The Moms and Sons Part 2

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

The amazing part two

"Positive there was no mistaking it. She having sex with her own son!"

"That must have been quite the scene. Mavion what did you feel when you realized it was him."

"Mom I didn't know what to feel. At first I was angry and a bit jealous. Then I saw how into it she was and how sexy she looked as she made him come, it got me excited. When I finally realized who it was, it blew me away it was so..."

"Naughty?" Ruth chimed in.

"Naughty is not the exact word I'd normally use but close enough."

"That woman certainly has quite the sexual appetite."

"You're not repulsed by this? I mean we're talking about..."

"Incest!" Again Ruth interrupted him, "It's so forbidden so taboo. Don't you agree?"

"Yeah I do. But I didn't think you'd find it so, mom."

"Well obviously you did last night in your little game with Margaleetha didn't you? Even for a bit did you think of me?"

"Yeah mom, I couldn't help it, I thought of you when I called her 'mom'. I hope you're not angry."

"Angry?...At what? An innocent fantasy? Hardly, Mavion . Remember what I said about consenting adults earlier. Mavion it's been six lone lonely years for me. I don't think I could get angry if you got up off the couch and pinned me against the wall and kissed me. In fact I probably couldn't say no to you."

"Mom, are you serious?"

"I think the question is: would you like that?" Sitting beside him on the floor, Ruth loosened the robe from around her breasts, "You've been staring at these Mavion , would you like to see them?"

"Holy shit! Yes I'd love see them...I mean...I's ok with you?" Mavion couldn't believe this was happening.

Ruth stood up. Standing before her son, she loosened her robe. Her breasts hung free. She could feel her nipples hardening.

"Margaleetha promised you that 'mommy' would do anything you want tonight. I would really like to fulfill that promise. It's been so long Mavion that any man has touched me. I'd love it if it were you who did now. Would like that darling?" With a soft almost inaudible moan, Ruth caressed her own nipples before her hand cupped a breast and squeezed it, " I don't plan to stand here like this forever. If you don't want this then I'll go upstairs and we can talk about this in the morning. Tell me what you want Mavion ." 

I only took a couple seconds for all this to register. To Mavion it seemed like an eternity of racing thoughts...and possibilities. He finally mustered enough control of his senses to act. He slowly arose from the couch. Staring into his mother's eyes he approached.

As he neared her, he grabbed her hand. She held his hand and squeezed tightly. He undid the sash of her robe and heard her exhale her held breath with a sigh. He looked into her eyes and slowly pushed her backwards towards the wall. 

"I told you mom no guy could ever resist you. Do you really want this?" 

Her back was against the wall. Their bodies pressed tightly.

"Yesss," She hissed, "More than you can imagine."

Their lips met and Ruth took her son's tongue deep in her mouth. She wrapped her leg around his hip and pulled him closer.

He pulled her robe off. She helped him off with his clothes. They kissed and caressed each other. Mavion stepped back and looked at his mom as she leaned against the wall.

"Mom you are so beautiful. I can't believe this happening. You feel so good." She was clad only in her skimpy thong. He was standing naked in front of her. His eyes lustily scanned her body.

"Mavion baby, it's been so long. You've grown into such a hunk, so strong and so big". She reached for his member, gently stroking him. " Mommy's all yours tonight baby do what you want with me."

He led her towards the couch and sat in front her. Her turned her so that her ass was only inches from his face. Kissing her buttocks, he peeled her thong off.

"Turn around mom. Let me see you."

She was quivering with excitement. "Mommy's all naked for you baby!"

Mavion reached for her and touched her nipples. His hand traced a path down her belly and found its way to her shaved pussy.

"On a whim, I just shaved it tonight," She giggled, "I'm so wet for you baby."

"Mom I want you so bad. There's so much I want to do."

He laid her on the couch and crawled up on top of her. His cock throbbed between her legs and her on her tummy. They kissed deeply, their tongues dancing lewdly together. Kissing and nibbling, he worked his way down her shaking body. He traced intricate patterns along her neck. He kissed and licked her nipples, kneading her breasts. He found his way to her pussy and licked her lips. He tasted his mom's juices as she held his head in both her hands. She shuddered and came, loudly as he sucked and nibbled on her love button.

"Mavion you're making me're making mommy come...Ayiii, ahhh."

When her shudders subsided he looked up at her. His chin and nose glistened with her juices.

Licking his lips he said, "Mom you taste so good."

"Mavion baby that was wonderful. You do that so well. I want you inside me. Please Mavion fuck me."

Mavion slid his cock inside his mother's slick passage. She kissed him tasting herself on his tongue. She wrapped her legs around him as he thrust deeply into her.

