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The Goode LIfe

(Part 4 from 7)
Nodding her head, and smiling shyly, Missy replied, "Yes, I loved the way your cock felt in my mouth, and Jessie was right cum tastes good."

"I knew it. Sheís a natural," her sister said.

"Does that mean that Iím a natural born cocksucker like you?" Missy asked hopefully.

"You bet is does Sweetheart," was Jesseís warm reply.

Chapter 4

"You know Missy," I began, "your poor sister has been horny for some time now without any release. Since she let you have the cum she wanted, I think that the least you can do for her is to eat her sweet snatch." Turning towards Jessie I added, "and Iíll bet Jessie wonít mind if I watch."

Jesseís eyes were bright with lust and excitement as she spread her legs. "Come here darling," she invited her sister, "show John how well I taught you to eat my pussy."

Smiling at me, Missy moved between Jesseís widely spread beautiful thighs. "Do you like eating her cunt, Missy?" I asked lustfully.

"I love the flavor of her pussy," she informed me, "I thought her pussy was the best tasting thing in the world, until you came in my mouth. Now I like cum best. Jessie," Missy added with a concerned frown, "does that make you mad."

"No silly," Jessie returned gently, "as much as I love the taste of your sweet virgin cunt, I love cum better too. Now get you talented tongue busy and eat my pussy before I go mad with lust."

I watched as Missy lowered her head between her sisterís thighs. Her tiny pink tongue flicked out and swirled around Jesseís lust swollen love button. Jessie leaned back and moaned in pleasure as her sister sucked her clit into her hot mouth. A moment later the horny pre-teen released her older siblingís clit, and like a kitten with a bowl of cream, began lapping the moister seeping from Jesseís snatch.

"Missy honey, that feels so good, eat me baby, fuck me with your wonderful tongue."

I watched as Missy ate her sisterís cunt or a minute or two, and then I leaned over and kissed Jessie. Just as our tongues met, my hand found her soft firm tits. All the while we were kissing. Jessie was moaning into my mouth. After a bit I broke the kiss and looked down to see that Missy had lifted her sisterís butt off the couch and was tonguing her asshole. I took one her small tits almost completely in my mouth. Sucking and licking my way around her beautiful aureoles. Jesseís breath was getting ragged, and her hips were bucking. It was obvious that she was very close.

"Oh God, Iím cumming," Jessie screamed, "Missy, make me cum. Fuck, Iím cumming, John kiss me please."

I place my mouth over hers just as her orgasm erupted. We held our kiss as she rode out her orgasmic high.

When Jessie quieted I said, "Letís go into the bedroom and get more comfortable." Both girls readily assented. As soon as we got there I added, "Missy, you lay down in the middle of the bed. Jessie, now I want to watch you eat Missyís hairless virgin cunt."

Missy lay down as I bid, and Jessie smiled at me and said, "Just watch this John, this will put some starch back in your dick." She crawled between her sisterís legs and literally covered Missyís pussy and clit with her mouth.

Missy let out a loud gasp of pleasure at her sisterís ministrations, "Jessie, make me feel good. Eat me darling, make me cum too."

I moved to the head of the bed, and kissed the pretty twelve-year-old. At my first touch, her mouth opened to accept my tongue. This girl had Frenched before, I thought. My hand soon found her hard little nipple; I could just feel the small rise that would soon become her tit. Little Missy was moaning into my mouth from her big sisterís tonguing. I kissed my way down the young girlís chest until I found her budding little titties.

"John," Missy moaned, "suck my tiny titties please, Jessie says that will make them grow. Oh God Jessie, make me cum. Iím so close. I need to cum so bad."

"Eat her pussy Jessie," I commanded, "make you baby sister cum."

The horny sixteen-year-old needed no encouragement. It was clear that she love the taste of Missyís virgin pussy. Jessie continued to lick and suck her sisterís clit and cunt, and I kissed my way farther down Missyís passion filled body to join her.

"Share her pussy with me," I suggested. Jessie looked up and smiled at me. I kissed her girl-cream-coated lips, getting my first taste of the delicious pre-teen. Jessie lifted her sisterís butt, and licked Missyís puckered pink asshole. Meanwhile, I found the swollen little button that was Missyís clit. Between Jesseís tongue fucking her asshole, and me sucking on her clit, Missy was screaming in pleasure, and bucking like a bronco.

Almost as soon as I dipped my tongue into her drenched honey pot, Missy called out, "Iím cumming, my God Iím cumming so hard."

I continued to tongue fuck her flowing pussy, savoring the flavor of her virgin snatch, until her orgasm abated.

"Jessie, keep eating her pussy," I ordered, as I quickly moved into position behind Jessie. She was on her knees; her perfect heart shaped ass in the air.

When my tongue found her sphincter, she gasped with pleasure, "Yes baby, yes. Tongue fuck my ass." I lick her tight asshole for a moment or two before sliding my tongue down to her gushing gash. Sexually experienced Jessie tasted different then pre-pubescent, virginal Missy. Not better or worse, just different. I licked and sucked her ass, clit and pussy until she hollered out in orgasm.

Jessie groaned in disappointment as I stopped sucking her pussy, but her groans were soon replaced by cries of joy as I rammed my iron hard cock into her soaking wet cunt.

"Fuck," I hollered as my cock slammed home, "Iíve been wanting to fuck you like this all day."

Jessie looked up from between her sisterís legs, "Your cock feel so good inside me. Fuck me John, fuck me good and hard." Jessie went back to eating Missyís pussy, as I drove my pulsating love muscle to the hilt into the waiting cavern of desire that was Jesseís cunt. My forceful thrusts were met by equally powerful jabs, as Jessie slammed her beautiful ass back to meet me.

