pool. "Hi."
"Hi, Jim," Kristin answered. "Just jump in. Don't worry, it's heated."
After about an hour of frolicking in the pool Kristin got out of 
the pool. Turning to face her daughter and next door neighbor who were still in the water, she said, "Well, how about some snacks now?"
Jennifer immediately got out of the water beaming, "Sure, mom!"
She was standing next to her mother on the pool deck as Kris asked,
"What's the matter, Jim? Can't bring yourself to get out." She reached out her hand to him.
Jim grabbed her hand and stepped out of the pool. He couldn't help
but notice that they both were staring at his crotch. With their 
staring, he could sense his penis starting to erect itself. Oh great,
he thought, very soon he'd be displaying his manhood.

As they entered the house, Kristin said something that shocked him.
"Why don't you help Jen out of her suit. I'd do it myself, but I'm
gonna be getting the snacks." As Jennifer grabbed his hand and led him towards the bathroom she added, "Might as well get yours off, too."
Jim had thoughts in his mind about this scenario. Why was she asking him to help her daughter get out of her suit. Granted it was
tight, but why did she want him to help her remove it?
In the bathroom Jenny turned to face him. "Look I know you really
don't think it's right but my suit does stick to my body. And I really need help in getting it off." Turning her back to him, she
undid the neck clasp, asking, "So, could you please help?"
"Yeah, okay," Jim replied as he put his hands on her shoulders. He
started to pull the fabric away slowly.

"Hey, I'm not ashamed," she blurtecd out, "don't you be. Put your
hands on my boobs and push the suit away."
Whoa, Jim thought. A 18 year old girl was asking him to touch
her breasts. Heck, he'd be able to caress them and those pouty nipples of hers. Okay, if that's the way she wanted to go, he'd oblige. He caressed her little round breasts and felt her nipples 
harden in his palms as he pushed the suit away. Slowly he peeled the suit away and his hands glanced against her belly. Could he dare to go further? If he did penetrate her nether regions he'd be touching her vagina.
"Come on," she blurted out, "I'm getting clammy."
"It's just that . . ."
She cut him off rather sharply. "Oh don't worry about it."

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