"Mom this is incredible...I can't believe I'm fucking my own mom!"

"Oh Mavion , my son...fuck mommy...give it to me hard...give it to feel so delicious inside're making me come again baby...your making mommy come...oh it's been so long, so long...mmm...Aghh..."

Ruth screamed and clawed at Mavion 's back as she climaxed to Mavion 's frenzied thrusts. Mavion was right at the edge of his orgasm, almost ready to explode.

"Baby, don't come yet. I want to taste you. Please let me suck you."

Mavion pulled out her. Ruth licked his shiny shaft and sucked him into her mouth. She looked into is eyes and saw that he was ready to release. "Come for me baby." She worked him deep into her. She tasted the first spurt of his seed. He growled as he erupted into her hungry mouth. 

They cuddled and kissed on the couch. They playfully stroked each other's bodies basking in the afterglow of their illicit pleasure.

"Mavion , do you have any regrets about this?"

"Are you kidding mom? This was the most incredible thing I've ever experienced. Why would I have any regrets?"

"Well Mavion I mean this is not exactly common place. It is after all incest!"

"Mom, all I know that I'm so happy I shared this with you, even though it is incest!" Mavion paused for a second and looked her. "Mom are you having any seconds about this?"

"Mavion what we just did was did was fantastic. You are an amazing lover. God how I've ached to be loved like that. Because it is incest I just needed to know that it's ok with you"

He kissed her sweetly on the lips, "Mom, you are the one that's incredible. I will always love you."

"Thanks baby I guess I needed a little reassurance." She grabbed his semi-flaccid cock in her warm hand.

"You know mom, the fact that you are my own mother makes it even more exciting." He playfully squeezed her ass cheek.

"Mm, baby it is kind perverted and forbidden isn't it?" Ruth squirmed and giggled. She felt him spring back to life in her hand.

"As you would say mom, it so naughty!" 

"Yes, baby I feel so naughty," Ruth stroked him and slithered her body onto his, "I just shamelessly fucked my own son and I loved it. I feel like a naughty little girl. What should we do about that Mavion ?"

"I can think of hundred things mom." He kissed her deeply, "But I think you need a good spanking."

"God Mavion I'm getting wet just thinking about it."

"Mother, get up and lean over the arm of the sofa." He guided her forcefully by her arm. "That's it, stick your ass out for me."

"Like this baby? Is this how you want me?"

"Let me see that lovely ass of yours mom," He handled her cheeks roughly. He grabbed her hair and turned her head towards a mirror on the wall, "Look at yourself, on your knees, ass up in the air naked in front of your own son...Mother how do you feel?"

"I feel so...turned on"

Slap. "Ouch."

"Mother I can't hear you. How do you feel?"

Slap. "ouch. Mavion please...spank mommy...I feel so naughty!"

"What else mother?"

Slap. "Ohh! Son this feels so wicked...harder please."

"Tell me mom. Earlier I told you everything," He massaged her reddened cheeks and she writhed to his fiery touch. "Now tell me what you feel."

Slap. " Ahh...Mavion , baby... I feel like such a slut I can't help myself...I'm all yours darling...please..."

Slap. "OW...You make me feel so sexy, baby. Do anything you want to me."

Slap. "Like a whore...Ouch, I feel like your whore baby."

Slap. "Ouch...I'm so wet...I'm so wet for my own son!"

Slap. " my ass is on fire. Are you making it red? Spank me once more real hard."

SLAP. "OUCH!!! Mmm...Baby I loved that...I'm so hot for you please fuck me now."

Mavion was inside her almost instantly. Ruth red ass cheeks ground into his pelvis as he thrust deep into his mother.

"You liked spanking mommy didn't you baby? And now you feel so good inside me. Fuck me baby while I come again."

Ruth screamed as she came again. Mavion saw her in the mirror. His tits swayed and bounced rhythmically. She caught his eye in the mirror and licked her lips. She saw her son reach for her ass. Surprised she felt him insert a moistened finger in her ass. Gleefully she wiggled, accepting him.

"Mother, I want to fuck your beautiful ass."

"Yes, Mavion take me in the ass. Fill me up with that beautiful cock of yours."

Slowly he eased himself into her passage. Gently he pushed deeper. Feeling the resistance subside he pumped his manhood into her ass.

"God mom you're so tight. It feels great."

"Baby fuck me, fuck mommy's ass I love it. You fill me up so good. Come inside me when ever you want."

It didn't take long. After that intense spanking and feeling her tightness Mavion tensed. 

"Mom it feels so good. I just don't want this to end."

"Baby we can do this as often as you like. Now come with mommy!"

They both came together. They called out to each other in that magic moment, as if to be assured that what was happening was real, not some dream or sordid tale.

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