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The Massage

(Part 1 from 1)

18 year-old Matt walked into the office; it was a warm and cozy place with hardwood floors and pale yellow walls. It was dark and cold outside which contrasted with the warm interior. He took off his coat and placed it on the hanger. As he walked into the reception area he was greeted by a lady she asked his name and said that Evan would be right with him.

Matt took a seat. He had been coming to Evan, a massage therapist, for the past two weeks. He has back problems. Evan was a 30 something year old with a cute face and an amazing body. Matt had found it hard to keep his cock down in the past. Just then Evan walked out of his office. A young girl following him. "I'll see you next week Jenny". He walked over to the desk and bent over. His hips cocking to one side and the flesh of his tight ass pressing up against the cloth of his kakhis. As he leaned on one arm and wrote with the other his well toned triceps flexed. He stood up and turned around, Matt was disappointed that the view had come to an end. "How's it going Matt?" "Good thanks," He replied. Evan said with a smile, "Alright, come on in. You're my last client so we can take our time today."

The office was carpeted with a soft burgundy carpet and the soft yellow lighting gave the room a very warm feeling. The massage table laid in the middle of the room with those soft white cloths draped over it. Evan closed the door and come closer to Matt. He placed one of his strong hands on his back and asked, "How's the back doing Matt?" as he slid his hand down Mat's back and lightly grazed his tight ass. "Good, the backs doing much better," he replied. "You've got magic hands," Matt said with a smile. Evan just smiled warmly. "Well strip down and wrap this around you and we'll get started. Evan turned to do his desk to fill out some forms. Matt quickly took off his clothes. He started with the shirt revealing a toned chest and well defined abs. His back was toned and rippled as he took his shirt off. Next his pants. His box briefs clung to his muscular thighs and his large package. Then they came off. He stood there in all his glory; his large, warm cock hanging there framed by a triangle of dark pubic hair. He quickly wrapped the towel around his waist, twisted it and lay down on the bed, face first. He didn't notice Evans eyes sneaking a peak as his legs quickly drifted apart to get on the bed.

Evan turned around and walked over to Matt, he started working on his back, slow but hard. Matt melted into the table. The massage progressed like this for about half an hour Matt was trying very hard to keep an erection from forming many times he felt the warmth of Evans crotch very close to his head. And he imagined having Evans hot dick in his mouth. Next he started to work on Mats lower back very close to his ass. Matt asked him if he worked out, "I noticed that your body is in very good shape," as he "accidentally" brushed the thin fabric covering Mats ass. This brought Matt over the edge; his cock jumped to attention all 7 and a half inches of it. He was glad he was face down. Then Evans hand slipped up the inside of Mats calf, and under the towel. He asked Matt to lift his torso and then he slid his hand right underneath Mats cock and then past it. His hand was on his belly button and his forearm lying right underneath Mats pulsing cock. Matt panicked, he didn't know what to do, he knew that he would have to lower sometime and then Evan would surely feel his hard dick. Then it came "Down," Evan said. Without thinking Mats dropped his torso. He felt dread as Evan froze. There was silence. Then Evan said "Umm.... That might get in the way," another pause, "want me to take care of it." Matt stopped his heart beating a mile a minute. "What do you mean?" he asked, you could hear the shakiness sin his voice. "I think you know..." Evan replied. "Turn over." Matt turned and as he did the muscles on his back and front rippled. Evan let out a small gasp, lost in his beauty he paused again then slowly began to remove the towel. Mats cock was harder than he had ever felt the heat coming from it felt like it could burn someone and the precum oozed out of the slit. Evan just stared then looked Matt in the eye and said; "I've wanted to do this for so long. The first time you walked in here I wanted your body. I can't believe this, are you sure?" He seemed very sincere and caring. Matt could tell this could be a guy he fell in love with. He just nodded. Evan leaned down and kissed Mats cock, and then planted hot kisses all up his body until he reached his beautiful full lips. Then he proceeded to kiss his passionately, only stopping to remove his own clothes. Evans body was lean and defined just like Mats; his messy blond hair and blue eyes burned into Matt. His completely flat stomach met a patch of blonde hair, which pointed to his large member, his 8-inch, un-cut beauty stuck straight out. Matt and Evan kissed and rubbed their bodies together until a good deal of sweat and precum was built up between them, Evan moved down to Mats cock and took it into his mouth, he rolled it around on his tongue and probed at the tip pressing slightly. He moved his lips up and down causing a slight suction urging the cum out of his huge balls. Then he reached up and started to fondle them coaxing Matt along the road to orgasm. Matt moaned loudly with every up-stroke of Evans mouth. Evan removed Mats dick from his mouth and moved back up to his face, he grabbed Mats cock and slowly jerked it off and he rubbed his own pulsing penis against Mat's leg, "Oh god, your dick tastes so good," Evan whispered, out of breath. Matt could only reply with a moan. Evan moved back down. A sea of precum was flowing from his dick. He resumed licking Mats cock and his curious hands roamed around Mats groin and ass finally resting on his hole. He applied firm pressure to the hole without penetrating and Matt let out the loudest moan. Oh you like that?" Evan asked Matt nodded his head furiously. He pushed more this time entering him a bit. "Oh god!" Matt screamed out, "I love that! Oh, yeah, yeah please! Fuck me!" Evan stopped, looked at Matt and asked in a very serious tone, "Are you sure buddy?"

"Yes! God! Yes! I want you in me!"

"It's a big step Matt, and I'm not, well, small or anything."

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"I don't care, fuck me Evan I want your man cock inside my ass!"

"OK and he kissed him. He got up and walked over to his desk. His cock bouncing as he went. He removed a jar from the desk and returned to Matt. He kissed his again then said, "Sit up."

Matt sat up.

"Take this and cover my cock with it. Don't be skimpy either"

Matt took a large handful and started to slather it allover Evans large dick. Evan moaned and his eyes rolled back in his head, finally some of his sexual tension was being released. When Matt was done he told his to put some on his ass hole. Once they were both thoroughly lubed Evan told Matt to roll over onto his stomach. He lay on top of Matt and supported his torso with his strong arms. His nine-inch cock was lined up with Mats asshole. Then he slowly descended, and started to enter Mats rectum. Matt showed little signs on pain until Evans dick was half way through then he had to take a breather. Once he was ready Evan shoved the rest of his cock into Mats ass.

"Now just lie here and get used to it."

They waited awhile and then Matt said, "OK, I'm ready."

Evan started thrusting in and out slowly and Matt continued moaning. Evan was starting to feel that tingle in his cock and started to let out moans too, he increased the tempo and the table started to rock. Matt was loving every minute of this, he loved the feeling of having his ass filled with another mans hot prick. "Harder Evan, please." Even increased. "Oh yeah that's right fuck me, fuck me hard!' Mats body started to get rocked along with the motion of Evans hips slamming into Mats ass Evan started screaming out in pleasure, "Oh yeah, take it all, Oh yeah. Yes yes yes!" They were a beautiful sculpture of sweat and flesh. With every thrust every muscle on Evans body contracted and his tanned body glistened under the light. He reached under Mats hips and grabbed hold of his cock, he stoked it in time with his thrusts and not long after that Matt let out a load of cum with a long, loud moan. He soaked Evans hand. Evan removed his hand and licked his fingers while still thrusting violently into Mats asshole. Then he stopped, his ass muscles clenched and he screamed out, he let out a sea of semen into Mats gut and then stopped and just lay there on top if him, his still hard cock resting in the warm embrace of Mats rectum. He removed it and Matt turned over, they lay there for another hour, resting and talking. This would definitely not be a one-time deal.

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