We fucked like demented demons, until Jessie reared back and screamed out in a wordless, mindless, body shattering orgasm.

"On your back Jessie," I commanded, "I want to see your beautiful face while I fuck you."

Jessie threw herself on her back, opened her legs to me and ordered, "Fuck me John, fuck me until I cum like that again."

In as instant, my throbbing erection was back inside Jesseís tight, wet, fiery hot pussy

"Missy, sit on your sisterís face." Missy quickly obeyed. As soon as she straddled her sisterís face, Jesseís tongue disappeared into Missyís hairless soaking wet snatch. Beneath me Jessie bucked up to meet my thrust and at the same time pushed her long tongue into Missyís cunt. I watched in awe for a moment, then pulled Missy to me. I had to taste those beautiful, full red lips again. Once again, as soon as our lips met, Missy opened her mouth to my probing tongue. When our lips finally parted Missy stared between her sisterís legs at the junction of our lovemaking.

"Oh God John, itís so hot watching you fuck my sister," Missy panted, her voice hoarse with pleasure, "will you fuck me please? Will you take my cherry? Jessie, can he fuck me? Please, please, let him fuck me."

Muffled by a mouthful of pussy you could just hear Jesseís reply, "Yes baby, he can fuck you as soon as I cum again. That wonít be long. Iím almost there now." Jesseís voice rose to a scream as yet another intense orgasm slammed her pleasure racked body. "Iím cumming, goddamn, Iím cumming so fucking hard. Kiss me Missy, tongue fuck my mouth while John fucks my cunt."

Missy did as she was bidden. She leapt off her sister, and they locked their lips together. I slammed my cock all the way into her as her orgasm caused Jesseís body to spasm and shake.

Even before Jessie calmed down, Missy had thrown herself down on the bed next to her, spread her pretty legs wide and began to beg; "Fuck me now, John; Iím ready to lose my cherry. Fuck me; make me a slut just like Jessie. I love Jessie, and want to be just like her."

Pulling my cunt-cream coated cock from Jesseís cum soaked cunt, I moved between Missyís spread thighs. I place the swollen knob of my massive manhood at the entrance of Missyís virgin vagina. "This will hurt a little darling," I informed the pretty pre-teen as I slowly pushed the head of my prick between her lust swollen pussy lips.

As my cock slid past her outer lips, and the head entered her pussy, Missy gasped; but it was a gasp of pleasure not pain. I eased forward just a little bit wanting to let her get used to the ramrod that had entered her love chamber. My cockhead and an inch more were in Missyís mostly virgin hole when I slowly drew back. Setting up a rhythm, I slid my cock gently forward until I met resistance, then drew back until I was almost out. Missy, her eyes tightly close, began to moan softly and move in unison to my actions.

After a moment or two, Missy opened her eyes and smiled lovingly at me, "John, it feels so good having you inside of me."

"Are you ready baby," I asked tenderly.

"Yes John, Iím ready. Fuck me all the way. I want it now."

With one quick, hard thrust, I slammed my rigid rod all the way in. Missy cried out in paid. I held still, my cock buried to the hilt in Missyís no longer virgin honey hole. Missyís tightly closed eyes teared, but after a few second she opened them, smiled at me, and began to slowly move her hips.

In no time at all, we had picked up the pace, and were fucking like mad dogs in heat. "Goddamn baby," I panted, "your pussy is so tight that I can hardly stand it. I love how your hot cunt sucks on my cock."

Missy wrapped her legs around my ass, and begged, "Fuck me darling, fuck me hard, fuck me until your big hard cock makes me cum."

Time stood still as I fucked this beautiful twelve-year-old. Finally, I heard her cry out, "Oh God, Iím cumming. Oh John, youíre making me cum so hard. Harder than Iíve ever cum before."

Missy shuddered and shook, as her lovely little body was racked by a powerful orgasm. She was still writhing in pleasure when my own pent-up passions over took me. "Fuck, Iím gonna cum too."

"Donít cum in her," Jessie interrupted, "sheís not protected. Besides, you promised me a mouthful of your tasty cum."

Not wanting to disappoint a lady, I pulled my throbbing cock out of Missyís still pulsating pussy. No sooner had my cock head cleared Missyís cunt, than Jessie grabbed my cock and shoved it in her hungry mouth.

With a loud groan, I came. I fired a half a dozen volleys of sticky white cock cream into Jesseís sucking mouth. The expert cocksucker did not miss a drop. When she finally did release my drained dick it was completely deflated.

"Missy," I asked, still panting from my orgasm, "have you had a period yet?"

She shook her head, "No John I havenít, but now that Iíve been fucked so well, I feel like a woman anyway."

"You see Jessie," I informed her, "Missy was doubly safe. She hasnít started her period yet, and I canít have children."

"I know she hasnít started yet," Jessie returned, "but I wanted to be sure. Besides, I really did want to eat your cum."

I nodded my head in understanding, and then Jessie continued, "How did you know that Missy would eat my pussy?"

I glance at Missy before I replied. The poor little thing was sound asleep. "Thatís easy," I replied, "you told me earlier that you liked eating pussy, and Missy said that you told here all about sucking cock; so it seemed reasonable that her pussy was one you had eaten, and if you ate hers, she most likely ate yours."

"Youíre right John," Jessie said, "I told Missy all about my experience with Mr. Jenkins the same night it happened. She wanted to know what it felt like getting your pussy licked, so I showed her. She liked it so much that she licked mine. We have been eating each otherís pussy almost every night since."

During our conversation I had shifted a sleeping Missy so that I could lay down too, and Jessie had cuddled up next to me. In a short time all of us were fast asleep.

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