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The Letter

(Part 1 from 1)

I love my quiet moments, it allows me time to think. My thoughts are not deep, I am not trying to solve the national deficit, nor am I trying to end world hunger. My thoughts are random, short, and soothing. I thinking about my baby- I miss him! I never thought I would fall for another man. Therefore, I am writing him this letter. . .

I love the way you touch, caress, and soothe me. Canít nobody do it like you baby- you have me hooked, and I want you to know that. It is beyond the physical. I live and breathe you. Just the smell of your cologne sends shivers through my body. I cannot imagine being with anyone else but you. You make feel so treasured, respected, and loved. You treat me like a queen. I love every part of your body: your smile, to your hands down to your feet. I love to satisfy you. I do not care if I seem weak, or vulnerable. I come to you without any hang-ups or baggage. I love you for who you are, without money or worldly possessions-just you and I together, matters to me. Let people say what they choose- they are just envious. I see you as the only man for me and I know you will always be there for me no matter what comes in between us. Iím not going anywhere- I am yours to keep. You make my life what it is today- I could not think of another person that I would want to spend my waking moments with.

The way you make love to me leaves me in a daze. I love that little thing you do with your tongue. Our first night was so special-we stayed up all night. You had to be at work by eight the next morning, but you laid next to me, brought me breakfast in bed, then broke me off before you headed off to work. You called me all that day telling me how I make you feel and you want me to do that thing I did with you in my mouth. Just sitting here is making me hot. Ummm. . .ooh. . .ooh. . .ahhh. See what you do to me. I cannot even finish my thought. My legs are wide open, Iím sliding my hand down Ė to my ample breast, to my stomach, down to my wet . . .Yes, just the thought of you got me so aroused. . . I am moaning now, ooh baby. I wish you were here. I am wearing that thing you like-hmmmm. . . Iím lying in bed waiting for you. Iím almost . . . there . . . ooh. . . . Ooh . . . ooh. . . Hmmm . . . right there . . . ooh baby . . . ahhh . . .

See how you got me. Shit, what time did you say you were coming over? I canít wait! My body is trembling. Come over now! I canít wait! Put it anywhere you want; my mouth, ass, or pussy- just fuck me. Why do you have me this way? Iím waiting on you! Hmmm. . . Now baby now, no other tongue, dick, or finger is going to make me cream like yours do! I'm moaning softly, my legs wide open- the vibe on high- got me purring softly with its buzz, but itís nothing like having you with me. Donít leave me like this again. With every penetration of the dildo, I grab a hold of the sheets and say your name softly. Do you hear it? Ahh baby. . . papi. . . Daddy . . . uhh . . . uhh . . . this is torture . . . Ooh yeah, yeah mmm mm mm uh, mm

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Just call me-I will meet you anywhere. Remember that night in the backseat of your car, at your office, or that time on your terrace . . . my lipstick is smeared, my hair is a mess, my pussy moist, my nipples erect. You got me soooo, soooo, soooo, hmmm; fuck me, hmmm, ooh, ooh. . . Uhh . . . uhh . . . Ooh yeah, yeah Mmm mm mm Uh, mm.

Canít nobody do it like you! Remember when we spent that week in the mountains- I fucked you all week long Ė we stayed inside the entire time. I remember that night you told me you wanted to kiss my lips, then slid down between my thighs, and kissed me then whispered how sweet it tasted- and that night for your birthday- I made your fantasy come true. Rachel , I think that was her name- you about came in your pants when you watch her stroke my clit or when we both gave you head, then while she sucked your dick I tasted her sweet insides. 

I do that to please you and make you the happiest man alive. Believe me, there is nothing I will not do or have done to me, to make you happy. Ask me? Wanna make me make it clap? I can wrap my legs around my neck and kiss it for you. Would you like to make a video? Want me to swing from a pole in nothing but a thong? Wanna just watch me with another person . . . guy or girl? Bring out the feathers? Just tell me. Iím calling you name. Do you hear me? Say my name, say it softly, more . . . more . . . more. . .

Imagine pounding my pussy in your favorite position, Iím moaning and telling you harder, harder, harder, right there! Right there! Oh, papi- fuck me- Iím screaming your name. Ooh yeah, yeah Mmm mm mm Uh, mm.

You make me pay for all that teasing I did, dirty pictures I sent, and late night phone sex sessions. Iím taking you all in Ė harder, harder, until we both cum- cause thatís the connection that we share. I feel your every thrust Ė I shiver when you hit my spot- Iím telling you all the filthy shit Iím going to do to you. You smack my ass and ask, ďwhoís is this?Ē With all I have in side of me I moan your name. You ask me again entering with more force until I am screaming your name. I would not have it any other way.

I love the kinky things we do- I also love the it when you lay beside me and tell me your dreams, hopes, and aspirations- thereís more to you than a big dick and a smile- if you havenít know it already- Iím yours!

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